Inbound Marketing

Hubspot Academy offers this free certification course on inbound marketing. It covers modern techniques for cultivating and curating leads as well as content creation and social promotion. Its split over 10 lessons of interactive learning that leads students to successful techniques for marketing.

Created by: Jorie Munroe

Produced in 2016

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Overall Score : 92 / 100

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Course Description

digital marketing Awards Best Practical Course

Learn inbound marketing techniques that range from content creation to social promotion to converting and nurturing leads and beyond. By the end of this certification course, youll be well on your way to building your inbound marketing strategy.



    • The core tactics of inbound marketing fill gaps and modernize concepts that are lacking in competitive courses.
    • Overall course length is extremely accessible without skimping on information.
    • Teaches holistic strategy that works in concert with sales and other departments.
    • Hubspot certifications have mixed value. Some employers care. Others don’t.
    • Content is extremely dry, especially considering marketing is supposed to be appealing.
    • Certificate comes easily and may feel unearned.

Instructor Details

Jorie Munroe

Hailing from the wintry north of Vermont, Jorie is a Professor on HubSpot Academy. They are dedicated to educating and inspiring people about reporting, conversion, and advertising. They are an avid reader and podcast enthusiast.



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By Tawanna Currence on 03/25/2017

As a new entrepreneur entering the marketing scene, I knew very little about a little. The Inbound Marketing course was recommended to me by a successful entrepreneur who was giving me advice for getting my business off the ground.It was by far the best business and personal decision Ive made since taking on my new venture. With the knowledge Ive gained from the Inbound and Content Marketing courses, I am able to join groups and conversations with other entrepreneurs in the digital marketing world where I couldnt before.The courses also allowed me to created a better foundation for my business, especially building crucial aspects like Buyer Personas for my target audience!

By Artash Arakelyan on 09/10/2016

Hubspot courses provide great value weather you are an agency owner, marketing specialist, salesperson, UI designer or an entrepreneurConsidering the fact that most of the courses are free my feedback would be 5 out of 5. Just doing a simple benchmarking you wont find any other free resources that have such quality and efforts that Hubspot team invested into this to work!

By 3a5m on 12/22/2016

If I were hiring an entry level job and you had the Inbound Marketing certification, (unless there was some major red flag on your resume) I'd call you for a phone screen. Fortune 500 Digital Marketing leader here, with a team of 6 right now. I require all of my team members to complete the certification in their first 2 weeks on the job.I don't think that any of HubSpot's certifications are remarkable or anything. But, I do think they provide a solid framework for understanding of inbound marketing.

By Yotup on 01/11/2016

It's free, easy to understand and I got my actual job just because I have the Inbound Certification stamp on my LinkedIn profile.

By panache123 on 01/11/2016

t's a great introduction to the fundamentals of inbound, if you take your time going through it and reading the assistance they provide it's a solid foundation. Don't expect to get much out of it if you've been doing this for a while, though.

By Prufrockblckft on 11/04/2016

Hubspot Inbound is a great place for beginners to go who want to learn about leveraging content for qualified site traffic and lead gen.

By David Citron on 11/18/2015

Hubspot is arguably the best source for learning almost everything about Inbound Marketing.One of the things Hubspot does best - is teach.Whether it's one of their certification courses, blogs, videos, or training sessions - you'll be able to become an inbound expert in no time.