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What you'll learnCreate internal and external scriptsUse the event-based coding paradigmUse the console for test outputOutput conten to the browserManipulate HTML DOM elements via JavascriptDeclare and Initialize VariablesUnderstand how Javascript variables are "typed"Use arithmetic operators with Javascript variablesUse Javacript's built-in math functionsCreate and use boolean variablesEvaluate conditions with if statementsEvaluate "either-or" scenarios with if.. elseMake complex decisions with else if structuresApply the Javascript switch statementRepeat sections of code using loopsApply the

Created by: Framework Television Inc. Mark Lassoff

Produced in 2019

Course Description

DescriptionJavascript has become the most import language you can learn.Years ago, you could produce a web site with HTML alone. Now, Javascript is a critical technology that makes not just interactive web sites-- but full web applications. Modern sites don't just display data but generally help users complete tasks such as making a reservation or buy an item.Javascript is a critical part of these transactions. Handling everything from dynamic screen content to interacting with remote servers, every developer needs Javascript.And, Javascript is not just a web language any more. Due to related technologies like Node and Phone Gap Javascript can now be used in web development (client and server side) and mobile development.This is only part of the reason that Javascript is THE language to know.FACT:A Javascript is the most desired skill among those who hire new (junior) developers.(This means that Javascript skills-- and certification-- may just be your key to a job).If you're reading this we don't have to sell you upon becoming a developer. You already know it's one of the most lucrative (and fastest growing) career tracks out there-- no degree required.What Will I Learn to Do with Javascript?Javascript is a powerful language.Here are just a few of things you can do with Javascript--Create applications that are constantly updated via a web service. Stock market, weather, and transportation apps work with web services to provide users with current information.Create apps that take advantage of the HTML5 canvas which allows data visualizations, animations and even gaming!Create applications with reactive interfaces that provide users with an optimized experience.It's tasks like this that make Javascript critical for developers. Javascript is essential to just about any project that appears on the web or in mobile.This is where you can separate yourself from the average developer.As aA DesignatedA Javascript Specialist, you are qualified to create, maintain and edit Javascript code. You'll be able to help development teams create relevant, reactive web and mobile applications or even create applications on your own.In this certification program you'll learn:How to Output to the consoleHow to output content to the browser window by manipulating the DOMThe getElementById() commandHow to use variables in JavascriptArithmetic with JavascriptThe proper use of Javascript OperatorsHow to use Number FunctionsUsing BooleansHow programs make decisions with conditionalsIf Statements and If... Else StatementsNested If StatementsHow to use the Javascript Switch statementFor Loops, While Loops, Do...While LoopsFor...In Loops, Endless Loops, Break and Continue StatementsJavascript Simple Functions, Function Parameters, Functions that Return a ValueCoding for Javascript Events and Call back FunctionsJavascript Dialog BoxesCreating Javascript ArraysLooping Through ArraysJavscript Strings and String Functions to process textJavascript Date FunctionsProcessing text with Javascript Regular ExpressionsWorking with the Browser DOMAccessing Web Services with the xmlHTTPRequest() ObjectMaking Requests and Parameterized RequestsWorking with Returned Text ContentWorking with Returned XML ContentUnderstanding JSON notation and Parsing JSON contentUsing Generic Javascript ObjectsWorking with the Javascript Audio and Video API2D Drawing, the Canvas and JavascriptFaux Multithreading with JavaascriptCustom Objects and OOP with JavascriptHow Does the CertificationA Program Work?First: Complete the CourseEach of the certification courses includes 5 to 10 hours of video training. Each course also includes lab exercises to help you retain the information in the video lectures. The courses feature study guides, practice questions, and activities, all with one goal: to help you learn new coding skills in Javascript.The courses are designed to be completed in a few days, if significant time is invested. However, you may spread the work out for as long as you"d like. T

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Mark Lassoff

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