Adobe InDesign CC - A complete introduction (

The Fast Track - Get up and running with Adobe InDesign. Here's everything you need to get started as a professional.

Created by: Mark Gatter

Produced in 2022

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  • After this course, students will know enough to work in a professional graphics studio. Seriously.

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Course Description

Even if you've never used Adobe InDesign, this course will take you from being a total newbie to being able to work right alongside graphics professionals. While there will always be areas we haven't learned yet, no matter who we are or how long we've been doing this, this course goes way beyond the basics. It will show you the right way, the easiest way, and the best way to work with colour, type and images. It also shows you, in detail, how to output your work either for uploading to a website or handing off to a commercial printer. Best of all, it's fast. I'm a professional graphic designer as well as an Adobe ACI, and I know what you need to know.Who this course is for:
  • This course is aimed at total beginners, or people who want to expand a basic understanding of the program.

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Mark Gatter

Hi - I'm Mark Gatter and I'm an Adobe Certified Instructor. My specialist subjects are InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator (and I've got the 'ACE' qualification in all these) but there are other programs lurking in the background, too. I lived in California for 18 years and ended up as the Production Manager for the biggest commercial printers in north California, and returned to the UK in 1998.
I've had 5 books published, three of which are about graphic design, the big graphics programs, and printing. The other two are about growing vegetables...which I don't plan to cover here. At all.
I teach roughly half the time, and when I'm not teaching I work as a freelance graphic designer. I'm constantly having things printed, all over the world, or put on websites which helps to keeps me sharp for my teaching work. I reckon I can take a total beginner, who has never even seen InDesign, Photoshop etc, and get them up to speed in about a day and a half. There'll be lots of stuff they won't know, of course, but they'll be proficient in all the basics they'd need to work in a professional graphics studio.
I invite you to check out my videos and see if you agree!



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Terrific overview!

Course exceeded my expectation. The pace was perfect and the content was very thorough! Thank you!

I really liked this! It was easy to follow and I will definitely go back to it as reference.

I was looking for a course that would just get me up to speed with the essentials so I could refresh my InDesign skills. This is perfect. Very well done!

yes, the course is very good

Best experience ever with an online course, no kidding.I've learned inDesign a long time ago for creating invoices for my clients, so I had some notionsabout the interface, but no real in-depth understanding.Now my goal is to create a book of my piano compositions, and I wanted a refresher course thatwould help me do that.I hesitated between this course and some other courses, and finally I opted for this coursesince it was shorter (about 2 hours of time) and the instructor said it would give me a good knowledgeof the software.I was quite skeptical when I purchased this course, because you never know what you really get until you unpack the box.But then I quickly realized that this course was perfect for me: the teacher is very precise on wording (which I believeis VERY important when you learn something), and all the lessons are based on concrete examples (not abstract theory).The teaching is straight to the point and precise.I believe this course taught me everything I will ever need in InDesign, and more (a few useful features I didn't know about).Except for one thing that he didn't cover: the red arrow at the bottom right of a text box. But that should be a 5 min search on internet (should I need to understand it), and so I won't blame the teacher for that.So in the end, I feel not only that this course was worth every penny, but more importantly I feel ready to rock on my piano composition book project (and I spent only a couple hours).So, thanks M. teacher.If you need a crash course on InDesign, I would totally recommend this course, it has it all.