Make a Multiplayer Shooter in Unity (

Build an online multiplayer top-down shooter (Unity 2017.4 LTS)

Created by: Wilmer Lin

Produced in 2021

What you will learn

  • Create a multiplayer, networked game using Unity's Multiplayer Networking
  • Build a tank arena game with top-down shooter mechanics

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Overall Score : 94 / 100

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Course Description

Important Note: Unity has announced future de-support for Unity Networking (formerly known as UNET). However, these tutorials should continue to work using Unity 2017.4 LTS and still provide a solid background in networking concepts.
If you want to enroll in this course we recommend using 2017.4 LTS in order for the lectures to work properly.
In 2019, we expect to discontinue this course in preparations for alternate networking solution. A completely new course is currently in development. Please see the GameAcademy[dot]school blog for updates.
This is a short course designed to introduce you to Unity's Networked Multiplayer system.
In it, we'll create a small tank arena shooter where we introduce:
  • Unity's Multiplayer Networking High Level API (HLAPI)
  • NetworkIdentity and NetworkTransform, to
  • Remote Actions, such as Commands and ClientRPCs
  • SyncVars and SyncVar hooks
  • NetworkManager, and NetworkManagerHUD
  • NetworkStartPosition

We will learn how to make our simple player drive around an arena level and connect with more than one player over a network.
This is an introduction to networking concepts as well as several components specifically made for Unity Multiplayer Networking.
Note: this course is designed for Mac and PC standalone (Multiplayer over LAN Network) and does not cover mobile devices.

Who this course is for:
  • Developers with working knowledge of Unity 3D and C#
  • This is NOT a beginning course. Do not enroll in this course without some experience in Unity 3D and C#

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Instructor Details

Wilmer Lin

Wilmer Lin is a 3D and visual effects artist with over fifteen years of industry experience in film and television. He has trained tens of thousands students over the course of a decade.
Now an independent game developer and educator, Wilmer helps aspiring gamedevs learn technical art and the craft of programming, using Unity3D, Maya and Photoshop.



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By Diego Salinas on 3 months ago

Excelente instructor, buenas prcticas en todo lo que hace, explica todo paso por paso (a prueba de tontos) todo lo que realiza, espectacular curso.

By Bijianwu on 6 months ago

very good teaching method, easy to digest

By Mohaned on 9 months ago

99.99% of this course still working until now using Unity 2018.3.8f1amazing course learned every thing i needed to know about the online part of unity from the start until how to make the game accessible for any user around the worldlot of things i learned in this course i couldn't find them anywhere elseand also with great teacher he can explain very clear and very helpful all the time when i asked about anything he always answered very fast

By Harrison Hough on 11 months ago

Really great course for learning Unity and Networking using uNet. The instructor is very thorough in his explanations.

By Ivan Garcia Filho on 9 months ago

Completely outdated since Unity's new network system and multiplayer platform

By Quynh Le on 11 months ago

Clear and concise with very good information.

By James Davis on 3 years ago

If you want to learn how to create a network/Internet multiplayer game then this is the course to get you started. I learned a lot in this course and look forward to putting it to use on some other games I have in mind.Wilmer is an excellent instructor! Love the way he explains everything so you understand it and you have a fully functional game at the end! Bought both of his courses and will but the next!

By Jerry Rosemeyer on 3 years ago

some of the scripting needs to be explained in a simpler fashion for people who have not worked with quaternions and world space coordinates and such, a little more in depth thought process on the calculations

By Antonio Delgado on 2 years ago

10/10 Seriously, Wilmer is awesome. Buy everything he makes! Looking forward to his GO-inspired puzzle game. Make a TBS, Wilmer! Instabuy for me. Just finished the course and I feel like I really learned a ton about establishing a multiplayer game.

Great course. The author explained the concept of multiplayer game very clearly. Thanks!

By Bogdan Guranda on a year ago

It goes by small steps which is helping to keep motivation and momentum going, it's also easy to understand this way.It explains clearly and simple.Update (after finishing the course):I've been doing game programming for a while now, but never tried Unity, and I've picked this course to get me started with Unity and Unity Multiplayer in particular, and it worked perfectly.It's not too complex, Wilmer is explaining every step he's doing, and it's building on little steps which helps you feel in control of what you're doing and build upon a stable foundation in each lesson.I'm grateful for this course.You did a great job, thanks Wilmer!

By Jake Gillenwater on 2 years ago

This course goes at a reasonable speed. Lots of testing along the way so you can see how it all comes together. There isn't a lot of time spent showing you the wrong way of doing things, which I personally like, however, some time is spent doing this. The course gives you a good passing familiarity with unity networking, starting with local connections only, and finally concluding with using online servers for a full multiplayer experience. I would recommend this course to anyone interested in learning unity, especially if they are interested in making something with online multiplayer.Before starting this course, I had a limited exposure with PUN, and tried to dig through the API myself. After taking this course, I feel I have a much stronger understanding of not only unity networking, but PUN, and online multiplayer in general.