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digital marketing Awards Best NEW Course

Watch all the videos of this playlist to become a pro digital marketer for FREE.

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Ankur Aggarwal

Ankur Aggarwal is a Digital Marketer, Entrepreneur, Traveler, Blogger, Foodie. Have been blogging since 2010. In 2016 he scored 99.2 percentile in XAT Exam for MBA, left that to pursue his Online business dreams.



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By Masti ki Pathshala on 12/05/2019

Now I would say, I feel so blessed that I got a chance to learn from you. Because your such a great teacher

By Nirmit Biswas on 07/15/2019

One of the most amazing courses I've been a part of. Thank you so much sir

By Siddharth Vira on 06/01/2019

Thank you very much for sharing such information publicly online. I am myself a Digital Marketer as well as freelancer. People like me have always thought of sharing such simple approach to Digital Marketing where everyone can achieve heights but the work you did here is just way beyond expectations. Thanks again for giving amazing guidelines.

By Lone Omaid on 03/26/2020

Superb energy, amazingly outstanding sir. Just watched your first video and it was mind-blowing sir. The kind of energy and the confidence you have and the efforts you have put into your course is really what needs to be appreciated and the value you will be providing for free is really speaks about your greatness.

By Phani Bhushan on 06/06/2019

Fantastic and thank you so much bro for giving access to all 20 videos and your explanation 5/5....

By knowledge hub on 04/15/2020

your videos are useful but plzz slow your speed it can help us to learn clearly and easily

By RJ Ravi on 01/23/2020

You are the perfect teacher, a guide and a motivator. I wish every school has a teacher like you who can teach as the best way and even with simple English from which we can learn the topic on easy way. Once again thank you so much Sir.

By Sachin Rajdhan on 04/27/2020

A massive salute and a huge respect to u sir ? Its a time where many are charging thousands of money to teach digital marketing ; and u r teaching it for free

By Johan Michael on 07/02/2019

Sir thank you very much for your awesome videos ! You are honest & great. I do not have much knowledge but I have become your fan ! I am watching your videos and learning a lot !

By ams 15292 on 05/02/2019

With all due respect please speak slow and complete your sentences. take a breath here and there. i tried to understand you but it was not easy.

By The Kat Films on 04/13/2019

I'm in 1st year of college and I just finished your course, it feels really great to have all this knowledge now. Will definitely be looking forward to more courses like these, even if they are paid

By Abubakar Shehu on 08/30/2019

All your videos are well educative, informative and straight to the point. Thanks so much. Much love from Nigeria!