Kibana Visualization Beginner To Pro (ELK & ElasticSearch) (

Learn visualization creation & analysis with Kibana & the power of ELK stack (ElasticSearch, Logstash...) Get promotion!

Created by: Ivan Westen

Produced in 2018

What you will learn

  • Learn advanced knowledge about Kibana GUI and how to use Kibana's features to analyze data
  • Create & read advanced graphs & charts
  • Overview, installation and basic use of the entire ELK stack (ElasticSearch, Logstash & Kibana)
  • How to use Kibana Visualizations and Dashboards
  • Basic concepts and terminology of Elasticsearch
  • Installation of Elasticsearch and Kibana
  • Live demonstrations
  • Lab exercises to test your skills

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Overall Score : 62 / 100

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Course Description

The primary objective of this course is to help students and beginners to learn all the various GUI options of Kibana .
In this course, you will learn :
  • How to create and read advanced graphs and charts with Kibana Visualizations
  • How to install Kibana
  • How to create and manage Kibana index patterns
  • ELK stack fundamentals
  • How to use Kibana Search Filters to get require data
  • How to use Kibana Visualizations and to create dashboards
You will also get an overview of how to interact with Elasticsearch by using Console and how to use Timelion to do time series analysis of data.

In addition to this, I have added a separate section of an Elasticsearch which helps students to understand basics of an Elasticsearch such as its features, Terms and Aggregations along with its Installation procedure.
To help students for understanding how the data indexing is happened in Elasticsearch, I have added lecture which contain overview of preconfigured Logstash configuration file.
Along with theory part, I have covered practical stuffs performed in the demo machine so that students can try out and understand various course topics better.

Kibana is data exploration and analytics tool of ELK stack. ELK stack is Log Management Platform and a collection of three open-source products Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana. All three products are maintained by Elastic Company Company.
Elasticsearch is a NoSQL database; Logstash is a log pipeline tool used to export normalized data to Elasticsearch and Kibana is a visualization layer that works on the top of Elasticsearch.
Kibana seamlessly integrates with Elasticsearch and provides very effective Visualizations options such as charts, maps, data tables, metric etc. to visualize data. It can be used as handy web interface to setup various business use cases such as Logs and Time series analysis of data, Application monitoring, Business intelligence, Anomaly Detection, Operations intelligence etc.
Data indexing is done by Elasticsearch itself and through Kibana you can visualize it.
Even if you have multiple indices in your single Elasticsearch instance, Kibana can work with them seamlessly.

1. Powerful Visualization Capabilities:
Kibana is a powerful visualisation tool that is integrated with Elasticsearch and allows you to create meaningful graphs and charts by making full use of Elasticsearch's aggregation functionality. By using Kibana Visualizations, it will be very easier for you to lookup connections and correlations between data. Furthermore, you can create Dashboards to put all required visualizations at once to perform statistical analysis of data.

2. Time Series Analysis of Data and Development Tools :
You can use Timelion to perform time series analysis on your Elasticsearch data. You can use its powerful and simple functions to search and visualize data.
By using development tools, you can directly interact with Elasticsearch through its powerful but simple REST API and process indexed data.

3. Huge Demand:
ELK stack is a technology through which you can setup variety of use cases of data mining such as log analytics, monitoring systems activity, anomaly detection etc. Due to its various capabilities, there is high demand for log analysis for each service and find where problem happens.

Will it be required having prior knowledge of Elasticsearch to enroll in this course?
No. this course covers a separate section of Elasticsearch which contains basic overview and some important fundamentals of Elasticsearch.

Who are you?
My Name is Shubham Shah. I am having 5 years on an experience in Network and Information Security domain in India. I am working as an analyst in Security Operations Center. I am having great experience in Log and Event management, UTM and SIEM device Management, Vulnerability Management, Linux Administration, Open Source Threat Intelligence and Many more.

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Please press the "Take This Course" button and start learning 2 minutes from now!Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to use Kibana (ELK stack) to create advanced visualizations (graphs and charts) and how to use Kibana for data exploration & analysis

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Ivan Westen

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Hi Guys,
I am Shubham Shah. I have been Working as an Analyst in Security Operations Center in India. I am having five years of experience in Network and Information Security Domain.
My experience includes working with Various Security Devices such as Unified Threat Management, Firewall, SIEM; Log Management and Correlation, Linux Administration, Open Source Threat Intelligence, Vulnerability Management, Network Forensics and many more.



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The teacher Indian accent is rocky, the automated subtitles are terrible. The course is so far general information read from slides and I haven't started learning the substance I'm looking for.

It is tough to follow, but the material is very useful for a basic understanding of Kibana.

The video is so terrible and disappointing. The lecture is really hard to understand.

Good overview of Elk stack, covering installation and features. The course is mostly focused on teaching how to use Kibana, so if you want a complete Elk course, you might want to look elsewhere. But for in depth Kibana lessons, this was a fine course. Thanks Shubham.

Best Kibana specific course I know of. Liked it.

This is Just good fit as Introductory course but lacks in Quality and parcticals.

I would like it was more advanced.

Installing programs without assistance. Aweful lecturer to listen too. Not nearly enough excitement about the actual content.

Needs more practical exercises

You can improve the video, its always burrr..... Unable to follow the installation

I wanted in see how we can install elasticsearch in window machine which is missing. Also, the screen is blur for most of the time

udio e processamento da linguagem muito ruins. tive que desistir.