Learn To Make Epic Low Poly Scenes In Unity [Beginner] (Udemy.com)

Learn Easy Low Poly Modeling, Fundamentals, Color Theory, Lighting In Unity & Texturing Assets In Photoshop

Created by: Yume Neoui

Produced in 2022

What you will learn

  • Create beautiful worlds using Unity 2018 with the help of Maya 2018, Zbrush 4r7|4r8, & Photoshop.
  • You will have a fundamental understanding of Color Theory and Color Schemes.
  • Make a mass variety of particle effects in Unity.
  • Create color gradient palettes in Photoshop using different Color Scheme combinations.
  • Properly import and export models without any errors.
  • You will learn how to light scenes properly in Unity using different Color Schemes.
  • Work systematically fast in Maya, Zbrush, Photshop & Unity.

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Overall Score : 94 / 100

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Course Description

Watch the course's free preview videos before buying, especially the 1st one. The 1st video will show you how to save money and get the best savings especially if you are buying by bundles. Take advantage of this while it's still there.

In this course I will teach you how to create the Portal Green Scene. Keep in mind this course is targeted for beginner users in Maya, Zbrush, Unity & Photoshop. The purpose of this course is to get you guys used to the workflow and softwares first. This course will prepare you to the: Learn To Make Epic Low Poly Scenes In Unity Intermediate & Advance.

In this course, you will learn the following:
  • Organizing & Structured Planning
-You will learn how to plan out, structure, and manage your ideas so you can work efficiently.
-You will be expose to different art resources and game development community so not only me but other professionals can help you.
  • Model Efficiently in Maya 2018 and Zbrush 4r7 & 4r8
-You will learn the basics and workflow of modeling from Maya to Zbrush.
-You will learn how to freestyle, find your own art style & most specially enjoy working on your craft.
-Maya and Zbrush interface will be as familiar as your hands.
  • Color Theory & Color Schemes
-You will be profoundly familiar with the fundamentals of Color Theory and Color Schemes.
-You will learn how to effectively learn, remember everything you ever study, and most importantly achieve any goals you've set for yourself.
  • Create Gradient Textures
-Creating palettes and making color combinations will be one of your specialties.
  • Import/Export
-Having unclean import/export with a lot of errors will be a thing in the past.
  • Set Up Scene In Unity
-You will learn how to do level art and set up a scene in Unity.
  • Lighting Scenes In Unity
-With all the knowledge you've accumulated in Color Theory, lighting using different Color Schemes will make all your creations stunning and beautiful.
-We will light until the scene looks pretty (we are not building for any platforms in this course but we will do that on the intermediate course)
  • Unity Particle Effects
-You will learn how to create a mass variety of VFX (particle effects) in Unity that will elevate your scenes or game to the degree of a pro.

If you are a complete beginner don't worry, everything will be made from scratch and easy to understand. You don't need to be a senior artist or an expert to be able to achieve great results! Come join my class, I got your back.
See you there. :) Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who wants to learn Low Poly 3D Modeling
  • Anyone who needs a fundamental understanding of Color Theory
  • Anyone who wants to know how to light scenes using color schemes and color theory
  • Anyone who wants to learn Maya3D
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to make Palettes in Photoshop
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to make particles in Unity
  • Anyone who wants to learn Zbrush 4r7 and 4r8
  • Anyone who wants to learn Unity 2018

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Instructor Details

Yume Neoui

I've studied Game Development and my skills and specialties are very wide. Over the years all I've done is nothing but learn so expect updated information and skills set everyday from me. I have modeled characters, design environments, digitally paint, built website at some point, rig, animate and "tons" more fun stuff. I'm not selfish in terms of sharing what I know that's why I teach. I like breaking down Ideas and finding the most efficient ways to execute my plans. I'm super chill as a person and I'm very simple. I know when to crack jokes and when to take things seriously so I can get something done. Enough of this bio stuff and let the knowledge and art speak for themselves.
My main website is my Patreon, you can find all infos and links there. Thanks.



