Affinity Photo: Beginner to Pro via Reference and Workflow (

Master Affinity Photo - the tools, the techniques and the methods!

Created by: Simon Foster

Produced in 2022

What you will learn

  • - be able to develop and enhance their photos in Affinity Photo
  • - choose from a variety of different techniques to enhance their photos
  • - choose from a variety of different workflows to enhance their photos

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Course Description

affinity photo Awards Best Paid Course

*Recently updated to cover the new features in Affinity Photo 1.7!*
'I've learned some of the tools with Affinity Photo, but how do I actually enhance an image, start to finish?'
That was the question I saw asked on the Affinity Photo forums. And I thought: 'Good point!' So here is a course designed with just that in mind. I'll take you through the development of a series of photos using a variety of workflows. We start with a simple workflow that's just right for beginners then move on to more advanced workflows as the course progresses.
But there's a problem. Learning the when and why of an effective workflow is all well and good. But if you have to learn the finer points of the tools at the same time, every tutorial will take forever and you may end up forgetting whether you are supposed to be learning a workflow or a tool. In short, it's hard to learn the tools when you're learning about the workflow and it's near impossible to learn about the workflow when you're learning about the tools.
So I've done both. This course is divided into two sections. You get hours of tutorials which cover various workflows and approaches to developing photos. But you also get a huge reference section which covers the various tools that Affinity Photo has to offer. If there's a tool I'm using in the workflow videos, there's a video explaining just that tool in the reference videos. Two ways to learn Affinity Photo. Reference and workflow.
*Update* - I study Udemy courses myself and it struck me how much time I spend making notes I can refer to. I estimate it increases my study time by a factor of at least 4. So I've made notes for you! The second lecture of this series has an extra resource - a downloadable 50+ page PDF with a table of contents plus an index. This PDF contains notes based directly upon the Affinity Photo courses I offer. Bullet points, screen shots, tips - they are all there and you can keep the PDF and refer to it whenever you want. This should save you dozens of hours of note taking.
We'll take a series of photos through every step needed to bring them to a final, polished state. I'll take you through every stage and explain why we are doing things in a particular order. I've given you all the images used on the course to follow along with. I'll show you problems that can crop up and what do about them. I'll even show you how to use third party plug ins from the Nik Collection to create incredible effects.
By the end of the course you will have seen and followed along with various effective workflows, start to finish. You will gain the confidence to tackle your own images, be able to select which workflow suits the photo best, and one day soon you may well be looking at one of your own photos which you've enhanced, and thinking 'That looks fantastic! I did that...'
Who this course is for:
  • Beginners at photo editing
  • People who want to learn what the tools are in Affinity Photo
  • People who want to know when, in what order and why to use the tools in Affinity Photo
  • People who want to learn a workflow as well as the tools

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Instructor Details

Simon Foster

Simon Foster holds a degree in Educational Design from Manchester Metropolitan University, has been a designer for 25+ years, has run a successful design business for over 20, and was a teacher for 2 years. He has produced design work for clients from all over the world, including all the graphics for Rollercoaster Tycoon 1 and 2, various other games and apps, illustrating science books and providing design and illustration for clients ranging from doctors to top level business people, world class geneticists right through to local start up businesses.



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I've taken one of Simon's courses in the past. Same wit. Same clarity of thought and speech.I'm back for more :)

As usual a great course from Simon. Thank you!

Good explanations of the workflows for different images/areas of photography. Supplied material is helpful for practicing and understanding the workflows. The reference section covers the important functionality. A good course to make one begin using Affinity Photo with confidence. Thank you very much.

I would have expected how to import to be the start of the course. Also, many would not know what a histogram is or its use. Lastly, the "thirds" for composing and framing is the conventional "rule" which I emphatically find to be hokum.

He hecho el curso completo y me ha gustado mucho. Cubre prcticamente todas las reas.Todo se explica a base de ejemplos lo que hace que sea muy comprensible. Lo ms importante lo repite constantemente con lo que se te queda grabado.El hecho de que venga subtitulado en ingls puede venir muy bien a los que no dominen ese idioma. El problema es que yo tengo Affinity Photo en espaol y hay que aprenderse la traduccin de todos las herramientas y mens.Cuando has terminado el curso muchas veces hay que volver a ver algn vdeo para recordar cmo ha hecho alguna cosa o cmo ha utilizado una determinada herramienta. Echo en falta que no haya un ndice que te indique a que video ir para lograr el efecto que deseas hacer o utilizar la herramienta en la que tienes dudas, solo puedes buscar mirando los ttulos de los cursos como indicacin.Por lo dems estupendo. Gran profesor!He comprado tambin su curso Affinity Photo: Little box of tricks que seguro ser un buen complemento.

I was expecting a more easy course . I am very happy to be doing the courseI am learning a lot. I am very satisfied with the course I have just finished and I am now equipped to fully edit my photos. I will be doing some of the course lecture again

This course is amazing. I actually understood what he was teaching, by the way he was teaching it. Excellent instructor. Thank you. I will be listening to the other courses I have by you as well.

Excellent presentation. Very well explained and I really like the reference videos

Another outstanding set of tutorials and reference from Simon... well worth the time commitment, due to the depth and thoroughness of explanation... it proves a most valuable guide to the programme and the workflow needed to develop the quality of images, and build the skill sets needed to achieve outstanding results...

I'm taking the course to learn the details of Affinity Photo, I'm an experienced pro photographer, so I have a good background in editing. The instructor is doing a great job in explaining how to use the software - I'm very pleased with the way he's teaching the course.

execellent and easy to follow best second to none!!

Excellent course to learn Affinity Photo. The reference videos are a great support to the workflow videos.