Bill Perkins

Painter, draftsman, art director

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Instructor Bio

Bill Perkins is a fine artist specializing in drawing and painting. During the last 26 years Bill has worked in the animation and film industry on over 30 films, TV shows, DVDs, short films, and video games. His involvement has ranged from art director, production designer, visual development, layout artist, to storyboard artist. He began his film career as a layout artist at Walt Disney Feature Animation on Oliver and Co. and continued on a string of hits Including: Little Mermaid, and Beauty and the Beast, and lead layout on the critically acclaimed Rescuers Down Under. As art director on Aladdin, Bill developed the first comprehensive style guide to unify the drawing style of the environments and characters, and solidify the overall continuity of the film. He has since worked on numerous other projects for Warner bros, DreamWorks and ILM.

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  • drawing