Build a Real Time web app in node.js , Angular.js, mongoDB (

Learn how to build a Real-Time web application with only Javascript!

Created by: Arash Yahya

Produced in 2015

What you will learn

  • Creating their own real-time web application
  • Will be able to pursue their dream on building something
  • Bootstrap their idea and turn it into a reality

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Overall Score : 72 / 100

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Arash Yahya

Hello I'm Arash Yahya developer, I'm your instructor and a little bit about me, I've been working in a Software development Industry for almost 4 years. I have a degree in Computer Science. My passion is only one thing and that is coding.
We are really passionate about the new modern approach of building a web application, and that is MEAN stack!



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I Love this course on mean stack, hope to get more on how to update and delete data from the database

Lessons do not flow due to frequent mistakes and as a new adopter of node,angular and express there is not enough explanation for what is going on in some areas.

This is a great course ...... BUT the instructor provides no support though he says to e-mail him, if you get stuck... Good luck!!

After learning about Node/Express/Angular from other Udemy courses, this is the course which will bring it all together into a MEAN functional application. The course overall is really great, you get a visual, functional skeleton MEAN application which you can immediately base a future project from. A word of warning: the course runs as the instructor codes and explains on the fly, so I highly recommend that each lesson you step back from your keyboard and listen before typing. Like anyone else coding on the fly, the instructor will make mistakes but will fix them as the lectures move along, so it is important for you to not get confused by this and rather absorb the entire experience as a whole. I believe the course has a greater potential for improvement, but sadly the instructor has been inactive for a while. However I personally recommend that you follow up with more Udemy courses to cover anything that seems ambiguous and learn anything that was not clear on your own... I did, it helped a lot. Try integrating this course with Grunt/Gulp, updating any deprecated code, forking the project from the git hub account ( and make something out of it that is yours. The absolute lack of feedback from the instructor is what is most disappointing, which is much needed so I hope he returns with a lot more to add.

Arash is an excellent teacher. The project is very well designed. The lectures build upon one another and each building block results in new functionality. The code is explained ! If things do not always work immediately, we experience 'troubleshooting' which is instrumental in itself - learning how to drill down to what is going on or not happening. I emphasize that this course is excellent and current. We are not relying on antiquated code. What is extremely relevant is that the teacher is responsive !! Those of us who have jumped into online learning know how important this is. We do not get the feeling that the instructor is So Busy trying to get the next five course out there, which dissallows them time to facilitate our learning.I highly recommend this course and this instructor.

This course is amazing to say the least, the instructor mr Arash Yahya goes into detail how to actually create a real web app! He teaches you how to do everything required to build it from the ground up using the MEAN stack, and that is something that I will now know how to do now after taking his course. He is also very helpful and cares about his student's success, he will help you if you have any trouble and that is something that I found very valuable while taking this course. If you are serious about programming and are new to the MEAN stack, I highly recommend this course because it will show you properly.

This has been a great course and helps instructor will help you move forward when stuck at some point.

It's a nice course. I can recommend it. There is a lot of stuff to learn. I've tried to be a little creative in coding and the code stop working in one moment. I tried to find answer in the Internet, but I cannot find a solution. I contacted to Arash and in a few hours was able to fix my code because of Arash's hints. Thank you.

The teacher sucks. Basically he does not provide any reply if you have question. The most wasteful 10 dollars I have ever spent.

It's quite good and comprehensive course, it definitely allows to jump into modern java script development quickly but contains serious errors which might be a showstoppers to newbies.

I learned a lot, but the lack of engagement/preparation in the second part of the course just became too much. I purchased this course during one of Udemy's $19 promotions, so I got more than my money's worth, but a lot of the later videos should be fixed if the course is going to command a higher price.Mr. Yahya has a clear first portion (really Section 2), i.e. prior to lecture 19 or so. His phone does ring in one lecture, but its once. He doesnt apologize, but its not like its ringing off the hook. That aside, his knowledge of Node.js comes through and it's very helpful. He has also has an amusing illustration/example of middleware.The Angular/frontend portion is much more annoying, though.- There are mistakes as the lectures goes on and he often tries to, unsuccessfully, solve them while recording, instead of stopping it right away. I have no problem with mistakes, but there are many and it breaks up the flow.- Lectures 26 and 27 are reversed and it's still not fixed after a comment from at least a month before I went through the course.- Lecture 26, which is really 27, he types several lines of code and then goes, "well just delete this". Huh?!?- Lecture 29 just ends while hes typing.- Lecture 30 fixes bug in Lecture 29.- Lecture 31 fixes bug in Lecture 30.- Lecture 33 the sound cuts out in the middle.- In the last lecture he says there is a summary video. Ummmm, no there's not.All-in-all he sets out what he planned to do and it seems he is willing to help out on the discussions, though I've found that just using the JavaScript console, stackoverflow, and checking for typos can solve most problems.

The course covered a lot of introductions to important technologies. It was much harder, and more time consuming than it needed to be as the course materials had many errors. More explanation of what was happening would have been helpful, but I was able to find a lot for extra information using google. The instructor seemed very engaged in answering questions asked of him.Overall, I did learn a lot from taking the course, so it was worthwhile.