Machine Learning with Python by Sentdex

Comprehensive Machine Learning series covering everything from linear regression to neural networks provided by a famous YouTube instructor, Sentdex. This tutorial features 72 videos, and it's ideal for learners that have a basic understanding of Python.

Created by: Harrison Kinsley

Produced in 2016

What you will learn

  • Use Titanic Dataset to learn K-Means and Mean Shift clustering algorithms
  • Predict stock prices using linear regression
  • Train a neural network to play the CartPole game
  • Build your own algorithms in Python from scratch
  • Get familiar with Kaggle Data Science Bowl competition
  • Use Scikit-Learn to apply algorithms
  • K-Nearest Neighbors and Support Vector Machine classification algorithms
  • Recurrent and Convolutional Neural Networks with TensorFlow
  • Theory and application of important Machine Learning concepts
  • Much, Much more!

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Overall Score : 92 / 100

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Course Description

machine learning Awards Best YouTube Tutorial

The objective of this course is to give you a holistic understanding of machine learning, covering theory, application, and inner workings of supervised, unsupervised, and deep learning algorithms.

In this series, we'll be covering linear regression, K Nearest Neighbors, Support Vector Machines (SVM), flat clustering, hierarchical clustering, and neural networks. For each major algorithm that we cover, we will discuss the high level intuitions of the algorithms and how they are logically meant to work. Next, we'll apply the algorithms in code using real world data sets along with a module, such as with Scikit-Learn. Finally, we'll be diving into the inner workings of each of the algorithms by recreating them in code, from scratch, ourselves, including all of the math involved.

This should give you a complete understanding of exactly how the algorithms work, how they can be tweaked, what advantages are, and what their disadvantages are.In order to follow along with the series, I suggest you have at the very least a basic understanding of Python. If you do not, I suggest you at least follow the Python 3 Basics tutorial until the module installation with pip tutorial. If you have a basic understanding of Python, and the willingness to learn/ask questions, you will be able to follow along here with no issues. Most of the machine learning algorithms are actually quite simple, since they need to be in order to scale to large datasets. Math involved is typically linear algebra, but I will do my best to still explain all of the math.

If you are confused/lost/curious about anything, ask in the comments section on YouTube, the community here, or by emailing me. You will also need Scikit-Learn and Pandas installed, along with others that we'll grab along the way.Machine learning was defined in 1959 by Arthur Samuel as the "field of study that gives computers the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed." This means imbuing knowledge to machines without hard-coding it.



    • In-depth tutorial covering many major topics of Machine Learning.
    • Great for beginners as well as intermediate level learners.
    • Interesting and knowledgeable instructor with practical approach to learning.
    • Requires foundational knowledge in data science and Python.

Instructor Details

Harrison Kinsley

Harrison Kinsley is a husband, runner, friend of all dogs, programmer, teacher, and entrepreneur. He likes to learn and build with technology. He is a founder of multiple businesses, all of which leverage the Python programming language. From using Flask web development on all of his business sites, to Scikit-Learn and Pandas for machine learning and data analysis with, to the Natural Language Toolkit for natural language processing with, to teaching a massive variety of Python programming topics on, Python and programming is a major part of his life and work.



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By Pasteurtran on 7/9/2017

Straight up, I really enjoyed Sentdex Machine Learning with Python course (by Harrison @Sentdex). You can find the course on Youtube, and on his website. I found it at a great introduction, especially the overall understanding and intuition.

By Gizquier2 on 10/2/2018

Sentdex no doubt about it is a guy with a gift. Sometimes goes to fast and assumes you can follow his path

By DigDugMcDig on 8/27/2017

I've gone through some of it and it is fast and may not go in depth on many topics after introducing them, but covers many many topics.

By willmendil on 9/21/2017

I have seen plenty of sites going over the basis, but Harrison does such an amazing job teaching about machine learning, natural language analysis, etc... in a interesting and well done way.

6 months ago I couldn't even write a single line of python code. Now, I've landed a high-paying summer internship in my ideal company working with deep learning, with the help of this series.

By Neetu Gupta on 9/15/2018

Just amazing....awesomely explained

By Lakpa Sherpa on 6/21/2017

Finally I found the best tutorial in Internet which I was searching for whole 6 months.Lucky to have ML course for free and easily.

Excellent and thank you for taking part in your valuable time to share your knowledge. Congratulations and continue to teach us more about this fascinating world of artificial intelligence.

By tekleyoutube on 3/15/2019

Thank you so much sentdex for all your helpful machine learning tutorial. Very handy tutorial and easy to understand.

By Josef R on 6/25/2016

very good videos, everything clearly explained

By Prashant Uppal on 5/6/2017

Great Content sentdex, I paid $$$$ for a data science course on a well known online edu enterprise, your content & practical approach is light year ahead!

By Zeeshan Taj on 3/15/2019

I had no programming background. I first learnt Python from your videos. Now moving towards ML, but the concepts in this series are really hard to digest.