The Modern JavaScript Tutorial

A community driven text-based JavaScript tutorial. Constantly updated and written in plain English. Very useful if you prefer to learn a language by reading rather than watching video.

Created by: Ilya Kantor

Produced in 2011

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Overall Score : 98 / 100

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Course Description

javascript Awards Best Text Based Tutorial

How it's done now. From the basics to advanced topics with simple, but detailed explanations.

Instructor Details

Ilya Kantor

Frontend developer and trainer.* 20+ years overall programming experience (12+ frontend).* 15+ years overall teaching experience (8+ frontend dev trainings, the rest is maths)* Ph.D in Computer Science, Masters degree in maths.



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By bot00110 on 3/25/2017

I stumbled upon a year back when I was just getting into programming.Even with missing answers and broken links, it was immensely helpful. this is the first thing I recommend people learning javascript.

By YvesMuyaBenda on 12/8/2017 is both a very complete reference, and starts from the very basics, so is friendly to absolute beginners in Javascript. I suggest also that is a more friendly reference for required background knowledge than Crockford's Javscript the Good Parts and a better reference than Haverbeke's Eloquent Javascript.

By Ayush Nigam on 6/15/2017

This is the best source for javascript for beginners and experienced.

By Mayank Pukhral on 7/20/2018

This website will teach you each and every concept in a very detailed manner and will be very easy to grasp all the concepts.

By Manisha Basra on 12/2/2018 really have good content for beginners. But along with theoretical knowledge of the concept you should practice coding, like you completed javascript fundamental topic you should practice solving some problems for example, reverse a string, if a string is palindrome, if a number is even or odd.

By Barber231 on 11/9/2017

The explainations are great, and accomplish what a lot of other tutorials fail at: explaining why you do things.Most tutorials just keep tell you how to do things, but do explain why you're doing them. They don't paint the big picture.

By yankexe on 6/28/2018

I have tried learning JS from a lot of places online but when I came across this site everything changed for me. All of the contents are well curated and topics are explained in simple terms along with figures sometimes to explain the concept.

By PMMN on 2/11/2019

It's a really good in depth explanation for a lot of things that not many other resources cover. I'd go back and forth between this and eloquent JavaScript for serious theoretical understanding of how js actually works.

By karamarimo on 11/23/2017

wow i can't believe we can read such an amazing tutorial for free. in-depth, lots of examples, lots of figures, covers everything you should know.

By Suman B K on 8/6/2018

I would say above is the best tutorial site for every javascript devs from newbies to even experts.

By dylanhamada on 4/25/2019

This book has helped me plug some gaps in my still inadequate knowledge of JS, and has been a great complementary piece to FCC. Every lesson Ive looked at so far also includes exercises that reinforce an understanding of the concepts being taught.