Sketch 3 - New Guide To iOS 8 Mobile App Design (2015) (

From zero to PRO: UI UX MASTERCLASS to learn DESIGN by DOING! Create the YouTube Mobile App & 20+ icons with Sketch 3

Created by: UKILLIT Design

Produced in 2015

What you will learn

  • Build an application like a PRO
  • Draw UI icons from scratch
  • Set up your files like a professional
  • Properly export assets for all iPhone models

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Overall Score : 96 / 100

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Course Description

Last Updates Jan 20 : Added 6 New Lessons On Colours & Colour Schemes Jan 19 : Added 16 New Video Lessons About Icons
Launched on January 2015 Learn to Design Mobile iOS 8 Apps Like a PRO TRY IT NOW! No risk thanks to Udemy's 30 days money back guarantee
100% PRACTICE - NO FRILLS This masterclass focuses on teaching you high value and relevant content that will help you to design a mobile app.
HIGH VALUE FOR MONEY - 30 detailed video lessons - 30 icon design video tutorials - All Sketch files available for download
MAKE YOUR APP IDEA COME TRUE and EVEN START FREELANCING You already saw tons of great videos about the basics of Sketch 3. You downloaded lots of great freebies. You also found videos about how to create a super basic app. We decided to bring you something more valuable: 1. Recreate a real-word PRO app 2. Keep your layers and groups well organised 3. Properly use Shared Styles, Text Styles and Symbols 4. Design all the icons needed in the project 5. Learn the most effectively way to deploy your assets and guidelines to your developer
WHY SKETCH 3 and not ADOBE PHOTOSHOP or ILLUSTRATOR? Sketch 3 is a modern and hyper successful vectorial app used by top designers at Google, Dropbox, Twitter, Facebook and many other famous tech companies and small startups. Sketch 3 has an high quality fast growing community of talented designers and as of now it is considered the best choice from top designers worldwide. While Photoshop and Illustrator are amazing tools, they was created for other purposes, and then used for UI and UX design. This makes them more complicated to learn and sometimes less effective (e.g. when exporting assets or when managing projects with lots of screens and assets). Whether you are completely new to app design or just want to switch from Adobe, Sketch 3 is probably the best app to learn at the moment. Check out bohemiancoding website for more info Who this course is for:
  • You should take this course if you want to learn HOW TO WORK LIKE A PRO

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UKILLIT is on online place to learn app design, designed for beginners and intermediates and focusing on Sketch 3 from BohemianCoding mainly
Hope you enjoy my courses :)
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?I love this course.

I would prefer more details on the development side: exporting assets, style sheets etc but its a great course all round.

Really worth taking this course, Author gives us a chance to try what he is going to design so that we can learn on our own too. Production quality is really greatHighly recommended!, Thank you Mr. Marco

There are a couple of Sketch courses that I really like and this is one of them for sure. Complete coverage of all of the basics but really goes deep into both features and applies them to every area of app design. The nice thing is that there is always great new content. This is a course you'll be coming back to for a long time.

In this course you learn exactly what you need in order to understand sketch and be able to make the design, icons etc. for an application with it. Sketch in itself is very accessible - at least in comparison with such leviathans as adobe illustrator. Ron follows the making of the app in full detail. He starts a little unorthodox without a great intro and all the rest. It is a live scenario including the train of thought of the author. Ron comments on his design preferences and on how he likes to do things with sketch. The way he introduces sketch gives you enough knowledge to dig deeper and find all the hidden jewels of this great application. If something does not work as you expect or if you do not find a file in the Ron's downloads folder, he will answer and assist you.

je suis trs impressionn

Told me what I needed to know. Well done

everything clear ! I like