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Sololearn offers this course to get students through the basics of C++. With 80 lessons and hundreds of quizzes, there are ample resources for rolling up sleeves and really getting into C++, even when starting with no background.

Produced in 2015

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c++ Awards Best Practical Course

No prior programming experience is necessary! Our C++ app will supply you with everything you need to create and compile your own programs.We guarantee that learning with SoloLearn is fast, effective, and fun. This app will show you how easy it is to become a programmer.Learn C++ includes over 80 lessons that cover basic concepts, data types, arrays, pointers, conditional statements, loops, functions, classes, and objects. Unlock new levels, take quizzes, collect points, and compete with peers from around the world.Most importantly, learn while having fun, because being engaged when learning makes all difference in the world.



    • Course is available via web and mobile app stores, making it extremely accessible.
    • Lessons start with a standard “Hello, World” but culmination in functions, templates and exceptions.
    • Over 5 million students have taken this course and approved of it.
    • Course has a near-excessive amount of information for a purely introductory take on C++. Other courses cover the same information faster.
    • Learning methodologies are a bit dated for modern coding.
    • Topics are not deep and challenging enough to justify taking 324 quizzes.



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By Kthiri Medamine on 02/03/2018

I tried it as an introduction to C++. It was very informative but lacked practice. Theres a lot of practice that needs to be done in order to understand and retain all the concepts explained there. However i would still totally recommend it for beginners but try to follow up later with training or another course.

By Chiranjeev Thomas on 06/06/2018

It gets the basics right ! it's a fun way to start learning c++ .

By Anne Naxos on 02/15/2020

Great course for beginners! It provides much more depth than just doing the tutorial exercises, which are however also very good.

By khoyo on 12/13/2015

Nothing about smart pointers or RAII (which is the most important idom in C++).Classes are seen after pointers and dynamic memory allocation...No, it's not a good resource.

By johnny_cage85 on 12/13/2015

SoloLearn is an awesome resource. I have learned a lot using their apps and am currently building my own projects.

By Ninja_turtle88 on 12/13/2015

It's an excellent app to learn C++ easily. I have tried many apps(paid apps) and read a lot of books on C++ but none of them made me understand the concepts, this is definitely the best app to learn C++

By aaronsarkissian on 06/17/2017

The good point is that SoloLearn's app has its own compiler and you can test right on your phone. The other benefit which books can't provide is the community. You can ask, answer and help others. One thing that I love about SoloLearn's? community is that you can ask basic questions, while you can't do the same in stackoverflow. Overall I think their app (builtin compiler, great community, small examples?) are way better than +1000 page books. But of course, after their course your next step should be books/stackoverflow and open source projects?.

By Antonio Nesic on 01/11/2017

For the basic syntax, and feel of the language it is more then enough.Ive had a look into it, and its a very nice way of tutoring for beginners, but there is always this but.Its not nearly enough to teach you about the stuff you really need to be a C++ developer. STL is one of the examples. Implementation techniques of the various algorthms is another story, and falls under the domain of algorithms and data structures. How macros and pragmas work which is a precompiler stuff. How do you tweak the algorithm time complexity, which is a mathematical analysys, etc.

By Ponnanna Muckatira on 06/23/2018

There are many apps out there which lets you learn new programming languages, but in my opinion Solo Learn stands out from the lot. If you have no prior knowledge about programming this is the app you are looking for.