MERN Stack - React Node from Scratch Building Social Network (

Master MERN Stack from Scratch while building awesome Social Network. Covers entire Front/Backend Database & Deployment.

Created by: Ryan Dhungel

Produced in 2022

What you will learn

  • Understand Modern JavaScript
  • Understand Node Js from Scratch
  • Understand React Js from Scratch
  • Learn Node JS API Development from Scratch
  • Learn Frontend Web Development with React
  • Understand JavaScript in the Browser Environment
  • Understand JavaScript in the Node JS Environment
  • How Node JS Event Loop works
  • Synchronous vs Asynchronous programming
  • Blocking vs Non-Blocking code
  • Using Core Node JS Modules
  • Using your own Modules
  • Using NPM Modules
  • MVC Design Pattern
  • Learn Mongo DB
  • Learn to implement CRUD (create, read, update, delete) on users/posts
  • Learn to use Postman
  • Implement Authentication using JWT
  • Implement Social Login
  • Password Forgot/Reset Functionality
  • User Post Relationship
  • Authorization and Permissions
  • Admin Role/Dashboard
  • User Profile
  • Image Upload
  • User Follow/Unfollow

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Overall Score : 92 / 100

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Course Description

Welcome to Become a FullStack / MERN Stack JavaScript Developer from Scratch with React, Node JS and MongoDB. In this course you will Learn React with Node JS from Absolute Scratch - Build A Complete MERN Stack Social Network from Scratch and Deploy to the Cloud Hosting.
In this course you will learn:
  • Node JS From Scratch
  • Node JS API Development from Scratch
  • React JS from Scratch
  • Modern JavaScript from Scratch
  • A FullStack Social Network Application from Scratch
  • Build Rock Solid Authentication with Password Forgot/Password Reset using JWT
  • Authorization
  • Implement Social Login using JWT
  • CRUD, Image Upload, User Posts Relationships, follow, unfollow, likes, comments and more
  • Super Admin based on Role
  • Custom reCAPTCHA
  • Pagination
  • Deploy FullStack React Node Social Network to Digital Ocean Cloud Hosting
  • Full Source Code is available for each major section and lectures
  • Direct help from Instructor if you ever get stuck!
  • In depth understanding of Modern JavaScript, React and Node JS
  • Each line of code is explained!
  • Easy to understand (Course starts from absolute basic and gradually makes progress)
  • Follow the best practices while coding
  • Fully understand the code you are writing
  • Best way of structuring Node Js and React application so that it scales in future

This course has so much more, It does not make sense to write them all here. But I can guarantee that this course is your gateway to become a FullStack JavaScript Developer.
Enroll into this course. This is revolutionary :)
You will master your JavaScript skills, Understand Core Node JS programming, Build fast, flexible and scalable API with Node JS.
Not only that, you will also learn React JS from scratch. You will learn to build lightning fast frontend web app that will consume the data from the API you build.
This course is unlike any other course you have seen online. This course first focuses on giving you the deep understanding of the topic before diving into building practical projects.
This course shows you how to master the most in demand technologies of present time in easy, fast and effective way. Grab this opportunity, don't let it go!
* Full support from the instructor himself on each lesson, if you ever get stuck!
* Even though I called this project A Social Network, It is much more than that. The skill you learn from this course can be applied to build various kinds of applications.
So what are you waiting for :) Let me take you on A Wonderful Journey to Learn Node JS and React JS from Scratch and build A MERN Stack Node React Social Network Project along the way!Who this course is for:
  • A Web Developer looking to build API with Node JS and MongoDB
  • A Web Developer looking to build web apps with React JS

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Instructor Details

Ryan Dhungel

Ryan Dhungel is a Web Developer from Sydney, Australia. He builds Web apps using JavaScript, Node JS, React JS, Vue JS, Laravel and other emerging platforms.
He also wants to make the entire Web Development process enjoyable and productive at the same time by producing well explained practical Tutorials and Training packages for fellow developers.



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Ryan does a great job breaking things down and explaining the flow, not just the overall code.

I am appreciated this course and explain from step by step . it is awesome tutorial.

Good back-end code. I learn a lot and it has enhanced my MVC pattern knowledge. React front-end is also simplified without using Redux. Now I can make some comparisons whether I need to use Redux or not.

Straight to the point, I like the fact that you get complete source code and no time wasted writing everything. If code is similar time is saved copy it fast edit move on to next concept. For fast learners watch at 2x to save even more time.

I went into this course with Full Stack experience using React and Node - however I haven't used Mongo and instead used SQLite - with that said, seeing the process that Ryan takes in building his server is actually very exciting since he goes into a good amount of detail - because let's be honest, if you want more detail - read the docs. So far in the course, Ryan is doing an awesome job with going through the steps on building the app and explaining the process with detail. would give it five stars if he used axios and hooks but unfortunately this course seems a bit outdated.

Thank you for this project. I have learned a lot.

Trs clair, anglais simple et sous titr. Trs bien expliqu et construit. On comprend ce que l'on fait

Great course, was a bit disappointed that many lectures at the end didn't have videos.

great course so far.well organised. he gives me an explicit explanation and most of cast makes me crystal clear.good job.

A Very good course in Learning both the Modern JavaScript and the MERN Stack. God bless you Ryan for creating this indepth course

Ryan is a very passionate and patient teacher and the most beautiful part about taking up his course is that he's already ready to provide a feedback to questions within 48 hours max

the course is amazing. The only problem is the accent///