Branding for Beginners (

15 Steps to Create a Visual Identity that Inspires Trust & Professionalism

Created by: Ronny Hermosa

Produced in 2022

What you will learn

  • Create an appealing visual identity for your business or organization
  • Choose the perfect colors, fonts & visuals for your brand
  • Define exactly who your target audience is & create a brand that appeals to that audience
  • Build a consistent visual presence across different social media platforms
  • Get practical and learn from 4 case studies of (ethical) brands that are doing it right!

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Course Description

This course can help your company build a consistent visual identity that will :
impress your customers,
make you stand out from your competitors and
make sure your brand is recognized and remembered.

The course is divided into 3 sections. The first section will answer the question: "Why do we need a visual identity?" It will clarify basic concepts like brand identity, Visual identity or positioning, we will go over the different elements of a visual identity and also study what are the characteristics that make a good Visual identity.
Section 2 is about getting things done and we will invite you to take the 15 steps to improve your business's visual identity. We will talk about logos, color palettes, imagery styles, creating templates, visual branding for social media and much more. Each lesson will be followed by a little exercise that I have put together in order to help you assimilate the knowledge by doing.
In section 3 I will show some good practices in terms of visual identity with real life case studies. I have selected 4 companies that I think are doing a great job with their visual branding and I will spend about 10 minutes reviewing each of them, highlighting the good practices for you to take example.
I hope you'll enjoy this course and that this knowledge will help you achieve success with your organization!
Who this course is for:
  • Entrepreneurs getting started with their project
  • Small & Medium enterprises willing to create their brand
  • Businesses & organizations who want to improve their visual identity
  • Anyone interested in visual marketing, logo creation & branding

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Instructor Details

Ronny Hermosa

Working with entrepreneurs and businesses around the world for 8 years, I've developed a deep understanding of their needs and challenges. Today I want to contribute to the success of these entrepreneurs, changemakers and nonprofits by teaching them everything I know about digital marketing.
My personal goal for Udemy is to position all my courses as best selling or highest rated.
(For me it's all about the quality, my last course was about a year in the making! Just read my reviews)
I specialize in: personal branding, social media marketing, visual marketing, video production, photography & storytelling.
I was recently hired by Canva as "Head of their Communities" and I teach branding & graphic design in my Facebook group to a lovely community of 11k+ virtual assistants, freelancers, digital marketers and entrepreneurs.
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Learned a lot from Ronny re: branding. Love that he is so approachable and very generous in sharing his knowledge even before that I haven't enrolled in his course yet. He responded to my question in FB messenger. Thanks, Ronny! :) Heading on to the next course, Canva. :)

The course is very detailed and outlines all of the basic knowledge necessary to get started with your brand. Ronny's 15 steps to improve your visual identity were clear and concise, and I will certainly use them in the future.

This course will definitely help you on your branding, specifically to those who just started business and want toestablish branding. This will help you a lot, mold you better, a strong foundation of business. Two thumbs up for this!

It's really for beginners. If that's your case this is a great course.

In this course, I now understand that visual identity is really important because if you have a strong visual identity it helps you stand out from others and you'll have a bigger chance that your audience will remember you. As an aspiring graphic artist, I think I know now where to begin. Thank you Rony for sharing your knowledge on this!Cheers!

loved it!!! great info!!! highly recommend for new business owners.

Excellent course . one of the best courses that I took

I'm a beginner and this course really opens my eyes and mind on how to do the branding. I'm going back to the page I am handling and apply all these learnings to grow my brand. Thank you so much Ronny!

Another great course from Ronny!It is 2 hours but this is a benefit.Everything is concise and to the point.There are some very nice slide like visuals in the videos summarizing the main points. I did a lot of screen shots for future reference.If you want to know why Branding and having a Visual Identity is important - this course is a good place to start.

You made it sound and seem so easy. :)Thanks, Ronny!

hello! good afternoon sir, can you also give examples of some pharmaceutical companies branding technique?

Ronny is an excellent, thorough teacher. I was taking another class of his (Canva) and realized I wanted to make sure my branding was solid, so I purposefully looked up this class. It didn't disappoint. Now I feel confident in my brand personality and voice.