Gordon Zhu

Software Engineer and Founder at Watch and Code

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Before I started out I had some experience with JavaScript, I knew about jQuery when I finished I understood the language, JavaScript is a awesome language, it can be little bit overwhelming at first, what I found was that I needed to experiment with everything that was taught, I did things the hard way at first, using forEach for things that were simple to do with JavaScript. The course is hard for some people because they just "watch and code" they don't experiment. I stayed up nights messing with faulty code, trying to get things to work on my own before moving on to the tutorial and following Gordon. Cannot recommend this course enough 5/5 :)
- Review by Michael

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Instructor Bio

Before starting watchandcode.com in 2014, Gordon was at Google, where he developed AngularJS applications for the engineering education team. During his four years at Google, He also worked as a product manager on Maps and did marketing for AdWords and TalkBin (a YCombinator company Google acquired in 2011).

Instructor Background

  • University: The Wharton School
  • Degree: BSEconomics, Management (2006 - 2010)

Gordon Zhu's Core Subjects

  • javascript

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"Gordon Zhu is the teacher and former Google employee who breaks down javascript better than any other resource I have found.The big take aways for why I think his resource is worth while is because he doesnt just throw you to the wolves. He breaks down wh"