Java Tutorial for Complete Beginners (

This Udemy course aims to take students with no prior knowledge through the initial lessons necessary to understand the essentials of Java programming. The knowledge is delivered through 74 lectures that take 16 hours to complete. John Purcell's free course is a great introduction into Java application development.

Created by: John Purcell

Produced in 2013

What you will learn

  • Java core concepts including variables, strings, loops and much more.
  • Java collections including ArrayList, sets, natural ordering and other important collections.
  • Source code for the examples and challenges in the course.
  • Supplemental resources to move beyond the beginning stages and advance your Java career.

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Overall Score : 88 / 100

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Course Description

Learn to program in the Java programming language. This course assumes no prior programming knowledge, just a desire to learn to program.



    • The introduction lessons are comprehensive. Every step is explained and easy to follow.
    • Algorithm-focused Java sets this course apart from most introductory courses.
    • Example-based lectures take Java out of the abstract and focus on real-world applications.
    • Course spends minimal time on object-oriented programming concepts and lessons.
    • Second half of the course moves much faster than the first half and can be difficult for complete beginners to follow.
    • There is no course transcript. Having one would add clarity to the overall course and help some students learn faster and more effectively.

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John Purcell

After working as a software developer and contractor for over 14 years for a whole bunch of companies including CSC, Proquest, SPSS and AT&T in the UK and Netherlands, I decided to work full-time as a private software trainer. After spending four years in the beautiful city of Budapest, Hungary and a year in Berlin, I now live in my home town of Derby, UK.



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By Mark Lancaster on 12/20/2019

Really enjoyed the course and found the information useful and mostly easy to follow. A couple of the topics I struggled to follow and had to look up explanations online. The only other comment I woulld make is I found the classical music at the start of each video really annoying.

By Kumareshan S on 12/19/2019

The trainer had put in a great effort to coming up with relevant examples and also quite knowledgeable about the topic. One of the best course on java and i will surely suggest people to opt this course if they are looking for something on Java.

By Sylvia De La Pena on 10/21/2019

I loved the explanation with the drawing, describing the purpose of the JDK (compilation) and JRE (execution) and JVM (computer platform simulation). I loved it! I knew what the acronyms stood for, which gave a general description of what they were, but the explanation with the drawing really made a light bulb go on! Thanks! The instructor seems to go slower, in the first 25 lessons or so, and it's easier to follow, especially, if you are typing the code the same time he is typing the code, and executing the code as well. In the second set of 25 lessons, it's begins to be hard to follow, because the instructor is going faster, without saying what he's doing at times (Ex: hitting the run button, without announcing it, doing Control Shift O for import statements, without announcing it (and I can't remember the keystrokes for import statements. Tell us again what the keystrokes are, as repetition in learning is good), so there's alot of rewinding that's required, to catch up on what was missed, as I was typing. I love the transcript, because some pronunciations are hard to understand. I just open the transcript and read what I didn't understand. Thanks for the transcript! It has saved me a couple of times. All tutorials have compiled successfully when I ran them, so I'm happy about that!

By Karthikeyan Stalin on 8/14/2019

Just a neat and amazing way to introduce one to Java Programming. Nicely divided into multiple topics and presented in an easily understandable fashion.

las imgenes estn desenfocadas y a veces resulta muy complicado ver lo que est escribiendo, por no decir que te dejas lo ojos.

By Besmir eo on 11/14/2019

Good explanation, but with sample in string not usefull like We have: String = " an airplane fly in Englandai air"; find ai how many times repeat; find how many times repeat character 'a' and ... example

By Rurik Lams on 8/14/2019

It was great however i would have loved to see more OOP exercises at the end to consolidate the course. The tests are great and focus on algorithms but OOP is a must have in my opinion

By Abdoul Aziz Tare on 10/21/2019

This course is very instructive, i'm learning a lot of this that i haven't learn in school. clear explanation Thanks John for the clear and straight to the point explanation and advice during the course

By Dennis Brink on 8/14/2019

I have to say, since my company is switching from Progress OpenEdge 4GL to something else I took it upon myself to learn another programming language. I choose Java because everybody is doing .Net. And also; Java is the main other language in the company. Looks to me I've been a bit spoilt with 4GL code but the tutorials are really good to follow and give you enough information to get going on the subject. As I started reproducing the example code from the tutorials I found myself adding all kinds of new features and searching the internet until really late to get my example code snippets. So to me that is a good sign. It's a lot of information to get your head around. My intention is to check out some more tutorials (especially the multithreading) and I might even try some courses that are not free. Best Regards.

By Ritu Deshpande on 6/18/2019

I had a really great experience taking this course. I really love the way the tutor teaches. The basics of the language and how it runs got me really excited and I look forward to learning more from this course.

By Danila Struchkov on 10/21/2019

Im already quite good on programming on python and PHP. At new job we use several java applications which source code is available. I start this course to learn language possibilities and make understanding of source code faster. So far I got exactly that I need from the course.

By Shannon Smith on 11/14/2019

I think so. I have been trying to learn java for a long time and need someone to really break down the basics. For me, abstract classes was hard to follow. After going through parts of it several times and researching abstract classes and interfaces it is starting make sense.