#1 Complete ASP.NET Core MVC Single-Page App[The Future] (Udemy.com)

Turn Any ASP.NET MVC Or ASP.NET Core App Into Single Page Application [WITHIN 2 MINUTES] with toufiqElahySPA.js Plugin

Created by: Toufiq Elahy

Produced in 2018

What you will learn

  • Building a Powerful and most Complex Single-Page application Within 1 hour
  • Creative way to make single-page application(less code, do more)
  • Making Cross-Platform Single Page Application with .NET Core
  • How toufiqElahySPA .js plugin can turn any Web application into Single-Page Application within 2 minutes
  • How this Course will minimize development time and cost a lot
  • How to run .Net Core Single-Page application in Linux
  • How Single-page technique will improve the Software performance
  • How toufiqElahySPA .js plugin will make developer's life lot simple

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Course Description

I'm always updating this course with fresh content, too..
It's no secret how technology is advancing at a rapid rate. New, more powerful hardware and software are being released every day, meaning it's crucial to stay on top with the latest knowledge.
That's why I'm always adding new, up-to-date content to this course at no extra charge. Buy this course once, and you'll have lifetime access to it and any future updates (which are on the way as we speak).

Creative way to turn any version of ASP.NET-MVC or ASP.NET Core Application Into Single-Page Application Within 2 minutes after using my (toufiqElahySPA.js)Jquery Plugin. Here, toufiqElahySPA.js is a Jquery Plugin which is responsible to turn any web application into single page application. I developed this Plugin to minimize developer's effort while working on Creating Single Page Application. Let's see, how my Plugin can make developers life better.
Single page applications are more capable of decreasing loadtime of pages and the amount of data transfer from server to client.
Why This Course?
  1. There are several pain points while working with Javascript framework like AngularJs, React, VueJs, Knockout, meteor e.t.c. in a ASP.NET MVC application in order to create Single-Page Application. Few Pain Points Are:
    1. Need to specify routing for each request
    2. Need to modify Server side technology according to Javascript framework
    3. Only possible to debug on run time
    4. Hard-coded data-binding caused too many error
    5. Increase the complexity a lot
  2. developer no need to learn any javascript framework and also no need to write much Jquery code to make Single Page Application after using my Jquery Plugin(toufiqElahySPA.js).
  3. Note: developer can also use other JavaScript framework(angularjs, knockout, react e.t.c.) side by side with my Jquery Plugin. But no need, i will prove.
  4. I applied the Plugin in a .NET Web application. This plugin will also work for Other Web Technologies too. I will show in my future course.
  5. 90% of time Developer no need to Create View-model Classes.
This course is so important to Developer who loves:
  1. Strongly Typed data-binding(Razor code)
  2. Compile time error checking,
  3. auto code completion(IntelliSense),
  4. Re-usability ,
  5. not to get Run-time error unexpectedly
  6. to get rid from complexity should definitely take this course.
Why (toufiqElahySPA.js)Jquery plugin is better than any JavaScript framework:
(1) Developer won't need to write too much Javascript code after using my plugin wheres developer usually writes too many javascript code while working with AngularJs(javascript framework)
(2) Developer won't need to write Jquery ajax code because the plugin has ajax function specified which will be called automatically as a common function
(3) Developer won't need to specify routing as like AngularJs because My plugin will follow ASP.NET MVC routing by default.
(4) Developer can learn using my plugin easily and quickly. just need to follow only 5 rules of my plugin and any complex scenario can be achieved through this plugin like AngularJs [i will prove]
(5) Developer can also make Single-Page app even not following those 5 rules of the plugin. Those rules are for critical situation. First 2 rules is enough to solve any heavy lifting work.

What technology is used in front-end?
  • Mainly Jquery
  • HTML & Razor Code
What technology is used in back-end?
  • c#, Linq
  • ASP .NET-MVC Core
  • Entity Framework Core
What tools you will need?
  • Any Version of Visual Studio will Work but try to get Latest Updated Version
  • ASP.NET Core 2.0 will need to be installed in your Machine
  • Any browser Whatever you like most
Why I applied My Plugin to Asp .NET Core application:
  • Cross-platform needs.
  • High-performance and scalable systems.
  • All coding best practices (asynchronous programming, dependency injection)
Within this course I will Show:
How powerful and complex cross-platform single page application we can build with my Plugin And how my SPA technique can improve the Software performance both on server and client side.

How toufiqElahySPA.js(jquery plugin) works:
  • If End user click any Link or submit any Form or click Backward or Forward button on browser, the common ajax function of the Plugin will be invoked automatically.
  • 5 rules of the plugin to handle critical situation:
I will explain all these 5 rules in 10 minutes within this course. True fact is: learning these 5 rules are enough to learn this entire Course. Learn By Doing.
Money-Back Guarantee:
After taking this course, if any student fail to achieve his goal, i will refund. Make sure you followed my video's and source code and specially my 5 rules. If something is still unclear, you can ask question in the forums, i will reply. Happy Coding!

I hope! You will Enjoy this magic Course.
Important Notice:
i want to ensure all the Student that my Plugin(toufiqElahySPA.js) will not be responsible for any server related error while applying the Plugin(toufiqElahySPA.js) in your own Project. you may just need to modify toufiqElahySPA.css according to your application need. If you get a server

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Toufiq Elahy

?Hire Me: skype: toufiq.elahy1
I am Toufiq Elahy a Software Developer.. Always try to do something crazy stuff to minimize the complexity..
I am from Bangladesh . here me working as a freelancer.. Always try to find new concept to make an udemy course..
Love to teach people..so, sharing my knowledge whatever i have.
Love to face Challenge..



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excelente curso.

Hi Toufiq This is Amazing Magic Course ! , I wanna dig this deeper, Thanks a lot Bro ! Keep up the good work ! :)

not as per expected

Toufiq, was an excellent teacher in providing support and understanding into the SPA topic.I learned about responsive design through this course and it was exceptional.

Thanks so much for this awesome javascript utility and the turorial that accompanies it. This has centainly saved me lot of time with my application. Also support is amazing.

This is one of the best courses on Udemy. The SPA concept is working on my web app, the plugin is perfect. I highly recommend this course to everyone who wants to make his single page application projects more easily. Author did a great job on this one!

I was fervently looking for a library to accomplish exactly what this course offers. I am very satisfied with the course format and teacher explanations.Great job, all around, well worth it. I recommend this course to anyone wanting to develop ASP.NET Core SPA webs using this single JQuery plugin. It's easy to install and configure so you are ready to develop your dream web apps in a few minutes.

In first I was looking in a way of only converting existing mvc projects to SPA using this plugin, but it is so miraculous good that i'm using in a new projects as well instead of using Angular, for exemple.I love it and recomend it

From this course, I was able to transform all my MVC apps to single page app. My page response now has now improved dramatically.

I had a wonderful time learning this course.The experience i got from this course helped me in my current project.The explanation provided was up to date and world class.It was overall a really good experience.

very good for newly learning single page application