Python Tutorial for Beginners by Corey Schafer

An 8-hour YouTube series covering the basics of Python programming. This tutorial covers everything you need to know to start coding with Python including setting up Python, working with different data types, conditionals, loops, and much more.

Created by: Corey Schafer

Produced in 2017

What you will learn

  • How to install Python.
  • Strings, integers and floats (text and number resources).
  • Lists, tuples and sets.
  • Dictionaries.
  • Conditionals, loops, iterations and functions.
  • Utilizing the library.
  • Automate parsing.
  • Virtual environments.
  • Common mistakes and resolutions.

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Overall Score : 96 / 100

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Course Description

python Awards Best YouTube Tutorial

An 8-hour YouTube series covering the basics of Python programming. This tutorial covers everything you need to know to start coding with Python including setting up Python, working with different data types, conditionals, loops, and much more.



    • It's on YouTube. That means it's free, and you can go through any segment as often as you like.
    • Taught by Corey Schafer, a well-respected coding educator.
    • Includes comprehensive tutorial for setting up Python on Mac and Windows.
    • Takes first timers through a surprisingly comprehensive process of mastering the fundamentals of Python.
    • It's on YouTube, so interaction with the instructor or peers is limited.
    • Average video length is over 20 minutes. It can be a little more difficult to plan lessons around a busy schedule.
    • Because the course caters to Mac and Windows, it splits focus and reduces the total amount of relevant content for any one student.

Instructor Details

Corey Schafer

Corey Schafer is one of YouTube's most popular publisher of development tutorials with over 250,000 subscribers. He creates tutorials for all skill levels and produces courses on Python, Git, Development Environments, SQL, Javascript, and other technologies.



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By Michelle on 10/29/2019

Corey Schafer Python YouTube tutorials for beginners is one of the best self-paced videos that takes the user to have a rounded understanding for anyone to follow and learn.

By Ricardo on 3/16/2019

This course is awesome, it's complete to the introduction in Python, everyone that doesn't know or want to know about Python, this course is the best !

By furqan on 3/16/2019

This is an excellent course for someone who has spent some time writing Python and is ready to improve their skill.

By Uday on 3/15/2019

Corey schafer properly recognizes intermediate development topics and does a good job of addressing many of them. So many intermediate courses spend way too much time rehashing the basics and then not enough time and effort on the important topics to help learners move on from those basics which is something this course avoids.

By Dipam Vasani on 3/23/2019

I would highly recommend Corey's Python courses to everyone wanting to learn Python. For a beginner, it is really easy to get stuck into an endless loop of doing course after course without learning much. Instead, one should just pick one good course and stick to it. And Corey's is one of the best out there. He knows his stuff well. He uses really simple language, and his examples cover all the corner cases. He even opens up in-built Python libraries to demonstrate concept which is something I really liked. One thing me might think about adding is practice exercises, but even without it, if you want to learn Python, go meet Corey.

By Nithin Pradeep on 3/20/2019

Excellent course. All the basic stuffs are clearly explained. Recommended to anyone aspiring to get started with python programming. Thank!

By Pramesh Shakya on 10/30/2018

Ive learned a lot from them but in the end, it all boils down to sitting down and programming yourself as much as you can

By Ailbe on 10/2/2018

I really enjoyed his style of teaching, he covers the basics real well.

By TheGift1973 on 10/2/2018

Another great set of videos for the complete beginner, but also good for those who have some knowledge, but want to brush up on their skills.

By SND_Crow on 9/2/2016

He presents very clean and well thought out examples that demonstrate the concepts he is teaching.

By Binary101010 on 7/9/2018

He tends to not go in-depth on specific applications as much (his recent 12-part Flask tutorial notwithstanding), but I've found Corey's videos very useful for learning fundamentals.

By codemaster_general on 7/13/2018

Youtube is great for beginner tutorials!The Corey Schafer channel is a good example with easy to follow tutorials tailored specifically for beginner.