Learn by Doing: Vue JS 2.0 the Right Way (Udemy.com)

Learn how to build a standalone client app with routing and authentication in VueJS 2.0 (Single page application)

Created by: Dejan Stoi

Produced in 2016

What you will learn

  • Build your own VueJS application of any size
  • Plan and structure your project
  • Write maintainable code
  • Use smart development tools like vue-cli

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Overall Score : 96 / 100

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Course Description

If you are ready to take your frontend web development skills to the next level and learn a new technology which is rapidly growing - then you've come to the right place!
In this course we'll learn VueJS - the version 2.0 to be specific, which quickly became highly valued among professional web developers, because it is really simple (unlike 2.0 versions of some other JS frameworks...) while also very powerful at the same time! The version 2.0 is mature and is already used both by small startups and in the enterprise apps by many corporations in the real world.
We'll focus on the practical side of things by building a small microblogging social network called "Beeper"! The focus is on medium and large scale applications, so you will learn, through example, how to structure your code and how real applications work.
Also, you'll receive a custom API built specifically for this course, you'll run it on your computer and we will build the client app with VueJS that interacts with the said API.
This is as close to the real world development experience as it gets, folks!

  • Intro song: "Local Forecast - Elevator" by Kevin MacLeod
Who this course is for:
  • People who are stuck with jQuery and didn't move on to modern frameworks - this course is perfect for you
  • People who have some knowledge of JavaScript and want to build their own real-world app
  • Developers who know other modern frameworks/libraries (Angular, React...)

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Instructor Details

Dejan Stoi

I'm a 26 year old web developer from Serbia.
Started working when I was 19 and I've played around with all kinds of different technologies and languages since. Currently my goto choice is Laravel (PHP) for server side code and Vue JS or Angular for client apps.

I enjoy writing clean and useful code and I hope that you'll be able to learn a thing or two from me!



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I am happy to learn without any Vue.js knowledge. I think it covered much fundamental knowledge needed to build a production-level web app.It will be perfect if the project is updated with Bootstrap 4. Anyway, it is a great course!

Trs bon cours.document.body.scrollTop est dsuet, remplacer par document.documentElement.scrollTop

Really good instructor. Don't know if I would have understood as much if I didn't have a bit of previous knowledge of Vue. But had quite a few "AH-HA' moments. Thankyou

As an experienced backend developer wanting a quick take on Vue this course was excellent - highly recommend. I like the that code is copied rather than watching someone type out yet another component. Would like to see an update using Axios though. Thank you for a great course.

I do really enjoyed the course. It's a excellent course for introduction.

nice course. but no love or maintenance in years. No replies to comments either. Too mad. too bad he abandoned this.

I really like the recap part at the end of a long video ;)

The teacher moves very quickly over some important things, that I would prefer he spent more time on. Nevertheless, he is very knowledgeable, and it shows, in the way that he progresses through the material. You may have to go through the course a few times, but you will walk away having a solid mastery of how Vue 2.0 works.

Some lines for the comersThis course is very practical, but you still need to read the official documents before/after the course.This is a 'watch me play the magic' course. It is good for someone has some experience on front endOverall, this is a good course on VueJs.

This is a great course to dive quickly into coding with Vue.js. It covers a lot of topics yet you'd wish for more details sometimes. But again, this is what this course is about.. keep it short and sweet!4.5 stars because of the copy/paste thing. I know it might get boring sometimes when the instructor writes all code from scratch with you in the videos but better bored than confused.Other than that it's a good course to getting started with Vue!

I really enjoyed the course. It includes everything you need to get a real world app in Vue.js going and also covers caveats well.

Great stuff. Have a look at the web app I created while doing this course.https://www.jimclark.net.au/vue/My background was only basic Javascript, etc and think this is a pretty slick looking app I have been able to build thanks to Vue.js and this Course.