MERN Stack React Node Ecommerce from Scratch to Deployment (

MERN Stack React Node MongoDB powered E-Commerce App with PayPal and Credit Card Payment along with Admin Dashboard

Created by: Ryan Dhungel

Produced in 2022

What you will learn

  • Learn Node JS API (Backend) Development
  • Learn React JS (Frontend) Web Development
  • Learn to Write Functional Components with React Hooks
  • Learn the Fundamental Concepts of Building Ecommerce Application
  • Learn to Implement Payment Gateway using Credit Card and PayPal
  • Learn to Integrate Braintree (A PayPal Company) for Payment Processing
  • Learn to Implement Advance Searching/Filtering based on Categories
  • Learn to Implement Advance Searching/Filtering based on Price Range
  • Learn to Implement Standard Products Search System with Categories option/dropdown
  • Learn to Build Shopping Cart
  • Learn to Implement Authentication based on JWT
  • Learn to Build Scalable React App with Proper Layouts and Routes
  • Learn to build Admin and User Dashboard
  • Learn to Implement Flexible Private and Admin Routing System
  • Learn advance CRUD with Products and Categories
  • Learn to handle File Upload<

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Course Description

COURSE UPDATE: Deployment, Domain, CDN and free SSL
Learn to Deploy your fully functioning Ecommerce app to production by using Digital Ocean cloud servers. Learn to add your own custom Domain name. Learn to use Cloudflare's CDN to supercharge the speed of your site and also use free SSL to secure your app.

Full Stack / MERN Stack (Mongo Express React Node) Powered Ecommerce App from Scratch to Deoplyment

As a Web Developer, I have always wanted to build an Ecommerce App.
I wanted to know how to implement Add to Cart, Payment Gateways, Order Management System and so much more...

And I know a lot of you out there want to experience building Ecommerce app. The experience is absolutely amazing and it gives you loads of must have knowledge and confidence to start off your next big project using React Node and MongoDB.

This course also uses latest React Hooks which is an absolute joy. Your code will be so much simplified and readable, you wont believe it.

Our Node API will follow MVC Pattern. The codebase will be so clean and elegant, you will be absolutely loving it.

You will also get introduced with Braintree (A PayPal Company) for handling Payments. Braintree is hands down the best payment gateway you could possibly use in a production site for both PayPal and Credit Card payments.

By the end of the course you will learn to deploy your fully functioning Ecommerce app to Digital Ocean cloud servers for production.

Not only that... you will also learn to add your own custom Domain, use Cloudflare's CDN to supercharge your app and free SSL to secure your app.

All this goodness for the price of lunch? YES! Thats right!

We are really living in an age of goodness. Aren't we?

OK. Enough said, I know you cant wait to get your hands on this course :)

By the way, you will never get stuck with this course because each lecture has the Source Code available. Really?

Here are some of the course highlights:

  • Search product
  • Search products based on particular category
  • New arrivals
  • Best sellers
  • Product image
  • Product information
  • Product in stock/out of stock
  • View product
  • Related product
  • Add to cart
  • Remove product
  • Adjust quantity
  • Signin to checkout
  • User dashboard
  • Admin dashboard
  • Private routes
  • Admin routes
  • Shopping cart
  • Checkout with credit card and paypal
  • Checkout with delivery address
  • Success message
  • Update profile
  • Advance search of products
  • Advance search based on category and price range
  • Load more products
  • Admin dashboard
  • Create category
  • Create product
  • View orders
  • Manage products update/delete
  • Role based access
  • and lots more...............

Let me welcome you in an Incredible Journey of Building a MERN Stack React, Node and MongoDB powered Ecommerce Application from the groud up. Let's do it. Let's code together. Who this course is for:
  • A Web Developer looking to Build API with Node JS and MongoDB
  • A Web Developer looking to Build Fast, Interactive and Scalable Web Applications using React JS
  • A Web Developer looking to Build a FullStack Ecommerce Application using MERN Stack

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Instructor Details

Ryan Dhungel

Ryan Dhungel is a Web Developer from Sydney, Australia. He builds Web apps using JavaScript, Node JS, React JS, Vue JS, Laravel and other emerging platforms.
He also wants to make the entire Web Development process enjoyable and productive at the same time by producing well explained practical Tutorials and Training packages for fellow developers.



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Advanced course, excellent content. Not for a beginner as he does not always explain some things in depth. I wished he went at a slower pace and explain the architecture / plans / flows with diagrams like Stephan Grider usually does as it will really help understand the bigger picture. All in all, great course.

Great Course!. If you don't know how to connect the dots in your web developing journey, this is the course that will take you there. From here you can take off and improve your skills. Thanks, Ryan

So far so great! The pacing is spot on for me. Things are explained very clearly and I'm learning a lot.

The app you build is a fully functional ecommerce-app. Maybe the design is not that pretty, but the course is not about css. I recommend this course

Ryan,Thank you for your course. It was thoroughly and what I needed. I really appreciated your prompt responses for my questions. This course was very helpful for me. So really thank you so much!Dhiya

I learn tons of ecommerce information in development both nodejs and react to deployment. Thanks Ryan.The only thing I won't add to localStorage is the price, never trust the client side. Also I want to learn to Redux plays a role in ecommerce.It is a five star rating though, very good.

Great explanation and clean code with every bit of detailing, one of the best courses I have taken on Udemy. Plus after this I am gonna buy more course that are offer by Ryan, he is a great instructor.

I think this course is amazing, it teaches you practical an theoretical knowledge that makes you job ready. Ryan is a top instructor, he is just as good as the top instructors in Udemy. His course has the right amount of content in a not so long course. The quality of this course exceeded all my expectations and the responsiveness of Ryan is on point. Excellent instructor and excellent course!

Excellent course, instructor paces everything very good and explains very clearly. Very appreciate about the content learned from this course, very helpful!

Awesome and quick and easy to understand way of coding. Highly recommended.

This is a great course. It's not for a beginner. You will want to know some react and the basics of node, express, mongoDB and mongoose before starting. I have done a lot of tutorial classes but this class is different. In the average coding class you might build a superficial/small project to illustrate some of the principles of a language or technology. This class is a substantially sized project that will show you how to do a huge number of things. The parts of the app are similar to each other but slightly different. This allows you to see how to use the tools in react or mongoose to approach a problem in different ways. For example, creating a regular user profile for vs creating an admin profile that requires extra security measures. I think what this course helped me the most with was all the little bits of things that you don't see by making tiny projects. When you make a bigger project you have to connect all the parts and there really aren't a lot of classes that cover that. Ryan is clearly very knowledgeable on the subject and I highly recommend this course.

Hij is lekker vlot, lult niet te lang. Kort en bondig. Je krijgt veel gedaan in weinig tijd. Keerzijde is, lijkt mij, dat zijn cursus minder geschikt is voor beginners.