Fullstack Asp.Net Core MVC and C# Bootcamp With Real Project (Udemy.com)

Learn How To Build Real World Applications Using Asp.Net Core MVC, C#, HTML, CSS, SASS, BootStrap, And JavaScript

Created by: Ebenezer Ogbu

Produced in 2022

What you will learn

  • Learn how web applications work
  • Learn how DotNet Core MVC Implements web applications
  • Understand HTML and how to use it to create mark-ups for web pages
  • Understand CSS and how to use it to style web pages
  • Understand Sass and how to use it to write styles programmatically
  • Understand JavaScript and how to use to add interactions to web applications
  • Understand how to build applications using DotNet Core MVC and C#
  • Learn how to analyse a customer's problem and generate the software requirements for the project
  • Learn how to structure a large-scale project
  • Learn how to implement the all the functionalities of a complete ecommerce application which include: Product catalogue, Shopping Cart, Order and Checkout, Customer Management

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Overall Score : 82 / 100

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Course Description

This is a no holds barred, action-packed, Full Stack Asp.Net Core MVC and C# Web Development Course. To demonstrate My Confidence About This Course, I have created a CV that contains all the Concepts that I covered, and the Projects I have executed in this course. You can Take This Course and Start Looking for Job Immediately using the CV I have prepared.
Your prospective employer wants you to come on board and start building applications for them straight away. That is what I did in this course. To provide the knowledge that will allow you to go straight into the industry and start working immediately. With over 140 Lectures that cover Four Crash Courses and Two Solid Real-World Projects, I did not leave any stone unturned!!
Basically, the whole course can be grouped into Three Main Themes:
Introduction to Web Applications
Where I introduced how web applications work and how Asp.Net Core MVC implements web applications
The Crash Courses
Where I provided short but comprehensive mini-courses on HTML, CSS, SASS, and JavaScript
The Real World Projects
Where I built Two SOLID Real-World Projects. The type of Projects that you will be working on when you get into the industry.Who this course is for:
  • Beginners who do not have a prior experience with programming
  • Intermediate and Senior developers looking to start working with DotNet Core and C#
  • Developers looking to gain more knowledge within full stack development

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Instructor Details

Ebenezer Ogbu

My name is Ebenezer Ogbu and I am the Founder and Principal Software Engineer at SailGust Technologies.
I have a BEng (First Class) in Electrical and Electronics Engineering and MSc (Distinction) in Safety and Reliability Engineering.
I am a passionate Software Engineer and I enjoy sharing the knowledge that I have gained working in the industry.



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Execellent course, I've learned too much.

The course is well structured and properly delivered.

Le formateur est difficile comprendre. Je dois faire la traduction simultane en anglais et habituellement je n'ai aucun problme cependant dans ce cours c'est plus ardu.

High quality content with superb delivery. This course provided all I needed to get started with full stack development. I highly recommend this course to others.

In addition to the poor use of language and hard-to-understand accent, I find the content superficial and repetitive, little information is provided through repetition and the unedited slide-reading. The instructor's uncertainty during the practical parts and the loss of time 'looking for' or 'thinking it is working' etc. make it difficult to trust the incomplete information provided. A sprinkling of "we have covered this..." where it never was, or the glossing over important concepts with meaningless place-holder expressions such as "this is like this" or " what I mean to say" caused me to quit and request a refund.Overall I found the course to be frustrating and confusing.

This is one of the best project courses here in Udemy. The course is well structured and well explained. There are also well organised source codes for the project, so I was able to use these material to learn on the course. The instructor was always handy to respond to my questions and offer further advise. Overall the course has provided me with what I needed to get started in the industry.

This is a well presented course. With the well structured practical section and a very clean source code, I am now able to build full stack applications.

Contained all the information I needed to get started with fullstack software development.

I highly recommend this course to any one looking to get started in fullstack .Net Development.

This is a very high quality course that has been presented in a very friendly manner. The instructor was available to answer all my queries and I have been able to follow through the course with little difficulty.

You will learn a lot after taking this course. You will learn technology stacks such as HTML, CSS, SASS, JavaScript, and C#. You will equally learn the Asp.Net Core framework and how to use it to structure a large project. with two projects and their source codes, You pretty much have everything you need to startlooking for job as a Fullstack .Net Developer

Seems to be headed in the right direction