Learn and Understand NodeJS (Udemy.com)

Dive deep under the hood of NodeJS. Learn V8, Express, the MEAN stack, core Javascript concepts, and more.

Created by: Anthony Alicea

Produced in 2021

What you will learn

  • Grasp how NodeJS works under the hood
  • Understand the Javascript and technical concepts behind NodeJS
  • Structure a Node application in modules
  • Understand and use the Event Emitter
  • Understand Buffers, Streams, and Pipes
  • Build a Web Server in Node and understand how it really works
  • Use npm and manage node packages
  • Build a web application and API more easily using Express
  • Connect to a SQL or Mongo database in Node
  • Understand how the MEAN stack works
  • Be the coder that explains NodeJS to everyone else because you understand it better than anyone else

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Overall Score : 90 / 100

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Course Description

NodeJS is a rapidy growing web server technology, and Node developers are among the highest paid in the industry. Knowing NodeJS well will get you a job or improve your current one by enabling you to build high quality, robust web applications.
In this course you will gain a deep understanding of Node, learn how NodeJS works under the hood, and how that knowledge helps you avoid common pitfalls and drastically improve your ability to debug problems.
In this course we'll look at how the C++ written V8 Javascript engine works and how NodeJS uses it to expand the abilities of Javascript. You'll learn how to structure your code for reuse and to be easier to understand, manage, and expand using modules and understand how modules really work.
You'll learn how asynchronous code works in Node and the Node event loop, as well as how to use the event emitter, streams, buffers, pipes, and work with files. We'll see how that leads to building a web server in Node.
We'll dive into web sites, web apps and APIs with Express and learn how Express can save us time as Node developers.
You'll also gain an understanding of npm, connecting to databases, and the MEAN stack!
During it all you'll gain a deep understanding of the Javascript concepts and other computer science concepts that power Node.
NodeJS doesn't have to be hard to learn. The biggest mistake most coding tutorials make is expecting someone to learn simply by imitating others' code. Real world situations are never exactly like the tutorial.
I believe the best way to learn is to understand how a tool works and what it does for you, look at examples, and then try it yourself. That's how this course is built, with the goal to help you both learn and understand NodeJS.
Note: In this course you'll also get downloadable source code. You will often be provided with 'starter' code, giving you the base for you to start writing your code, and 'finished' code to compare your code to.Who this course is for:
  • Those looking to build a career as a NodeJS developer
  • Those desiring to become MEAN stack developers
  • Those who don't have server technology experience but wish to gain this skill
  • Those coming from other server technologies (like PHP, ASP.NET, or Ruby on Rails) and want to learn Node
  • Those who want to only have to write both client and server code in one language: Javascript
  • Those who want to grasp Express

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Instructor Details

Anthony Alicea

Newly married in Cleveland Ohio, Tony is primarily focused these days on trying to be a good husband. While inexperienced at that, he's quite experienced in all things web.
Tony has been programming since he was 12 years old, and got into web sites and web application development at 16. After graduating with a Computer Science degree from Case Western Reserve University, Tony continued with that interest as a Microsoft certified software application developer and architect, database designer, and user interface designer.
His experience has ranged across technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, ASP .NET MVC, JavaScript, jQuery, KnockoutJS, AngularJS, NodeJS, LESS, Bootstrap, SQL, Entity Framework and more.
He believes strongly that deeply understanding any topic allows you to properly learn it and, even more importantly in a real-world environment, quickly overcome problems.
He also has a deep interest in human nature and behavior, and how that impacts human-computer interaction. This interest translated into extending his career into user experience design and usability research.
Another link in the chain is his 25 years of experience in public speaking and teaching, both in front of large groups and as a one-on-one private instructor.
Putting all these pieces together, he has spent his career listening to a client need, designing a database and software to meet that need, building it, testing it, teaching others how to use it, then improving user exper



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Excellent content, step-by-step guide in making you understand NodeJS deeply. If you would like to understand how NodeJS works behind the scene, this course is for you. If you would just like to start using Node and Express to build a web server, this course is not that practical - You will not build a fully functional, production ready, complex app by the end of this course.However, I drop half star because the content is not updated and Q&A is inactive from Anthony.Note: most of the javascript you will be writing is still ES5, which mean no let or var keyword, arrow function, etc. But nevertheless, doesn't affect you in learning Node JS.

