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Web Developer, Designer, and Teacher

No matter where and whom you take your lessons from, you will always have to do all the hard work yourself.
You have to spend time and efforts learning, understanding, memorizing and practicing new knowledge. This is NO short-cut here.
But a good course can show the best route and help you avoid traps and detours. You can achieve maximum productivity from your time and efforts.
Based on user feedback, tech development, and our new thoughts and inspirations, we will keep adding new contents and improving existing ones.

We will cover basics as well as advanced applications. You will learn smart and creative tech combinations as well.
Web development has been a popular area for years. The internet has accumulated tons of free tutoring videos and materials.
Even if you are stuck with questions you cannot solve, just post them on stackoverflow, you will have your answers within a few minutes.
With all the free tutoring materials and teachers, what is the point of creating this paid online course?
It depends on what you really want.
If you just want to have a rough idea of how web apps work and create some basic programs, then there is really no need for you to pay for any courses. Free internet information is more than enough to meet your demands.
If you want to be able to turn your design and idea into programs that are safe and efficient enough to be applied in real life and solve all kinds of challenge, then this course is perfect for

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till now i have not completed major partand the concepts are delivered very clearly
- Review by Rasika Sonawane

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