Adobe Certified Expert - Magento Commerce Cloud Developer

The Magento 2 Cloud Developer verifies your knowledge of the Magento Cloud platform. You must know how to efficiently build and optimize websites. You must understand how to configure the site to meet project requirements. This is a very difficult test for those who have little Cloud experience, but quite easy once you have worked with Cloud for over a year.

Created by: Joseph Maxwell

Produced in 2018

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Course Description

The Cloud exam covers: Adobe Commerce Cloud (Magento Cloud). This is Adobe's officially-sanctioned hosting platform for Magento.

Joseph's difficulty meter: 4 out of 10. This is one of the easier Magento tests that Adobe offers.

In my experience, if you have deployed Magento applications on Cloud, this is even easier than a 4 of 10. If you haven't, I put it closer to a 6 out of 10. The questions are straight-forward and easy to understand. There is some tricky domain knowledge that only comes with experience or study (experience is certainly recommended).

Pass score required: 62%. Time limit: 2 hours

This is a valuable certification because Magento is encouraging their partners to have excellent knowledge. Why? Because this platform is an outstanding way to host Magento websites (after all, it's supported by Magento themselves). It features a continuous deployment system that allow for many infrastructure changes to be made with code.

As the old saying goes, "it's easy once you know it." This test is targeted toward professionals who have 6-12 months of experience working with Magento Cloud deployments OR who have launched 2 Cloud projects. To pass, you must have access to a Cloud environment (ie, you can't just read the study guide and DevDocs without completing the required actions and expect to pass).

Concepts covered
  • Basics:
    Starter vs Pro environments
    Using Cloud with local development
    Using web interface and CLI tools
  • Configuring Magento services (MySQL, Redis, ElasticSearch, etc).
  • Effectively building static contentwhen to do it in the build phase, when in deploy.
  • Adding/updating modules.
  • Understanding where to find logs.
  • Configuration of external services.

How I can help you:
If you have access to a Cloud environment (official partners or merchants on Cloud), you are good to prepare for the test. I have written a study guide to provide a significant amount of information to help you pass. Then, when you are ready, go take the included practice test, complete with 2 pools of questions.

In-line with the Magento test
I guarantee that this test is up-to-date with objectives on the current version of the Magento test.

  • Our materials are used by thousands of Magento professionals.
  • 104 pages of in-depth and quality content.
  • Includes 4 practice test attempts.
  • Guaranteed, see below for details.

Wouldn't it be nice to have someone who has passed the test help you understand what you need to know to pass? It sure would! That's why I have written this study guide and practice test. See for yourself what people have to say about itin other words, this program works.

Yes, we will refund the money you paid for the study guide and/or practice test if you fail. However, I can say that just reading this study guide will not assure you of a passing score. You are spending money on a study guide for a $300 test. Magento tests examine your practical and experiential knowledge of a subject and NOT facts that you can memorize. It is critical that you thoroughly study and practice. In order for us to provide a refund, you will need to have one of the first two practice test takes within the last four weeks be over 65%. If you take the practice tests 50 times and end up eventually getting 100%, it's not that there is a 100% chance of passing the test, it means you memorized 100% of the practice testand wasted your time.

Please note: The price is per user. If you are an agency and desire to purchase 5 or more seats, please contact us for special pricing.

The practice test features questions that are very similar in construction and concept to the real tests' questions. This is your best way to understand what you will expect on the test. There are approximately 40 questions per practice test form, and there are two forms.

Guaranteed: your purchase is 100% guaranteed. If you fail the exam, I will refund the money you paid me for the test.

Score per objective: not only can you see your overall score, but you can see which objectives need additional study. You also can see each answer that is incorrect (but I suggest you only do that just before you take the final test, otherwise, you will likely memorize the answers and the value of the practice test is greatly diminished).

Time per question: you can see exactly how long it takes you to complete the test. If you are weighing in at 2 minutes per question, you definitely need more study.

Points worth noting:
The test can be taken at a testing center or at home. You must have a decent internet connection with at least 1MB up and down.
Magento encourages you to have at least 1 year of Magento 2 Javascript development experience.
You can find basic information about the test here.

Instructor Details

Joseph Maxwell

Joseph is the founder and director of SwiftOtter. As a 2019 Magento Master, he has received the highest award given to the Magento community.

He has extensively worked with Magento for almost 10 years, developing modules and performing system enhancements. Joseph speaks at conferences throughout the country to do his part in building the developer community.

Joseph's passion is helping people: whether creating amazing user experiences for merchants, writing hundreds of pages of study guides and practice questions for Magento developers, or helping one of his three children learn something new and exciting about life. His days are full, but in a good way, as he lives life to the max.



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By Bhargav on 12/02/2018

Cloud Developer Study Guide is a great resource and a complete guide for certification. It helped me a lot to understand the basics of Cloud as well as the concepts that are required in day to day complexities in the delivery of cloud project. A well and detailed explanation of the build process, deploy process and SCD was very helpful for me. It was helpful for me to clear the exam in just 1 and half month.

By Jose on 05/12/2019

Everything you need to know to pass the exam is here!!!