Instructor Borislav Borisov

Borislav Borisov

Web Developer, Designer, and Teacher

Experience as Developer
I started with programming back in days when I got accepted in Technical School Of Electronic Systems, Major Software Development. We were programing in C, and C++, Java and Delphi. I have always wanted to make my horizons bigger and learn more languages so I never stopped learning. When I graduated I started working as .NET developer, mainly writing APIs for our front end developers working with EmberJS.
I wanted to improve my skills so I got introduced to Laravel framework and felt in love immediately. Same happened with VueJS. So far I have been doing freelance Full Stack development and I really enjoy it.
From the beginning of 2017 I have new passion - cryptocurrencies. I am writing decentralized applications with Solidity and trying to follow best practices while doing so.

Experience as Instructor
I have been mentor on many hackatons and I always received great feedback. I love when I teach people something and can see ideas and parks in their eyes - inspiring people is both hard and easy job - because you need to lead by example.

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The course is well structured, step by step explanation and instructor speaks right on the point. I learned how to connect Ethereum smart contract with VueJS. I recommend taking this course for everybody that is into decentralized applications!
- Review by Galina Mihaylova

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  • Ethereum and Solidity: Build Dapp with VueJS(2018)

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