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By Lider Seremeli on 4 weeks ago

such a lovely instructor. really a great course for beginners.

By Marty on a month ago

YOU CAN USE BLENDER. An absolute must buy if your interested in this topic. I was initially hesitant because it is only a ten hour course, but it is PACKED with information in an easy to digest way. She only uses Zbrush for the sculpting aspect of the course and blender can do all of that AND everything Maya can do. Just make sure you watch the 5 minute video under resources to learn how to set it up in blender. I will say this course is probably ever so slightly above an absolute beginner level only because she doesn't completely go into depth about the most basic fundamentals of 3d modelling or the interface. But you can easily figure out the very basics on YouTube.

By Luke S on 2 months ago

For me as a beginner in maya it's to fast explained.

By MacKie Charlotte on 2 months ago

This course was absolutely incredible!For one thing, Yume is a great teacher, she takes you by the hand and make you do things you didn't know you could do.Secondly, I recommend this course, even if you already have some basis and especially if you're self-taugh in video games like me. Yume's organisation and methodic approach make me more comfortable and helped me settle my workflow.Finally, Yume is funny and Unity is her kingdom. She tries hard to make things as clear as possible and she achieve it!Thanks Yume! See you in the intermediate course!

By Corey Schaf on 5 months ago

This course is excellent. It not only clearly explains how to use the various pieces of software together but it also emphasis other key skills such as color theory and design.

By Jesus Garcia on 9 months ago

One of the best courses I have found here in Udemy. First of all on every section there is a fast and attractive introduction explaining what you are going to learn. The way she explains is fun and right to the point making the whole course easy to follow. Also, the tutor addresses few topics, explaining theory that would be helpful to anyone who is involved in the design field, beginners or non-beginners, making the course very complete.

By Jonathan Christ on 10 months ago

This course was truly amazing, i learned a lot and i am really looking forward to the intermediate and advanced courses.What i liked:She really knows her stuff and shows very good methods and especially a solid workflow for creating a complete environment from scratch.I have already been creating some (probably bad) stuff before but i was never able to finish them completely with a satisfying result. I was simply missing quite a few steps and know-how. It took me a bit to finish this course (on top of a regular life haha) and it was worth every second.What might be improved:Honestly, i don't have any complaints.Some parts are of course repetitive, but that was intentional and i totally agree with her that it's necessary, in order to establish an efficient workflow in the long run. She also introduced variations in her methods to keep it interesting. Maybe you might not like one part as much as the others, like maybe you prefer modeling to texturing or something. So if you are taking the course or planning on it, i really recommend pushing through those parts anyway because it's definitely worth it once you have the final result.It doesn't really have anything to do with the course or the teacher and it's something that can't be avoided in development, so that's why i don't have any complaints really :)Thanks a lot to the teacher for this great course! :)

By Roy Bennett on 11 months ago

Following this course you'll receive a gentle approach towards learning how to work in ZBrush, Maya and Unity. As well as how to properly organize and prepare yourself with a work flow for which assets need to be modeled, what VFX are required and etc.This is a great beginners course with a fun instructor that keeps you engaged and enjoying the learning process. I highly recommend this for anyone interested in 3D Art, Modeling, Maya, ZBrush and Unity! Thanks Yume!

By Daniel McKinley on 5 months ago

I already know how to gather reference material, I don't think it's necessary to dedicate 10 minutes to this.

By Nathan Salla on 11 months ago

This was a great "hit-the-ground-running" course. Yume Neoui was fun and professional in her informative and well-designed course of Epic Low Poly Fantasy Portal Creation. It really felt like just the right amount of time was spent on everything from organizing your folders all the way to the finished product. I have already purchased the second course and if the quality of that is as good as this one I will definitely keep moving forward with her other courses as well. Great job - thanks for being an instructor!

By George on 10 months ago

quite fit

By Anonymized User on 11 months ago

This course is really Good for anyone who wants to begin or improve in enviroment aert or world building and learn new thing plus the bonus of how to install maya,zbrush,photoshop and discord.