Adobe Certified Professional - Magento Commerce Developer

The Adobe Professional Developer is the first Magento certification you should attempt to take.I am very excited to share the companion course is complete. It's like a senior developer sitting down with you and training you in the ways of Magento 2 AND preparing you to take the test. It's an ideal situation.

Created by: Joseph Maxwell

Produced in 2018

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Course Description

About the Test
This test was previously known as the Magento 2 Associate Developer Certification. It is now the Adobe Certified ProfessionalMagento Commerce Developer. It's new certification number is: AD0-E702.Only the name and the time limit have changed. No questions or content have changed.

The Professional exam is the "easiest" of the Magento 2 tests. It covers backend development, theme creation, and database modifications.

Joseph's difficulty meter: 2 out of 10. This is the first Adobe/Magento Commerce test that you should take.

In my experience helping hundreds of people achieve their certifications, please start with this test. This gets your feet wet with taking Magento-style tests and will set you up for success on the Commerce Expert Developer test (previously known as Professional developer). The questions are straight-forward and easy to understand. There is some tricky domain knowledge that only comes with experience or study (experience is certainly recommended).

Pass score required: 68%. Time limit: 2 hours

I (Joseph Maxwell) had the privilege of participating in writing this exam.

How much experience should I have before attempting the test?

Adobe says that no experience is necessary. You can take the Fundamentals of Magento Development course and then you pass. However, this is an expensive course and many of us developers have a "I'll do it myself" attitude (which is a good thing). This can lead into a problem where we underestimate the difficulty of the test and we don't study, and then we fail the test.

Instead, the course that I have written, see below, is designed to help bring you the knowledge necessary while also taking the minimalistic route to getting this knowledge (don't be fooled, as it still is a lot of work). Provided you have some Magento development experience, you can easily pass the test with some additional study.

Here's what the test covers:
  • Magento architecture (20 questions): files required for modules, purpose of each system-defined file in a module, how to perform basic CLI tasks, how to create a new module.
  • Request flow processing (4 questions): understanding how to create a new route and a new controller.
  • Customizing the Magento UI (9 questions): creating themes, understanding layout XML, templates, LESS
  • Working with Databases in Magento (11 questions): understanding the difference between (and use cases for) models, resource models, collections and repositories. How to modify the database.
  • Developing with Adminhtml (7 questions): utilizing the capabilities available for admin customization, like ACL, menus, store configurations, available scopes.
  • Customizing Magento Business Logic (10 questions): how products work, strategies for catalog maintenance, understanding categories.

The Prep Course
  • A guide written by Joseph Maxwellwho helped write the Associate Developer test, a 2019 Magento Master, who has helped hundreds or thousands become Magento certified.
  • Project guide: a PDF (almost 70 pages) with detailed information on building a practical project.
  • Videos: hours of videos providing additional details. Note that my mistakes are not edited outrather, they are left in and I show you how to work through them.
  • A git repository: peeking is allowed here (but code copying is certainly not encouraged).

Instead of an article that lists 5, 7.5 or 10 resources that will help you become a Magento developer,, here is one resource that I wrote to help you become a Magento professional.

A big question for many is how do I get started in Magento development? Maybe you were just hired by a Magento agency, or maybe you are looking to bone up on your own skills.

Imagine having a senior developer come alongside you and teach you his learnings from the school of hard knocks. Instead of having to battle for days to find an answer, what would it be like to know where to find the answer quickly? Keep reading, because you will find the answer.

The Magento Open Source project has approximately 3,245,229 (over 3 million) lines of PHP code. The learning curve often takes months and possibly years. In the process, you are met with massive challenges in addition to not knowing the right way to build things. Many times, when people exit the learning curve, they do so with much baggage in the form of habits of doing things the wrong way. This costs time and money in having to come back later and fix mistakes. Oh, and undoing habits is really hard.

You can.

My goal is to train you from the beginning in what you should do, and how to do it to be successful. There is massive misinformation about Magento that is widely circulated and beginners dont know what is good and what is bad.

I am going through the videos for the associate study guide and as you know I went through part of the project guide document as well. I find the videos to be fantastic!! I would recommend everyone to go through them. What is really important is the fact that "mistakes" stay included in the video and you debug through them "live". I have seen a lot of videos showing "perfect coding" where those mistakes were cut from the training and the person would just say something like "if you have this you should do that, etc..." but seeing it in your video and the thinking process behind it is so valuable. Thanks for all the time and efforts you put into this.Jonathan

I have written an involved guide to help you come up to speed on Magento development. After reading and working through it, you wont be a senior developerthat only comes with years of experience. But, you will be familiar with the main areas of Magento development. And, you will know where and how to find answers to questions in the Magento core.

If you give someone a fish, you feed them for a day. If you teach someone how to fish, you feed them for a lifetime.

Thats what happened to me. When I started out in Magento development, I ended up with a mentor who taught me this very thing. Instead of use Magento Stack Exchange, the discussion was around where can I find this in the core?. Dont get me wrong, there are some cases in which Magento Stack Exchange is helpful but it is not the resource for us developers. Our #1 resource is right here on our development machines, right now.

The incredibly effective SwiftOtter study guide.A practical and helpful project. This works through each step of the process and is a written provider of knowledge.
Videos for each step. These videos are not cleanly-edited videos to only show the exact steps to take. Rather, they are mostly unedited to show the issues I run into while developing. My experienc

Instructor Details

Joseph Maxwell

Joseph is the founder and director of SwiftOtter. As a 2019 Magento Master, he has received the highest award given to the Magento community.

He has extensively worked with Magento for almost 10 years, developing modules and performing system enhancements. Joseph speaks at conferences throughout the country to do his part in building the developer community.

Joseph's passion is helping people: whether creating amazing user experiences for merchants, writing hundreds of pages of study guides and practice questions for Magento developers, or helping one of his three children learn something new and exciting about life. His days are full, but in a good way, as he lives life to the max.



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By _grimster on 12/13/2018

SwiftOtter doc is a good source for Associate Developer preparation, but it's still recommended to review official devdocs for 2.2 ( as some things could be deprecated or missed.

By Alessandro Ronchi on 04/06/2020

I couldnt have embraced my journey without the help of SwiftOtters guides and tests. I warmly recommend you to give them a look; its definitively worth the price.

By sfmtl on 11/16/2019

Swift Otter was great, pretty close to it. I did the test with about 2500 hours of magento backend dev experience, got an 88.5. The practice from Swift was good, and the test was more "Tricky" than dificult.