I finished this course on Jan 01, 2020 and it's a solid course. Some of the softwares/packages have been updated since the recording, BUT the techniques and examples shown throughout the lessons are very much still applicable. If your goal is to obtain a strong fundamental knowledge of Node, then I highly recommend this course. I also took Anthony's "JS Understanding the Weird Parts" course and I highly recommend that one too!

Explicacin amena y ritmo del curso gil. Me agrada su estilo pues resultan muy claras las explicaciones as como los cdigos que muestran cada nuevo concepto.

Great teacher! He explains the foundations that make learning node js understandable, or not understandable if you do not have such a teacher.Excelente profesor! Te explica las bases que hacen que puedas entender node js, o las partes que hacen que no puedas entender node js si no tienes un profesor como l.

Unlike the tutor's famous "weird parts" - this course is unnecessarily lengthy and too much opinion based for my parts. This course is excellently researched and it's depth probably is unrivaled, no doubt. Also I find the tutor and his calm voice very sympathetic. But lots of topics are explained in a repetitive manner, less important stuff is repeated over and over while more important questions are skipped too quickly. And although some developers may aim for maximum backwards compatibility that certainly isn't true for all of us - cause in IT what's new today is deprecated tomorrow. I'd rather see more ES6. Classes are much more than syntactic sugar, but a move in the right direction for JS to get from a "weird" language full of quirks to a grown-up programming language.Still, probably the best course you can find on the topics.

It seems that this is an incomplete course and I am very confused by the content of the last lecture. Everything in this course was great until the very last lecture in this course when you realize that the final section of the course will never be wrapped up and the last lecture of that section doesn't really go in-depth at all so you're essentially not learning much of anything. I am very confused about that. As I said, I learn a lot from the course overall I am just VERY disappointed by it's ending.

A good course, very well explained.Tony digs deep inside nodeJs and server side, making all the big confusing terms look very clear.I took this course having basic knowledge in HTML, CSS, JavaScript and NodeJs or as Tony says-I was mostly immitating, not understanding.This course really helped me understand NodeJs and I'm looking forward to implement everything I've learnt.The only bad thing about this course is the last section, or better say the last lecture.The final project is not complete and there's an whole part missing.also the part about Angular2 is really unnecessary, explained very briefly, can't understand any of it anyway, and it ends without completion.Even though, I warmly recommend this course to whomever wants to understand nodejs.Thank you Tony!

Great course. Especially enjoyed the beginning where we dove into Node.js docs. Was expecting a deeper dive and it be more up to date with current Node, npm, ES versions.

A very good introduction to NodeJS. Stays focused on the core concepts. There are plenty of ways to get side-tracked but Anthony does an amazing job of giving you just enough information to understand what you're doing and actually learn, without leaving you puzzled about missing details. I feel a lot more confident with NodeJS apps now.

I went to the bootcamp and we learn node in 6hrs... just this and that, know how to run node in command line, set up express and grab npm, and that's it.Have no idea what's going on...how it works line by lineThis is a Great course, but just feel like not really completed in the last section.I wish the instructor update and complete the last section a bit more, may be one more app on running server and client side, but I know this is not a full stack course.Also, I really wish the instructor to create React course, his explanation is outstanding!I love the big word alert, I used to confused about 'RESTful API, CRUD, HTTP METHOD' on the job post, now I'm not afraid of them.Overall, excellent course for understanding Node.js.

The breakdown of how Node.js works under the hood (v8, C++, etc.) was very helpful and instructive. I also appreciated the depth of the instruction, insofar as it emphasized attaining a deep understanding of the technologies instead of merely explaining how to set things up, which patterns to follow, etc. The only complaint I have is that the course ends abruptly without feeling like it was fully wrapped up.

Ottimo corso che affronta Node andando su dettagli tecnici molto interessanti chiarendo punti utili per comprendere meglio come sviluppare con node