The Affinity Designer Crash Course (

Learn everything you need to create amazing vector graphic illustrations!

Created by: Brad Colbow

Produced in 2018

What you will learn

  • Students will learn all the tools necessary to take their sketches and turn them into finished professional looking vector artwork.

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Overall Score : 92 / 100

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Course Description

Creating art is fun and your online courses should be too.
In this light hearted course I teach my zombie friend how to break down a complex poster design into small easy to create chunks just like the pros do. We learn all the tools you need one at a time by actually creating art with them and adding them to our poster.
By the end of this course you will be able to turn your sketches into professional high quality vector illustrations that will blow away your friends and family.

About Affinity Designer

Affinity designer is a fairly new program but is gaining traction fast due to it's deep feature set and its place as an inexpensive Adobe Illustrator replacement. It is available on bot Windows and on Macs.

Affinity for iPad
There is an iPad version of this course available here on Udemy. Search for "Vector Drawing on the iPad with Affinity Designer". If you're using the iPad I would recommend that course over this one, the interface is much different.

Who this course is for:
  • Beginners who want to learn how to make digital art
  • Adobe Illustrators users who are looking for an inexpensive alternative

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Instructor Details

Brad Colbow

Hi, I'm Brad. I'm a professional graphic designer and Illustrator.
I've published comics, run conferences but what I'm best known for is running a Youtube channel where I talk about technology for illustrators. In that time I've published reviews on everything from the Surface Pro to the iPad pro. And everything in between.
I believe drawing and illustration is a journey, we are all constantly learning and getting better and I blog about that on my channel as well. I think anyone can learn to draw all it takes is practice.
It's never to late to pick up a pencil and start learning.



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The best thing about this course is that not only do you learn about Affinity Designer, but you actually work on a design from beginning to end and its so satisfying knowing that you created it!Brad knows the ins and outs of Affinity Designer and is really engaging. I have years of experience with vector design, but I still learnt quite a bit and expanded my skill set and confidence.

The course videos being 720p made the menus hard to read sometimes.One module would not download.Overall a great course, really loved the content and the teaching style, I am sure I will do this course many times while I am practicing.Can't wait to do another of Brad Colbows courses

This was such a fun course. Easy enough to follow for someone completely new to Affinity Designer or vector based drawing. I had just a little (self-taught) experience with Illustrator but am focusing on learning Affinity Designer so this course was perfect.Brad makes it fun, engaging, challenging yet very, very doable for even complete newbies. I'm happy with the skills I learned and the outcome of the lessons.Very cool!

I have some experience with other drawing programs so this is a good crash coarse just the essentials

I found this course quite useful as I am new to Infinity designer and vector art in general. Brad is concise and helpful.

I already watched some free tuts on YT. Not much new stuff in this tutorial. Decent amout of videos have weird screen flickering. If this is most rated on udemy, I dont want to know how other tutorials look like.

Great course. I bought Affinity Designer as an alternative to Illustrator and it is great. This course is great with helping you with get to grips with the software fast so you can move ahead and start creating you own stuff. Great for beginners and people making the transition from Adobe.

This course was awesome, the different abilities of Affinity all packaged into one project that is easy to follow and results in a pretty cool illustration.

This is a very engaging course, covering the main points of the software. I liked it a lot and learned some cool stuff like the workflow to achieve the best results in a short time.

Good introduction into Affinity Designer, especially when you have no previous experience with it or with similar tools. Not too much for me to learn here, but course was well structured and everything was explained clearly. No useless talking. Nice idea with the dialog with zombie.

I love this course it is very informative as well as entertaining.

Amazing explanation and very straight forward to do it on my own while the course.