CS121 Learn JavaScript Programming (Udemy.com)

JavaScript - Object Oriented Programming made ridiculously easy

Created by: Andrew Schlegel

Produced in 2016

What you will learn

  • Perform basic programming concepts and prepare for an interview for a career as a programmer.
  • Students will be introduced to Objected Oriented Programming using my Advanced refined teaching techniques.

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Course Description

This is a first programming course at the University level. It is similar to programming courses that I teach at the City University of Seattle. I have over 20 years programming experience but more importantly I teach multiple programming courses at the University Level. I am a professional at teaching people to program. I know what questions and problems students will have before they even know themselves. I have designed the course to take you straight through the most difficult programming concepts and the student never even knew it was a difficult topic. However with my vast industry programming experience I also know what you need to know for a successful programming career position. So join the course today and start your exciting programming career. Who this course is for:
  • JavaScript for Everybody who wants to learn to code
  • Anyone that wants to learn or improve JavaScript with the goal of landing a position programming with JavaScript

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Instructor Details

Andrew Schlegel

Currently I teach Programming / Networking and Network Security Courses at The City University of Seattle and DeVry University. I have a Masters of Science in Electrical Engineering and a Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering. In addition to consulting I am also pursuing a graduate program in Network System Security at the University of Washington.
I have worked 20 years as an Electrical Computer and Network Engineer. I have designed Networks RADAR and satellite for the the US military. RF and Antenna test ranges for the F-22, GPS3 and Toyota. I have designed projects in the US, JAPAN, AUSTRIA and BRAZIL.
Recent ongoing Education:
University of Michigan: Completed 5 course certification. Programming in Python.
University of California SD: Completed 5 course certification. Programing Java Programming
Current Certifications: CCNP R&S, CCNP Wireless, CCNA R&S, CCNA Wireless, CCNA Voice, CCNA Security, MCSA, CWNP, CWDP, CWNA, CCENT Aruba ACMA
Many years programming experience using:
Basic, Fortran, C, C++, C#, Java, PHP, Python, Matlab



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doing mistakes during the presentation. I was expecting that the content has been prepared before

Previous JS experience, I came for the OOP modules. Reviewed the first three sections to make certain there wasn't anything about ES6 that I didn't want to miss. Only thing I saw was const and LET variables. The OOP material begins with prototypes and progress through classes. The instructor does a good job of building up the material in a logical manner. Since I am not a beginner I was a bit impatient and it was frustrating to watch the video and wait for an error to be found as I could usually see it right away. Then again, I wasn't talking and trying to teach at the same time. The instructor does a good job of leading through the problems, though. For beginners, I recommend taking your time, following closely, and doing all the exercises.

God helps the beginners who listen this course!This guy probably has the knowledge, but the course is very confusing. It's difficult to follow if you don't have any experience with JS. You get some knowledge at the end, but he doesn't know how to explain it!

Excellent to learn OOP.

Andrew spent time with me offline to help with some Objects in programming. Great course!

explanation is understandable but very busy to follow the videono answer to the question yet-- I have still two questions not yet answered(14days and 3days before). One was resolved by myself. Another is still waiting for answere.

Sloppy presentation - seems to have been done on the fly. The instructor makes typos, forgets what he's talking about, forgets what the subject of the lesson is. He's always scrolling up and down searching for bits of code which he then realises isn't quite what he wanted.Disorganised content. No clear separation of what is ECMA5 and what is ECMA6. No 'real-world' content - everything ends up in console.log.Very little content. A typical lesson lasts around 15 minutes. About 5 minutes of this is actual content. The rest is needless repetition of absolutely obvious things, the formerly mentioned scrolling up and down in search of code snippets (or jumping from browser window to browser window in search of help).Any less obvious things (such as when to declare a function as e.g. function name (parameters) or var name = function(parameters) is simply ignored - I don't think the instructor even notices that he's switched methods from one video to the next (and often within the same video).At the end of the 'classes' section he says 'See you in the next video'. There is no next video!!No response to comments/questions.I could go on...

I have to watch in 2x, and mostly the content is very basic. I have a high expectation when a course is named object oriented javascript. This course is good for those who don't know javascript.

Great course for beginners!!

Good explanations and slow enough to understand. Having been through some of this already it is only review.

Excellent a little detailed at the start but the OOP is good.

This part was explained in a good way