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Course Description

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Computer graphics can be a powerful tool for supporting visual problem solving, and interactivity plays a central role in harnessing the users' creativity. This course will introduce various interactive tools developed in computer graphics research field with their design rationales and algorithms. Examples include enhancements to graphical user interfaces, authoring tools for 2D drawings and 3D animations, and interactive computer-aided design systems. Rich live demonstrations and course assignments will give you insights and skills to design and implement such tools for your own problems.

Instructor Details

Takeo Igarashi

Takeo Igarashi is a Professor of Computer Science Department at The University of Tokyo. He received a Ph.D. from the Department of Information Engineering at The University of Tokyo in 2000. He then worked as a postdoctoral research associate at Brown University (2000 - 2002). He joined the University of Tokyo as an Assistant Professor in 2002, and became a Professor in 2011. He also served as a director for JST ERATO Igarashi Design Interface project (2007 - 2013). His research interest is in user interfaces and interactive computer graphics. He is known for the development of a sketch-based modeling system (Teddy) and a performance-driven animation authoring system (MovingSketch). He has received several awards including the IBM Science Prize, the JSPS Prize, the ACM SIGGRAPH 2006 Significant New Researcher Award, and the Katayanagi Prize in Computer Science. He served as a program co-chair for ACM UIST 2013 and a program committee member for various international conferences such as ACM CHI, UIST, and SIGGRAPH.



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By Dren K on 11-Oct-16

First of all, the course itself being from Japan is more than enough to prove it's awesomeness.That aside, the course is great and it teaches you better ways of solving certain CG problems and also it helps you think out of the box for other CG problems.My suggestion before taking this course:Advanced mathCalculusLinear algebraBeginner/Intermediate PhysicsAdvanced programming (c, c++, java) ExperienceComputer Graphics ExperienceThere might be chances that you'd learn them all on the way as well, but it'll probably be pretty hard for you.

By Keng-Hui W on 6-Jun-16

So far, this course is the hardest one Ive took in Coursera, you definitely need some prerequisites to feel comfortable.Every lecture includes several papers.The course info says you only have to spend 1-3 hours per week.That is IMPOSSIBLE for 90%+ students.(Glad this course is self-paced)

By on 26-May-18


By Nicko R C on 3-Jan-16

This course somehow made its way to my top priorities for the day. Also, this is not just a course -- it's like a collection of life works from Igarashi-sensei. Every lesson is a published paper, something that I aspire to do as I pursue further studies.

By Paula N on 19-May-17

Concise videos with a light workload which is compatible with a full-time job. Conveys only the concepts as a baseline, but provides links to papers for deeper learning on your own time and interest. The quizzes vary widely in difficulty, depending primarily on how much linear algebra or physics knowledge the questions happen to require (and, I suppose, how much linear algebra/physics the student happens to recall).

By Vamsidhar S on 28-Feb-16

Great Course

By rafael b e s on 16-Nov-15

muito bom recomendo

By Zaid F on 28-Sep-15

Its very educating . i got to learn new things .

By Raja K on 13-Dec-16

Its really good but little tough! :p

By on 20-Jun-17

This course is interesting but it is hard to find discussion with quiz especially for physics and linear algebra. I wish I can get quiz review after I pass the quiz.

By Golyaka E A on 6-Jul-17

Fantastic course! Thank you!

By Ruofei D on 4-Oct-15

Great course for introducing UIST works!