Python for Absolute Beginners (

Python 101 - learn Python programming from scratch with hands-on exercises in this beginner friendly Python tutorial!

Created by: Green Chameleon Learning

Produced in 2022

What you will learn

  • Program fluently in Python
  • Use Pycharm to write their Python programs
  • Understand computer science concepts such as flow control and functions

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Overall Score : 88 / 100

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Course Description

Learn the fundamentals of Python through video lectures, quizzes, and practice problems.
Python is an easy to learn programming language with a wide variety of well-paying jobs in many fields, including data science, web development, and network programming. There couldn't be a better time for you to join the world of Python!
Who this course is for:
  • People interested in programming who have no prior programming experience
  • Newer Python programmers who need a refresher on Python
  • Students taking a Python class in school who want a supplementary learning resource
  • Programming hobbyists
  • Anyone else who is interested in learning Python
  • This course is NOT for experienced Python programmers

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Green Chameleon Learning

Green Chameleon Learning is a US based company whose mission is to create and distribute high quality, hands-on courses about programming languages and their applications.
Here at Green Chameleon Learning, we believe that the best way to learn is by doing. To that end, our courses contain abundant exercises and applications to insure that what is taught in lectures is understood well enough and retained long enough to be applied easily and effectively by each and every one of our students. In addition, our courses are updated when necessary and student questions are answered regularly to make sure that what they are being taught is up to date and to make sure that our courses continue to deliver on what they promised to students.



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As the course says, it is for beginners. Instructor did a great job of giving very simple to understand examples in the lecture. I am already familiar with other programming languages. So, it was easy for me to follow.Instructor spoke very clearly and at comfortable pace.

This course does give a basic understanding of basic python logic functions; however, there is no test at the end to validate your level of understanding, but there are some suggested projects along the way with solutions given

Very good instructor... Easy to understand, and like your voice too.Just the problem is in the assignment, a little bit confusing and out of the leason in the videos, sometimes.

after lectures tasks more difficult. is not as lecture. for eample in flow control was given random randint without explaining this code. or while in next ( chapter) will be lecture but in tasks needs to know.

Simple language tutoring was used, and I liked it for its basic assimilation. Thanks for now I am sure of my basics and ready to start manipulating programs in Python.Thanks again.

It's better to have some reference for each lesson, a *.PDF with the contents.

Generally good. Some parts were hard to follow for absolute beginners but it made a good second introductory lecture. Nice extra reading links included.

Bem interessante para quem nunca programou, indicado para iniciantes na linguagem ou na rea de desenvolvimento. Assimilei rapidamente porque tenho experincia em outras linguagens.

I expected to learn the fundamentals of Python in this course, which I did. My expectations were met.

The way functions have been explained is very confusion. Also, ranges can be explained in more detail. In addition, the syntax if the exercise solutions are sometimes different that the lecture making it more confusing.

i have to say , its just amazing how i just sat down w my laptop and got to learn python basics for free. incredible stuff

good for beginners, however, dictionaries topic is not yet introduced in this course