SEO AUDIT MASTERCLASS: How to do a Manual SEO Audit in 2022 (

Technical SEO Training: CASE STUDY + Top 30 SEO Strategies + SEO Resources + Top SEO Trends for 2019 + Local SEO Audit

Created by: Manos Filippou

Produced in 2022

What you will learn

  • Based on a CASE STUDY and extensive research, this course will teach you how to conduct a proper manual SEO Audit in 2019, identify problems and discover missed opportunities. Win BIG with SEO in 2019 and crush your competition!
  • Are you an SEO expert? Review this course and make sure that you are following all the necessary steps needed to conduct a proper SEO Audit in 2019. Top 30 SEO Strategies + Best Tools & Resources + Top SEO Trends for 2019.
  • Everyone these days is an "expert". If you are a business owner or a Chief Marketing Officer, you may want to use this course as a reference, and review the work of your SEO team. Do they know what they are doing?
  • This course is perfect for HR professionals. Are you hiring? Learn what you need to know, and ask to potential candidates the right questions! This course is easy to follow through, explains concepts, and has a wealth of examples based on a case study.

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Course Description

Get Access to The NEW GOLD - "SEO AUDIT MASTERCLASS: How to do a Manual SEO Audit in 2019"
"Knowledge is the new gold" and when it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), this statement couldn't be any closer to the truth.
You do understand that while you are reading this paragraph, your competitors are trying to outsmart you and outrank you, right? They want your clients, they want to take away from you what you have been worked so hard for, and they will have no remorse if they see you lose everything.
Do you worry a little bit? I think you should...
It is the Wild West out there, but it is OK! I have you covered!
The intention of this course is to help you succeed by identifying problems and above all by discovering missed opportunities.
When you conduct a proper manual Search Engine Optimization Audit (SEO Audit), you will ensure that the health of your website is up to speed, you are keeping up with search engine algorithm changes, technology changes, and you have the potential to beat competitors who are trying to outrank you at their own game!
Once you have an excellent understanding of the current status of your SEO efforts, and you can see what needs to be done, then you will have your best chance to compete and above all win. This course does exactly that for you.
This course is based on extensive research, uses a Search Engine Optimization CASE STUDY to make it easier for you to understand concepts, and shares a wealth of strategies, resources, tools, trends and anything else you need to know in order to be successful in 2019.
"SEO AUDIT MASTERCLASS: How to do a Manual SEO Audit in 2019" represents pure gold - it is the knowledge you have been looking for to achieve the results you have been wanting.
What are you waiting for? Enroll today
All Udemy courses offer a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee so you can only win! Who this course is for:
  • SEO Professionals: This course is mainly for students with intermediate to advanced SEO knowledge who want to learn how to do a proper manual Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Audit in 2019.
  • Business Owners, Chief Marketing Officers, and Entrepreneurs: Search Engine Optimization is alive and kicking in 2019. Spend thousands, or even millions of dollars on Pay Per Click (PPC), or learn how to reap the long term benefits of SEO. Use this course as a reference and check the work of your SEO teams.
  • HR Professionals: Are you hiring? It is a fact that most HR professionals do not understand the dynamics of SEO and when they hire people they do not always focus on what really matters. Learn what you need to know, and ask potential candidates the right questions! This course is easy to follow through, explains concepts, and has a wealth of examples based on a case study

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Instructor Details

Manos Filippou

Manos is the published author of the book "Supercharge Your Motivation and Performance", a motivational coach, and an entrepreneur.
He strives for excellence, and everything he does is based on his values: integrity, honesty, passion, dedication, loyalty, and accountability. He believes that always adding value, and enriching other people's lives is the only way to find personal, and professional happiness and fulfillment.
George is a retired English gentleman that shares his wisdom, and life experiences. While officially retired, he regularly helps Manos with his coaching and other business endeavors.



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By Jake Reid on 2 months ago

I took this course to get a basic understanding of SEO and ended out getting an in-depth well explained master class. Thank you Manos for the fantastic course and all the excellent SEO tools and references.

Excellent content and perfect for do a SEO step by step.

By Lyla Baig on 4 months ago

Wow! so full of information and little quirks that make life easier! Has saved me from making mistakes already.

By Paul Ahmadzai on 8 months ago

Loads of great info with informative insight at a medium to high level for SEO component - not exactly showing you tool-specific details or workflows, but definitely helps start the learning journey.

By Alex Lupenko on a week ago

I think this is a good course for those who are on the way to mastering technical seo as well as some content marketing strategies. I liked that there was a good list of tools and resources!

By Olanrewaju Idowu on a week ago

Wow! This man is the man. He basically breakdown every bit of it. I am inspired! Thank you.

By Chris Ruzicka on 2 months ago

Generally the content is good, but the course needs some restructuring. Maybe it can be divided en Onpage , Links and Technical SEO. Some things mentioned in the on page seo part repeat themselves as own topic further along the course. Its a bit confusing for the users

By Matthijs van Dijk on 4 months ago

His knowledge is not up to date unfortunately. The course is not suited for advanced marketeers and does not go into depth. It's really hard to understand him too.

By Clarence Boey on 3 months ago

The instructor teaches this class by reading off his notes and checklists from an on Screen PDF but however is not able to provide that PDF to his class. This makes the experience terrible as I have to spend 10x more time on each lesson just going back and forth on videos.

By Jordi Franken on 5 months ago

This guy is truly amazing. A passionate, well informed and friendly advisor/trainer in the SEO domain.

By Captain Learning on 8 months ago

If you know anything about the subject - you will not learn much. The idea of making an audit for a website with no access to it seems very strange to me and it just doesn't work. Only good thing about this is that there is a large bank of links to websites related to SEO. Other than that, this is mostly listening to a man reading what he has copied from various sources.

By Alina Islam on 8 months ago

Very comprehensive! The pace is a little slow and I get bored at times, but he knows his stuff and I'm learning a lot.