Typographic Logos: Typography and Lettering for Logo Design (Udemy.com)

Learn the beginning to end process for creating your own custom type-based logo.

Created by: Ray Dombroski

Produced in 2016

What you will learn

  • You will be able to come up with an idea, create thumbnail sketches, and refine your design into a finished type-based logo.
  • You will be able to download the working files that were created in the video so you can see them up close.

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Course Description

Learning and improving upon your type-based logo designs is one of the most important investments you can make in your design career. In this course we'll go over the entire process of creating a type-based logo, from idea to implementation. Let's get started!

In this course we'll cover:

How to find and apply inspiration
Learn the Digital and Analog Tools you'll need to create your logos
Use both Traditional and Untraditional tools to create your logo
Special techniques to refine your design
How to structure letterforms and overall composition
Sketch design thumbnails
Create a clean vector design
Implement color theory, shading, and add a 3D effect
How to add texture in Photoshop and Illustrator
Then it's up to you to take these methods and create something incredible!

As a bonus, you will also receive:

26 Bitmap Textures to use in Illustrator
26 Photoshop Brushes to add texture to your own designs
A collection of vector halftone gradients
The finished "Typographic Logos" design in vector format
Who this course is for:
This course is for anyone who is interested in improving their type-based logo designs.
This course does not cover icon design or logo designs that do not contain lettering.
This course shows the process of creating a type-based logo. However, it is not focused on the history and fundamentals of type.

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Instructor Details

Ray Dombroski

Ray's extensive background in the surf apparel industry started in 2002. Since then he has designed for many of the top surf apparel brands in California and Hawaii, such as O'Neill, Billabong, Ocean Pacific, BodyGlove, and Local Motion. He is the founder of TheVectorLab, a website that offers graphic design resources, tools, and tutorials. As a graduate of the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena and Florida State University his experience is backed by a mix of business and design knowledge.



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By James visser on 9/22/2020

I thought this course was very informative. I liked the way overlapping was used. The distressing of layers looked really nice as well. Thank you for sharing your skills!

By Sudeep Melekar on 8/10/2020

Full of well known and relatable examples. Straight on point approach. Extremely engaging

By Julio Reyes on 7/25/2020

When I first took typography classes, I was struggling on how to actually make typographic logos on the computer. Then I learned that the whole process isn't as simple as I thought it would be. This course shows me an example on how to make your logo design through a couple of steps. This course is very helpful on my studies and I can recommend this to anyone who wants to try to do typography!

By Mark Cutler on 6/21/2020

This course is old and unfortunately I do not think Ray is as committed as he was in the beginning. Great designers but poorly manages his students. Please do not bother replying to my questions I figured out on my own.

By Laura Carioti on 6/7/2020

good information. As a novice Illustrator user, I felt he moved to fast for me to catch the specific Illustrator tool choices. The process and method he taught was useful.

By Marc Hage on 10/19/2020

full of resources, cool instructor/teacher, requires some knowledge of graphics editors (he uses Adobe, but maybe brushes and opening pdf's work in others as well? I should give that a try...)

By Cornelia Meinig on 9/20/2020

This is a really great and in-depth course. Sometimes I would have wished for a little more explanation of how Ray is doing what he is doing, but overall the steps were very clear and easy to follow.

By Charu Chugh on 7/10/2020

Thank you for all the valuable information Ray!
This was super helpful.
Just a small thing, the resource files are not opening at my end request you to attach them again to the course.

By LUCY MCHALE on 5/21/2020

I felt the Designer spent time explaining the very basics such as what pencil to use but rushed through the more complicated techniques. It was difficult to see what tools he had selected. A step by step guide with exercises to ensure you had learnt about each stage would have been useful. Its actually put me off typography design and I'm no closer in understanding how get my t-shirt design to print stage, what file type to use, etc. etc.

By Jessica Murrell on 2/22/2020

Ray is an extremely talented and knowledgable Graphic Designer with great insight to the tools of the trade; I highly recommend you taking this course! He shared tips and tricks throughout the course and it was quite enlightening. The only reasons I gave this course a 4 star rating is because 1. I don't recall Ray saying to follow along with the files he provided in the resources sections (but I did)? and 2. It took me over 4 hours to try and repeat certain steps in order to follow along with him to make sure I understood and could achieve the same outcome as he did. Unfortunately, I was unsuccessful and had to just follow along with his files and sometimes just watch. The layers tripped me up a bit, because there were times when I didn't know which layer were being clicked on first or second, etc. even after rewinding.
With me being a hands-on learner, this was a bummer. I don't know if it was because I was on a different version of Illustrator? While the techniques Ray showed us are a bit more advanced than what I'm used to. I truly didn't feel this was outside of my level; I'm quite comfortable in Illustrator. But maybe that was the reason for the mix-up after-all.
Either way, I still took away some GREAT tips and pointers along with some bonus materials too! Ray has a very calm, personable and straightforward demeanor that is most helpful. Thank you for your time in creating this course and making it affordable at the same time; I'm excited to look at other courses you teach. :D Best wishes!

Me auxiliou em como desenvolver marcas no geral. E todas as dicas iro complementar outro projetos que trabalho como designer.

By Vero Carvajal on 4/9/2020

Es un curso muy prctico, muestra su metodologa de trabajo y es muy abierto.