Java Programming

This six-week online course was developed by the University of Helsinki. It mirrors the university class that covers the basics of computer programming, algorithms and object-oriented programming with Java. A follow-up six-week course is available upon completion of this introductory course.

Produced in 2013

What you will learn

  • Six unique tasks solved by Java programming.
  • How to set up and manage Integrated Development Environment (IDE).
  • Basics of Java syntax.
  • Basics of object-oriented programming.
  • Familiarity with NetBeans and IntelliJ.
  • Checking code viability with Test My Code.

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Overall Score : 96 / 100

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Course Description

java Awards Best Free Course

Welcome to the University of Helsinkis free massive open online course (MOOC) on programming! This is an updated version of our popular course Object-Oriented Programming with Java.

During this course, you will learn the basics of computer programming, along with algorithms and object-oriented programming through the Java programming language. The course includes comprehensive materials and plenty of programming exercises - all of which are tested using our automatic testing service Test My Code.

Anyone can join - no previous programming knowledge is required.

Unlike many programming courses found online, ours is completely unabridged; the courses scope and material are identical to our CS1 Introduction to Programming and Advanced Programming courses.

This is the first course in our computer science learning track, and we use industry-grade tooling from day one. As such, the course is about programming in a real integrated development environment (IDE) instead of a browser or an educational IDE.



    • Course is run by a university and includes certificates of achievement.
    • Beginner-friendly approach to Java and object-oriented programming. Absolutely no coding background is necessary.
    • Clear, manageable pace for first-time coders.
    • Additional six-week course is available upon completion for a deeper understanding of the covered concepts.
    • Program was originally crafted in Finnish and does offer minor language barriers in English.
    • Does not include community support expected with traditional massively online courses.
    • Much more time intensive than comparable courses.
    • Does not get beyond the most basic application of introductory concepts.



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By MARK on 5/8/2017

In short: highly recommended.This is not a computer science course, but it doesnt claim it is. It really is two (nearly) completely different courses. The first one is about learning Java syntax and semantics, and the second one is about object-oriented programming in general, and some intermediate Java-specific techniques, as well.Its also not a MOOC, making their URL ironic. Its online, and its open, and a lot of people take it, but its not Massive Open Online. It is an online textbook, and a very cleverly written code testing system. Youre on your own. Allegedly theres someone to answer your questions in a few hours on IRC, but IRC users wont really need the help, and answers to emails might take a few days, but again, youll almost certainly be past that week by the time you get an answer. Theres no online community, no forums, no helping each other. Its an online textbook, an IDE, and nothing else.(As theres no video of anybody reading the book or walking your through its examples, it strongly parallels Open University modules without the support. If youre looking for the perfect module to taste what online study is like, this is it. Imagine this course, but eight months long instead of a few weeks.)Part I is a tutorial for basic Java usage, and is brilliant. Its quick, its informative, its very accessible. It took me a week in my spare time, and was blown away at how quickly I picked up the skills with how they were taught.

By SoulSyn on 8/10/2018

I think that this, in my personal experience was the best learning experience when it comes to programming. The course is so well developed that I think anyone who wants to learn Java or OOP in general should definitely follow this course.The Good:The course doesn't require you to be a genius or even have had previous coding experience.Concise and thorough explanation of concepts and if you require more information there is usually a linked oracle or wiki page with more info.A plethora of exercises that hardens concepts taught in lessons.Along with the exercises there is even an IDE plugin that will check your code and reward you points based on the completion of the task. Makes you feel like you are learning and also playing a game sort of.If you are running tests and your code encounters an error, the IDE will give you a hint as to what is wrong.

By blackiechan99 on 7/16/2018

I knew that the Java MOOC was one of the best resources to learn, but I didn't realize how hard it was at times. Some of the questions asked (like factorials, sum of the powers, etc) that were based around easy concepts like while loops were challenging, and I found myself having to go to Github for the solution.It definitely kicks my ass, and even though I feel discouraged at times, I know I'll come out better for it. Highly recommend!

By [deleted] on 7/16/2018

I honestly owe MOOC for helping me get through courses in my degree.It introduced me to programming and taught me the fundamentals so well that I was comfortable in learning the harder concepts due to the strong understanding of fundamentals the course taught me.I know without a doubt I would have struggled a lot more if I had started my degree without having used it as a resource before starting.

By thesquarerootof1 on 7/16/2018

I think what makes MOOC so good is the repetitiveness and the "real world" applications it sort of gives us. I think what makes MOOC so effective is it makes us build muscle memory. I paid $1000 for my intro to comp sci 2 class at my uni (which is a tier 1 in the US) and this free online course taught it so much more better. It's a shame really.

By corybyu on 3/2/2015

This mooc is an excellent way to start learning Java, and gives a lot of great practice problems that help guide you to creating Java programs with good object-oriented programming practices. The course is available in Finnish or English. The translation is good for the most part, though there are a couple spots where the requirements feel a little unclear (especially in the second half of the course).The course lets you submit your problems, and it runs test to tell you which areas don't perform correctly. You can submit them as many times as you want, and can eventually get 100% on everything. It really helps you figure out the issues with your programs, and helps you start good habits for Java programming.

By Banjoanton on 12/10/2018

I must say nothing has actually come close to Java MOOC. I have so much good to say about it. It's challenging, makes you practice actually writing code, is easy to follow, corrects your code directly and is a FREE resource.I really do recommend this course for anyone interested in learning programming. Even if Java is not your first choice, it's great at teaching what OOP is, which is good to know in many other programming languages as well.

By 1not_working on 12/10/2018

I can agree with Java MOOC course, been doing it for a while, and it is truly amazing. I learned quite a bit from this course, it gives you good understanding of programming in general.

By Sigmund- on 10/5/2018

I learned Java at University, read books on it, watched courses, the Helsinki MOOC is far better then all of them because of the exercises. If you want to learn Java, just do it and don't worry how much time it takes.

By -zack- on 7/11/2018

I think biggest advantage to the courses are the projects and grading. Most other free courses that "grade" your work only look at single classes with a handful of methods and it usually only happens in your browser, so I've found being able to work in an actual IDE with objects and get feedback is really helpful with the course.

By AbhorDeities on 1/18/2019

That MOOC has been the single best learning resource that I've ever had in my life for programming. I have done a couple courses from Udemy, CS50, read books, freecodecamp, other courses on edx...nothing really compares to it in my opinion. There are like 200 exercises that you do that are graded. Before that course, I could understand some syntax; after that course, I really felt like I understood concepts.

By SneaKyGamErr on 1/19/2019

honestly the java MOOC is incredible! i have previous programming experience as well mostly front end stuff but classes are in java so decided to dedicate all my time to that.i've been using the MOOC to supplement my classes and i cannot express just how much it has helped me. learning things faster even then most in my class, understanding what the teacher is saying quicker, being able to tackle and complete exercises and exam's more easily and more!