Harrison Kinsley

Web Developer, Designer, and Teacher

Most Recent Review

Thanks sentdex! I'm just starting to explore machine learning and your tutorials are perfect.
- Review by Evan Freeman

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Instructor Bio

Harrison Kinsley is a husband, runner, friend of all dogs, programmer, teacher, and entrepreneur. He likes to learn and build with technology. He is a founder of multiple businesses, all of which leverage the Python programming language. From using Flask web development on all of his business sites, to Scikit-Learn and Pandas for machine learning and data analysis with Ensmo.com, to the Natural Language Toolkit for natural language processing with Sentdex.com, to teaching a massive variety of Python programming topics on PythonProgramming.net, Python and programming is a major part of his life and work.

Harrison Kinsley's Core Subjects

  • artificial intelligence
  • data science
  • javascript
  • machine learning