Mastering Go Programming (

Master programming with Golang by learning how to write idiomatic, effective code

Created by: Packt Publishing

Produced in 2017

What you will learn

  • Apply modern software design patterns utilizing the Go language
  • Take a deep dive into Go's master topics like advanced concurrency patterns, and the flexible reflection capabilities
  • Write unit tests and benchmarks for your Go code
  • Create advanced backend microservices for the Hydra spaceship software and design an end to end chat system
  • Handle JSON, XML, and CSV data formats in your code
  • Interact with Mongodb, MySQL and BoltDB
  • Build powerful communications layer for your microservices using protocol buffers, TCP, and UDP
  • Develop powerful web applications and Restful APIs utilizing http requests, forms, and cookies
  • Design beautiful dynamic UI for the hydra software utilizing Go templates and websockets
  • Secure your applications with certificates, https, and secure web sockets

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Course Description

Go has moved from the state of tentative to mass adoption. Its C-likespeed, simplicity, and power for a growing number of systems levelprogramming domains make it an attractive option for programmers workingwith older cumbersome, statically typed languages. Golang has enteredthe space as an entirely viable language for accomplishing a huge arrayof low level programming and service infrastructure tasks.
This video course not only gives you a deep insight into thefundamental mechanics behind the language, but also covers extensivepractical topics on Go for modern software architectures. It shows youhow to write Go in an intelligent, idiomatic way. After a briefre-acquaintance with the key building blocks of Go, we will also explorehow we can build upon the unique capabilities of the language to writeeffective, powerful code you can employ to develop software. We look atpackages, object-oriented programming, concurrency and reflection amongother things. Moreover, you will learn about Go's awesome built-intesting support feature. Along the way, build your skills in Filehandling techniques, Go packages for databases, data serializationapproaches, message communications between Go services, and Go webapplications. Get your hands on with a plenty of illustrative codesamples, exercises and real-world scenarios that will help you buildyour own application.
By the end of this course, you will be taught how to put thisenhanced knowledge to build a real-world Spaceship application all byyourself with amazing features.
About The Author
Mina Andrawos is an experienced Engineer who has developeddeep experience in Go from using it personally and professionally. Heregularly authors articles and tutorials about the language, and alsoshares Go's open source projects. He has written numerous Goapplications with varying degrees of complexity. He is also the authorof an upcoming course for Packt called "Go in Production".
Other than Go, he has skills in C#, Java, Python, and C++. He hasworked with various databases and software architectures and has skillswith the agile methodology in software development. Besides softwaredevelopment; he has working experience of scrum mastering, salesengineering, and software product management.

Who this course is for:
  • This video is for experienced programmers with a background in any other languagethis being from Ruby to C or JavaScript. If you are a fast learner who is well versed in the programmatic logic with a bit of basic understanding in Go, this course is for you.

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for me this was a very good insight into advanced golang techniques using a concrete example. thanks a lot.

This course is a bit outdated in the DB section. Otherwise really good

It still abstract in my mind, Maybe the rate will increase after I learn this course

sort and perfect

Outstanding Instruction. Thank you

- Minas talks slow so pump the speed up to 2x.- Good content, well explained.- Do the testing section after the DB section as it depends on it.

Sound quality is poor and the speed of the teaching painfully slow (sometimes even at x1.75 speed), but I just started the course, so I hope that the content would be good to change this rate.Update: I am pretty disappointed about how a practical example is explained (hydra chat). Going through the code explaining any single line without having a general design idea (what we want to have at the end) makes the reason behind the implementation details hard to get.

Voice modulation could be better suited to keep the student interested and engrossed in the topic

well selected topics, I've learnt a lot. (had to use 1.25 speed option but it's fine)

Had to run it 1.5x faster

Schrift in Terminal kaum lesbar

So far it is way better than the other go course I started. I feel like I am actually learning something here