Part 2: AWS Certified Solutions Architect (and CD,SO) - 2021 (

2019 Associate Exam Labs, 450+ Exam Prep Questions for Solutions Architect, Sysops Administrator, Developer

Created by: Chandra Lingam

Produced in 2021

What you will learn

  • Gain Solid Understanding of Amazon Web Services Cloud Platform
  • Ace Certification Exam Questions on Architectural Patterns, Queuing, Notification, Server less Compute, Databases, API Gateway, Disaster Recovery and more

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Course Description

*** NEW: Fargate Serverless Containers, Aurora, Aurora Serverless RDBMS lectures and Hands-On-Labs are now live ***

AWS Certified Solutions Architect Guide & Question Bank provides a structured introduction to AWS and prepares you to get certified at the Associate Level (Architect, Sysops Admin, Developer).
This is the second and concluding part of the two-part course series on getting certified at Associate Level. (NOTE: For Part 1, Look for the course 1. AWS Certified Solutions Architect Guide & Question Bank)
In Part 1 of this course, we learned about core services that form the foundation of AWS Cloud Platform. That included networking, storage, compute, automatic scaling, security, monitoring and tools for estimating cost of a solution.
In this course, we will start with services that offer Queueing, Notification and Email capabilities. Then we will focus on Lambda server-less compute capability provided by AWS and API Gateway to provide RESTful front end for your Lambda functions. AWS also provides a range of Cloud Database offerings including RDS, NoSQL, In-Memory, Columnar, ElasticSearch and we will explore what their strengths and weaknesses are. Learn how to manage streaming data with Amazon Kinesis (Stream, Firehose, Analytics). Learn about Amazon ECS, Containers and Dockers. CloudFormation lectures teach how to manage your infrastructure as code. Elastic Beanstalk gives an overview on how you can quickly deploy your application and manage infrastructure automatically. This course also introduces programmatic integration of AWS Services from your application.
As we learn these topics, we will look into architectural best practices and patterns for building cost-effective and highly scalable solutions. We will also look at disaster recovery options that are enabled by AWS.Who this course is for:
  • Get certified at Solutions Architect - Associate Level
  • Learn AWS Cloud Platform from scratch

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Instructor Details

Chandra Lingam

Chandra Lingam is an expert on Amazon Web Services, mission critical systems and machine learning. He has a rich background in systems development in both traditional IT data center and Cloud based infrastructure. For those new to AWS, he is uniquely positioned to guide you to become an expert in AWS Cloud Platform.
Prior to becoming a full-time course developer and instructor, he spent 15 years at Intel, developing and managing systems that handled hundreds of terabytes of worldwide factory data.
He has a Master's degree in Computer Science from Arizona State University, Tempe and Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Thiagarajar College of Engineering, Madurai



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good to know about serverless Aurora, It opened my eye. Also, the way Chandra explains the demos live is awesome.

The 2nd part of the course goes also deep into details like the 1st part, which helps understand better the material. Compared with other courses I did, this course gives more background information which could be more that what is needed for the certification, but definitively worth it.

Explanation and covering topics are very well. This is very useful to start working on AWS services.

Content is very rich and very helpful to prepare the certification. Indeed you will even learn more than what you need

--> Instructor has done well explaining all the top AWS services in use.-->For the certification exam I highly recommend watching the AWS re:Invent videos, read white-papers.--> Two topics that I saw on the certification exam that were not covered in the videos are AWS Athena and Blockchain on AWS.

The lectures are simple and clear

Good course with demos. Helped me understand the concepts in detail.

Very well structured and clear how-to demos. Very good for anyone in System Administration who wants to move to AWS.

Need more focus on topics for Elastic-cache , STS , App-sync , Cognito, SSO etc.

Very slow. Many details are like tutor has read just now himself to explain us.

Liked the concise and practical nature of the course. Very focused, and the hands-on are excellent. I sat for my exam last week and scored 90%. There were a number of questions on Lambda which were covered here and not anywhere else.I would like to see some changes to the quizzes and add more analytical type questions which I saw in the exam. That would be helpful.

Perfect match for my current knowledge of the subject