Branding & Marketing for Startups: Learn How To Stand Out (

Branding & Marketing Insights: Learn Top Brand Design Strategies To Build Physical Product Brand & Grow Your Business.

Created by: Mac Piechota

Produced in 2022

What you will learn

  • Understand the true idea of branding and why people buy brands
  • Define a real value of your product
  • Identify your target customer like a pro
  • Turn your personal values into more customers
  • Learn how to be different and charge more for it
  • Create brand personality to build relationship with your customers
  • Learn top techniques for finding a sticky brand names
  • Speak voice, that your customer love to listen
  • Turn your personal story into fascinating brand story, that brings more customers
  • Use your team to take advantage over bigger competitors
  • Learn basics of color and typography to choose the right combination for your brand
  • Design great looking logo on a budget
  • Use images to increase price and maintain consistent brand experience
  • Style your brand like a pro with creating mood board
  • Find professional graphic designer without breaking a bank
  • Learn tips on hiring copyw

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Course Description

Branding & Marketing for Startups
>>> Branding Rule #1: this course is NOT a secret shortcut or recipe to build successful brand. They just don't exist and those who say that, simple lie. Period. <<<
So, I am not another branding "guru" teaching you how to build 6 figures business in a record time. I might even disappoint you, but I haven't reached 6 figures by myself. However, by this time, I've significantly contributed to reach 7 figures by others companies working as branding consultant - check out my PORTFOLIO (lecture No. 3, 30) and my story in bio section below.
I created this course to show you, that it is POSSIBLE to build a successful physical product brand without having big budget (still need money though) and I will prove that by showing you how it's done based on real life case studies. However, again, rather than ready solution, you're supposed to get the right mindset, find an inspiration and learn TOP branding strategies & techniques, that will help you to grow your brand.
I don't want to bore you with long marketing messages so simply watch the promo & free preview videos and decide whether this course meets your specific needs. I'm happy to have you on board and enjoy our branding journey together!
P.S. Ohh, did I forget to mention, that I offer ONE FREE branding advice for all of my students? ;-)Who this course is for:
  • All entrepreneurs running physical product business, who want to take their brand to the next level
  • Physical product startups founders
  • Marketing and brand managers
  • Anybody interested and willing to learn more about branding
  • Case studies involve mostly sectors like: fashion, accessories, food or homeware. Perfect for Lifestyle Brands, but ALL Industries are WELCOME!

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Instructor Details

Mac Piechota

I'm a creative entrepreneur. I earned my first 1000$ online at age 15 by flipping clothes on eBay. What I noticed was, that t-shirt with low quality pictures were sold much cheaper than same t-shirt with glossy images. So I started buying these underpriced products, taking new pictures and reselling them for profits. That was the first time I realised, that people really judge book by its cover.
After graduating from Business School (Poland&Australia) I started my career as a marketing manager of newly created precious metal company - Bessergold - and took it from scratch to 7 figures business within less than one year.
I didn't like the idea of trading metals for the rest of my life, so I decided to pursue my real passion - building new brands. I started with my family casket manufacturing business (yes, these caskets) - Piechota Coffins - and turned it into No. 1 premium brand on the local market - see my portfolio for details.
Currently, I work as a freelance brand consultant for companies across Europe with strong focus on small businesses and startups. If not working, I travel the world with backpack and my lovely girlfriend.
So, nice to meet you!



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it was an awesome experience and easy to understand for one without prior knowledge of branding. I'd recommend the course for anyone who wishes to improve their personal brands and for startups.

This was a great course filled with a lot of information and practical lessons and examples that I worked through as I built my own start-up brand.Thank you!

Not really, I was looking for a bit more. It was not bad, but wanted way more in depth material.

This is a great match because made aware of and I did some of the suggestions like the free logo for now and so of the free websites. This course will lessen my mistake in setting up a startup company

Just a basic introduction to brand strategy. You will need to go more in depth to really become a great Brand strategist, but this is well get you started on the right track!

Great course that covers thee basics of branding. The exercises and examples are really helpful. I feel like this course focuses more on B2C premium lifestyle brands though. Still, the information is great.

Very good training for someone looking for branding and to understand how it works.

its a must for all those trying to step into this field even as brand or advertising managers and of course to those trying to build their start ups.

I already knew some of the basic points but didn't really understand how to implement them, now I do, and so much more as well, thank you!

This was a great course! I learned a lot and completed the exercises which helped me to define my brand. I also came up with a few ideas along the way from different parts of the course that I'll apply to the plan for my brand. Wish I had taken this a while ago, it would have saved me a bunch of time and money, but glad I now have this new knowledge to apply!

Thank you very much Mac!!! a very useful and easy course, the content it-s super well structured and very complete I feel I can start my own brand with this tips an then hire some professional to make it better. Thank you. very good job! :)

It was great! I am using this entire course as a blueprint to start a new business and the process has run much smoother than at other times when I didn't know all of this.