Fahir Mehovic

Web Developer, Designer, and Teacher

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Instructor Bio

Fahir is founder and owner of Awesome Tuts, a website he dedicated for teaching people how to code and how to make games. He is certified Android And Java Developer, but his passion is creating games and making apps. Fahir has more than 3 years of programming experience and has created over 15 apps to date. He has also more than 2 years of teaching experience so he knows what students what to learn and how they want to learn. In his courses you can expect a practical approach in teaching, that means he creates projects rather then explaining this is used for this, and this is used for that. By using practical approach he can teach people how to code by creating a real world application that you can publish for production.

Fahir Mehovic's Core Subjects

  • unity
  • unreal engine
  • game development fundamentals