Adobe Certified Expert - Magento Commerce Developer

The Magento 2 Professional Developer tests a candidates' knowledge of advanced Magento backend development. This is widely considered the most difficult Magento exam to pass (aka smokin' hard). A candidate must know many specifics about modules, sales, customers and the checkout process.

Created by: Joseph Maxwell

Produced in 2018

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Course Description

About the Test
This test was previously known as the Magento 2 Professional Developer Certification. It is now the Adobe Certified ExpertMagento Commerce Developer. It's new certification number is: AD0-E703.Only the name and the time limit have changed. No questions or content have changed.

The Expert exam is probably the second-most-difficult example of the Magento 2 test line-up. It is similar to the Professional developer (previously Associate), but questions are significantly more advanced. It is my recommendation to start with the Professional developer exam and work up to this one. This test covers backend development, database modifications and general Magento architecture.

Joseph's difficulty meter: 9 out of 10. You will hear me regularly say that this test is extremely difficult. You should only undertake this test if you have significant Magento experience (not "just" installing modules) and are willing to invest significant amounts of time to pass. The results are worth it.

As you will see below, I wrote the course to help you prepare for this test. It is a "guided tour" and covers all concepts required to pass.

Pass score required: 62%. Time limit: 2 hours

How much experience should I have before attempting the test?

Adobe recommends 2 years of hands-on experience. In my findings, though, a candidate should have 1-2 years of difficult customizations and troubleshooting. Just installing modules and fixing easy problems on merchant websites will NOT be enough to pass.

The course that I have written, see below, is designed to help bring you the knowledge necessary while also taking the minimalistic route to getting this knowledge (don't be fooled, as it still is a lot of work). Provided you have some Magento development experience, you can easily pass the test with some additional study.

Here's what the test covers:
Magento architecture (20 questions): files required for modules, purpose of each system-defined file in a module, how to perform basic CLI tasks, how to create a new module.
Request flow processing (4 questions): understanding how to create a new route and a new controller.
Customizing the Magento UI (9 questions): creating themes, understanding layout XML, templates, LESS
Working with Databases in Magento (11 questions): understanding the difference between (and use cases for) models, resource models, collections and repositories. How to modify the database.
Developing with Adminhtml (7 questions): utilizing the capabilities available for admin customization, like ACL, menus, store configurations, available scopes.
Customizing Magento Business Logic (10 questions): how products work, strategies for catalog maintenance, understanding categories.

The Prep Course
  • Normally $499, for a limited time: $375.
  • This course is for the test formerly known as the Magento 2 Professional Developer. Now, this certification is titled AD0-E703 Adobe Certified Expert - Magento Commerce Developer.
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  • A practical walk-through guide on how to build a module that is should have been included in Magento Open Source
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If you're tired of trying and trying to achieve the Adobe Certified Expert Developer designation, I've built the solution for you. After helping many people get this certification, I've learned what is necessary to get you across the finish line. Yes, work and effort is required on your endbut make it a team, and we will get you across the finish line.

What if I want to take this slower or faster than ten weeks? Yep, you might be one of those ambitious devs who wants to get it done in five weeks. Or, you might be one of those (sadly) overloaded devs who needs to get this done, but it's going to be more than ten weeks. All content is available when you purchase. Keep in mind that the subscription does have a time limit, so be judicious when you start that.
I live in India, and this is very expensive. I understand. You work more hours than most other Magento developers and are paid (often) significantly less. Since you do want to take this test, I will help you out: use the coupon code 50OFFINDIA. Two notes: 1) both you and your company of employment must reside in India (feel free to purchase this yourself and use the coupon if your company will not reimburse you) and 2) this is based on the honor system. This only works for purchases over $100USD.
Another question? Feel free to drop me a line.

This guarantee applies for all order at this special price. The only rule is that you must be first Professional Developer (formerly, Associate) certified. Here's how it works: you study, you learn, then you attempt the Magento Expert Developer (formerly, Professional) test. If you fail, I refund the amount to retake the test. But, better than that, I'll schedule a meeting with you so we can discuss what it takes to pass. I'll be surprised if this should happen, but should this happen again, I will refund up to the total paid for the course.

I'm sure you've seen free guides on how to pass the Adobe Expert Magento Developer exam. Why spend this much when you can do it for free? The short answer is: it may be enough. For some it is (I have many testimonials of people who pass with my study guide), for others it isn't. Unfortunately, I have not heard of any positive results from the free guides (I am sure there have been some, but I haven't had the right conversations yet).

I have seen many people just read material and then attempt the test. The result? Failure. Not only is this discouraging, it is also expensive.

With this course, you not only get our study premium study guide, but also hours of video instruction and additional written instruction. This follows my methodology for passing every relevant Magento test (you can decide whether or not Order Management is relevant).

Study Guide
This study guide has been used by hundreds of Magento developers, world-wide. It is a PDF ebook that expands on all concepts that the Magento test covers.

Read a section in the study guide.
Study the related Magento code. If you don't understand a concept, build an example module or step through the code.
Review the Magento DevDocs to get additional details.

Magentos study guide is brief, leaving the developer to fill in

Instructor Details

Joseph Maxwell

Joseph is the founder and director of SwiftOtter. As a 2019 Magento Master, he has received the highest award given to the Magento community.

He has extensively worked with Magento for almost 10 years, developing modules and performing system enhancements. Joseph speaks at conferences throughout the country to do his part in building the developer community.

Joseph's passion is helping people: whether creating amazing user experiences for merchants, writing hundreds of pages of study guides and practice questions for Magento developers, or helping one of his three children learn something new and exciting about life. His days are full, but in a good way, as he lives life to the max.



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By Andy Boyd on 06/15/2018

The SwiftOtter study guides and practice tests are the best resources I've found to get Magento 2 certified on a budget. Using Magento 2 Open Source and the SwiftOtter tools, I've transitioned my skillset from Magento 1 to become both Magento 2 Developer certified and Magento 2 Solutions Specialist certified in only a few months.'