iOS 12 & Swift 5 - App Design, UI/UX plus Development (

The three-in-one course that teaches app design, UI/UX and iOS development. Includes Sketch and Figma.

Created by: Gwinyai Nyatsoka

Produced in 2022

What you will learn

  • Design app assets, icons and logos from scratch.
  • Design wireframes, mockups and prototypes.
  • Build aesthetic, clean and beautiful iOS apps that stand out on the app store.
  • Apply animation and motion based design to bring interactivity to your app.
  • Become an all-in-one UI/UX designer and iOS developer.
  • Understand the thinking and principles behind great user experience and app design.
  • Create custom controls that supercharge your UI.
  • Learn how to build custom UI components and never rely on overused libraries.

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Overall Score : 96 / 100

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Course Description

Welcome to the course that will take you from app design to code. This is a three-in-one course aimed at helping you master app design, UI/UX and iOS app development from absolute beginner to advanced professional.
The top iOS apps clearly set themselves apart from all the rest with amazing user interfaces and modern user experience design. We see them featured on the iOS App Store and as winners of Apple's Design Awards. This simply means that app design and UI/UX are key factors for successful apps. But surprisingly, traditional iOS courses only go as far as teaching you how to build apps with nothing on app design and UI/UX. This course is different in that it goes well beyond just teaching you how to code.This course includes app design and UI/UX to help you build the kind of apps that stand out on the App Store.
We will cover how to use app design tools like Sketch and Figma to create app assets, icons, logos, wireframes, mockups and prototypes. We will learn essential UI/UX principles such as usability testing, user journey mapping, motion design, micro-interactions, typography and much more. We will also master iOS development to bring our app design to code and build over 20 different apps along the way.
What kind of improvements to your app can you expect by the end of this course? A recent study by Forrester Research concluded a well designed user interface could raise conversion rates by up to 200% and a better UX design could raise conversion rates up to 400%. Clearly, learning app design and UI/UX is well worth the effort. It just might be what makes or breaks your app.
This course is perfect for app designers who would like to learn how to code and app developers who would like to learn how to design. If you are an absolute beginner in both design and code you are still in the right place. This course starts by assuming you have never designed or coded before and builds up at a comfortable pace before getting into more advanced topics.
The trick to really mastering design or code is practice and this course recognises that. All our app designs will be created from scratch and our apps will be coded line by line without any help from libraries. Plus, there are dozens of quizzes and challenges to reinforce everything we learn. For more enthusiastic learners, there are further reading topics and bonus articles to help you go beyond this course's main curriculum.
All the tools we use in this course are free. Sketch is the only exception to this because Sketch requires a paid license to use. If you cannot afford Sketch then that's no problem! This course includes Figma as an alternative to Sketch and Figma is free. We will cover the same topics in Figma as we do Sketch so there's nothing you will miss. If you are feeling like taking on an extra challenge, you are more than welcome to master both Sketch and Figma!
I certainly hope to see you around in this course where we have quite the journey ahead of us. Let's get started with mastering app design, UI/UX and iOS development!Who this course is for:
  • iOS developers who would like to learn how to both design and code.
  • Graphic or UI/UX designers who would like to learn how to bring their app designs to code.
  • iOS developers looking to learn how to design great looking apps that also deliver incredible user experience.

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Instructor Details

Gwinyai Nyatsoka

I work as a director of a digital media agency. Over the years, I have learnt that to keep up with a fast changing and ever competitive environment, it's best to keep up with new trends. This has helped push me into building everything from apps, games and even websites.
I have recently taken up teaching because I would like to share my passion for code. I believe I can provide students with an edge based off my personal experience working with real clients. I aim to offer real world and practical development skills in the courses I teach.



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This course is awesome!

This is the best course you will ever get on udemy for IOS Development, He has real time experience, he patiently go through all fundamentals required like designing, wire framing, mock ups before jump into core. I saw(Actually bought it) one course for IOS development which have around 80k people joined, but I regret it later and get refunded. don't follow mASSES. somehow I discovered this course. I am totally happy.

It is a great experience. I love the course and I believe that it was well taught and the concepts were well expained.

Amazing course. The author does a fantastic job of introducing theory followed up with a chance to apply it in well thought out mini applications. The Instagram Clone project alone was well worth the course. I really appreciated the extensive coverage of design concepts, sketch, swift, networking, sending/receiving data locally/remotely, ca layers, core animations and on. I haven't seen a more comprehensive course. I found the author to be pretty responsive in answering questions that surfaced as I worked through the course as well. Good luck.

I just finished the design part. Which was good. There are boring part and interesting parts, but I believe that you can't make everything interesting and theory is usually one of the boring parts of any course.Every lesson is clear without bambmling. As a total beginner to design and IOS I'm perfectly comfortable with the pace and explanation.

Very valuable content being taught, the knowledge of UI/UX is must for every developer and very nice and in depth explanation. I really appreciate the instructor for bringing this course.

I Can't say enough about how good this course and the instructor is. Gwinyai is always available, really patient!! and guides and mentors with great clarity.As is the case with alot of similar courses, one drinks from a firehose when starting out. If you persist, focus on detail and syntax discipline....accept that method and function complexity is a constant learning process , you'll find this course to be super rewarding.

Absolute best instructor, I've never seen such a complete course on Udemy. The teacher takes us from zero level to a very comfortable place where you feel there is no gap in your knowledge. I like his rythme as well, not too fast and not too slow, allowing me to stay engaged throughout the course. The only thing I kind of regretted was that he didn't talk about TDD in swift and unit testing, but maybe it will be for the next course (or maybe in a bonus section?), because I find it a difficult topic and with his rigorous mind I'm sure I would have finally understood!Overall the best course on Udemy, I cannot recommend it enough!

The best iOS course that have ever seen on Udemy until now. I don't know HOW the teacher knows SO MUCH, but it is REALLY helpful for anyone who wants to learn how to develop iOS apps from beginning to advanced.I hope there will be more courses from this amazing person.Thanks Gwinyai Nyatsoka!

So far so good. Exactly what I needed to, cause it's not just showing how to use the program but it's full of information and rules about the design process.

Thorough, enjoyable

If you are interested to build an ios app starting from scratch? This is the course perfect for you. The instructor explains the design concepts very well.