Do It Yourself Branding & Graphic Design for Non-Designers (

Design Your Own Logo, Business Cards, Letterhead, Social Media Graphics, Brand Assets, Marketing & Ads Using Canva.

Created by: Lindsay Marsh

Produced in 2022

What you will learn

  • You will know how to create your own logo, branded assets, marketing materials, letterhead, business cards and social media graphics
  • Will know how to use your brand and branded assets to create anything needed for your business
  • Be very comfortable using Canva by the end of this course
  • Understand solid design principles like layout, font pairing and know a little color theory too and how to maximize color to increase effectiveness in ads and graphics
  • Be able to have a direct influence on your brand creation by doing it yourself

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Course Description

Are you a new start up? A small business needing a logo and branded assets like letterheads, business cards and social media ads? A freelance business wanting to develop a personal brand, but your not a graphic designer or do not want to pay thousands or to get these assets created?
This course is an intimate and detailed guide through developing your entire brand including the creation of your logo and branded color palette and fonts that we will then use to create business cards, letterheads and social media graphics of all shapes and sizes.
You will follow me as I develop a personal brand for my freelance business. I will show you every detail and the WHY behind certain choices, there is a specific marketing tactic, reason and logic behind choices. You will also learn through this detailed process how to properly layout and design using many different dimensions and sizes, learn how to work with social media posts, how to look professional and make solid design choices even if you know nothing about design when starting this course.
There is even a exclusive facebook student group where we create conversations together and support each other as we develop our brands. I will even hold challenges to help you start to create these branded assets and give you inspiration by seeing what other students are creating. That means you are not just buying a bunch of videos in a course, but a support system and access to me as a guide through this important process of developing your brand and brand assets.
We will use Canva as our DIY tool of choice because of it's easy access and ease of use. You do not need to know how to use Canva to feel comfortable taking this course. There is even a free version of Canva where you can still accomplish a lot talked about in this course.
So, ready to save thousands of dollars in design and marketing costs by doing it yourself? This can be a fun and enjoyable process, so let's learn together!

Who this course is for:
  • Small business owners wanting to avoid the high costs of creating a custom brand and branded assets and marketing materials
  • A freelancer wanting to learn how to develop their own personal brand and they do not have a design background
  • Start-ups who want to offset costs of getting their new ideas out there by doing their own marketing materials and branding
  • Those who are not comfortable with design or graphic design and want to learn how to do this on their own without having to learn a ton of design theory or hard to learn programs.
  • Those how enjoy learning by doing practical real world projects
  • Anyone wanting to "Do It Themselves" and have play a critical role in designing and creating their brand "look" and "Feel"
  • Those wanting to be in a community of other DIY business owners and freelancers wanting to take charge of their Brand creation

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Instructor Details

Lindsay Marsh

If anyone has questions about which course may work best for them, please feel free to contact or message me.
I have had many self-made titles over the years: Brand Manager, Digital Architect, Interactive Designer, Graphic Designer, Web Developer and Social Media Expert, to name a few. My name is Lindsay Marsh and I have been creating brand experiences for my clients for over 15 years. As a freelance graphic designer, I have worked on a wide variety of projects both in the digital and print space.
I have had the wonderful opportunity of taking classes at some of the top design schools in the world: Parsons at The New School, The Pratt Institute and NYU.
I have had the pleasure of teaching over 100,000+ students globally online. I have provided private tutoring in the the area of design and marketing for over 8 years. I am also now a certified Canva Certified Creative.
The thing I enjoy most of all about being a teacher is seeing my students flourish and to be able to start careers that are passionate and rewarding.
I have a Facebook group dedicated to helping my students thrive and start new freelance design businesses. I want to get to know my students personally and give them that one on one critique and advice that I think goes missing in the online teaching world.



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Een duidelijke en makkelijk te begrijpen video met reallife voorbeelden.

This course is what I've been looking for. I made the right choice.

Impressed with overview. Clean presentation. Like the background music. Very professional. Only just started course, but have high expectations.

Super informative! I followed along and made some pretty good first round drafts of my soon to be formed new home business venture.

If you are a non-designer, like me, this course is great!

This course was the perfect match for me. I feel like I can jump right in and design my logo. The idea for my logo was already there I just did not know how to pull it all together. Thank you for the great instruction on how to use Canva.

This is a perfect course for my interest. I am a follower and fan of Lindsay.

It was excellent for what I needed it for

Of Course This is not my First Canva course & I'm not a new User to Canva! Then I'd like to recommend to every one this course ! Cause this course instructor is very knowledgeable and well experienced with Graphic Design ! And that's why I purchased her three course!

This course was easy to follow and understand. I especially liked the way the instructor worked through the process and explained her decision making on the video segments. I'm very pleased and looking forward to other courses with this instructor!

Een duidelijke en makkelijk te begrijpen video met reallife voorbeelden.

This course is what I've been looking for. I made the right choice.