Affinity Photo: Raw Image Development (

Use Affinity Photo's Develop Persona to Enhance Raw Images

Created by: Simon Foster

Produced in 2018

What you will learn

  • Develop Raw files in Affinity Photo
  • Know what a Raw file is
  • Know the advantages and problems associated with Raw files

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Course Description

Developing a RAW image means taking your photos to the next level. Developing it with Affinity Photo means access to all the powerful tools Serif have given us. But why exactly does a RAW file offer so much more than a jpeg? Why can you do certain things with it but not others? Why does it look so... bad at first? Aimed at newcomers to RAW processing, this course, with over 3.5 hours of content, gives you the knowledge you need to take your photos to the next level. Theory, explanation of all the major tools, and 10 extra develop videos (with the RAW files supplied to you for practice) that take you though different workflows. By the end you will know what a RAW file is, what you can, should and shouldn't do with it, and whats more; you'll be able to tackle RAW files with confidence.Who this course is for:
  • People uncertain about the Develop persona in Affinity Photo
  • Newcomers to Raw file processing

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Instructor Details

Simon Foster

Simon Foster holds a degree in Educational Design from Manchester Metropolitan University, has been a designer for 25+ years, has run a successful design business for over 20, and was a teacher for 2 years. He has produced design work for clients from all over the world, including all the graphics for Rollercoaster Tycoon 1 and 2, various other games and apps, illustrating science books and providing design and illustration for clients ranging from doctors to top level business people, world class geneticists right through to local start up businesses.



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This was a very helpful course. There are so many adjustments you can make in Affinity RAW that it can be difficult to know where to start. I feel much more confident about working with it now.

This course helped me a lot, since I just started using raw files. Great job Simon!

yes, it has given me a much better idea about the various tools and how to tackle raw files

Yes, learning a lot about RAW files. Not finished the course yet so there is more to learn.Just finished. Really good course for those who are not familiar with RAW files. I intend to restart the course and look at it in more detail.

If your looking at six sliders in a row, don't show what numbers 1,2,5, and 6 do and simply ignore, without comment, numbers 3 and 4. Don't refer "back" to another course for clarification. It is only helpful to those who have completed the other course, and recently enough that the remember specific topics and actions. Also work to produce a good final image - you do a lot of "I'm just playing around to show you what the sliders do" which is not helpful for thse of us who are not "just playing around."

Very good course dealing with RAW files. Although using the PC version, much of the course is also relevant to the iPad app as well.

Good, however the gradient adjustment author makes to blue skies looks awful because of the sharp line. Should acknowledge this and show how to work with it better. A course on raw development with affinity needs the assistant feature fully explained. Overall, I am thankful for the information and glad I took the course. And I recommend this course to anyone starting to learn affinity. Thank you.

Well presented Simon, you make your courses interesting and informative. well done!

Thoroughly enjoyed this course and brilliantly explained. I have a couple of questions. This course has a new section added "The 1.5 Upgade is here". I am using version 1.7 so are there plans to show what is new in 1.7? I see in other courses by Simon that I have purchased that he has now included notes for 1.7. Am I expected to pay again for the same course to see the new notes? I have gone into the courses I have purchased but can't see new 1.7 new notes. Thank you again for a great course.

Enjoyed the "how" of RAW processing in Affinity that the author provides. A brief mention of the "why" concerning color, light, etc. would be helpful, though the author has other courses that go into this more.

Presentation of the material is superb. This is an excellent introduction to the technical aspects without the expectation that you already have a PhD in physics.

I'm a total novice when it comes to affinity photo so i found it very useful to learn the ins & outs of the develop persona, although there is one or two items on the tool bar a bit of info would have been useful to understand. ie snapping & the other boxes at the top right, overall very good.