JavaScript Variables Lifecycles (

What you'll learnExplain difference between global scope, function scope and block scopeUnderstand how variables declared using "var" behaveExplain difference between "let" and "const"Practice different variables declarations typesUnderstand two JavaScript Engine Phases - "Compilation" and "Execution"Deeply understand variables lifecycle phases for variables declared using "var", "let" and "const"Explain lifecycle phases for the undeclared variablesUnderstand lifecycle of the functionPractice and understand most important variables usage guidelines

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Produced in 2018

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Course Description

DescriptionDo you want to understand real difference between different types of variables in JavaScript?Understand different types of scopes?Want easily explain what is hoisting?What about closures?In this course I will dive deep into the JavaScript and explain you what happens under the hood when you declare any variable or function. You will understand what happens on the "Compilation" and "Execution" phases in JavaScript Engine.I will make explain you what is variable declaration, initialization and assignment that are all-together called Variable Lifecycle Phases.We will also focus in this course on the Variables Usage Guidelines:Make Code clear and readable for othersAlways declare variables before first usageAlways use "use strict" globallyDon't expose to the outer scopes local variablesYou will also get several practical exercises where you will need to apply gain knowledge about different variables, hoisting, scopes and closures.All exercises and code samples are available as Git repository.Hope to see you onboard!Who this course is for:JavaScript developersFront-end developersFull-stack developers

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Bogdan Stashchuk

Experienced instructor with great practical background.

I teach complex stuff in easy step-by-step manner.

All my courses include practical exercises which allow you to follow me from the start of any course till the end. You will perform all tasks the same way I will do in my video lectures. Also you will get a lot of challenges to solve yourself. Of course we will discuss solution of each challenge together.

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By name': 'Sunil Appu on 5/31/2019

so far so good..gained the knowledge. Thank you!

By Eugen Pascal on 3/28/2019

Very well organized.

By Atul Kumar Sharma on 3/21/2019

I find this course very helpful in understanding basics of JS.

By Maruf Ahmed on 1/25/2019

Good explanation with execellent example.\nBest to know the fundament.

By Denver B on 12/8/2018

The biggest distraction is the use of ''declear''/''decleared'' instead of the correct words ''declare''/''declared''.

Thank you for good explanation of js variables life cycles and all related staff! :)

By Mohamed Atef on 11/17/2018

It's a good course

By Mark Karnaukh on 10/27/2018

Thank you for good explaination of js variables lifecycles and all related staff! :)

By Edward Palen on 9/28/2018

Muy buen contenido y bien explicado.

By Joseph Murphy on 9/27/2018

Outstanding course!