Master ReactJS: Learn React JS from Scratch (

Master the basics of ReactJS and be ready for the future of web development.

Created by: SkillBakery Studio

Produced in 2016

What you will learn

  • Develope dynamic User Interfaces using ReactJS
  • Understand all the basic concepts of ReactJS
  • Make use of ReactJS with other frameworks/libraries like jQuery

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Overall Score : 62 / 100

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Course Description

Now covering the latest version 0.14
Master the art of ReactJS and be ready for the future of web development. Companies like Facebook and Instagram are already making use of ReactJS to build dynamic User Interfaces for better user experience
This course covers all the topics from basic to advance including Flux.
You will find concepts like
1. HTML Entities
2. Component State and Life Cycle
3. How to create Multiple Components
4. Creating Reusable components
5. Displaying Data
6. Events
7. Properties
8. Mixins
9. Form Components
10. JSX and how it can be pre-compiled
11. DOM
12. How to make use of Inline Styles
13. Making use of AJAX technique
14. How to communicate between components
15. Cloning
16. Two way Data Binding
17. Understanding Flux
At the end of the course you will also develop a course cart application which will brush up all the concepts that we have covered in this amazing course
So let's start learning...Master ReactJSWho this course is for:
  • Aspiring Web Designers
  • Aspiring Web Developers
  • Web Developers
  • Web Designers
  • Web Architects

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Few words are hard to understand at first based on accent. Also quick explanation makes you need to go back and learn JavaScript.A also in mobile, review button doesnt show with iOS keyboard

Great course so far, however I prefer if the instructor would type along while explaining the lessons

This course tries and covers a lot of ground regarding React. While doing so, our instructor misses important aspects of what he's doing, there are several gaps in his explanations, and I mostly feel somewhat like doing code review with my co-workers. Bottom line: he lacks didactics.Although his English isn't clear enough, at least for me, he does get the message out. The problem is that, specially after the first lessons, he gets confused a lot, and then just gives up on trying to make sense of what he is doing, and then it all becomes about reading out code.For the instructor: whenever you feel the urge to say stuff like "here, over here, in this fashion" or anything like that, then you should know you're doing something wrong. That says nothing of what you're trying to accomplish and, after 60+ lessons, people will be so annoyed that it will be impossible not to down rate your course. I know I am. "In this fashion" is by far the worst one. Please google that and choose images to know what "fashion" actually means.Finally, when asked whether " the instructor knowledgeable about the topic", all I could sincerely answer is that I'm not sure. Although you seem to be, you never here tried to explain the mechanics, or the architecture, you just read the slides. You should be writing code and showing the results step-by-step, so people understand why they're doing anything that you just highlight in your previously written code. You even go so far as to add much unnecessary resources and not ever saying a word as to why you're using that lib, or plugin, or whatever.Sorry, buddy, but 2.5 is my sympathy vote for your effort. 2 would actually be fairer.

course should be more example oriented, could be structured better.

Thought this was a good course besides the author's native tongue not being english and at times having to decipher exactly what he was saying but after that the reactjs part I thought was good.You could tell the flux portion of the course was rushed. He skimmed over it and basically copied ken wheeler's shopping cart example found here give this a 3 as it did have some good content

When shifting topics instructor doesn't display all the js in his files and makes it hard to follow him. It would also be nice to write the code and not just copy and paste. It would be nice to walk through the code and write it along with the instructor.

Yes bit hard to understand, just due to accent, but he is good nonetheless

This material took a little bit to get comfortable with byt 2/3 through everything started to click. Good work

No esta tan explicado, pasan por arriba conceptos que tal vez necesitan mas explicacion

There should've been a lot more focus on the project at the end, it seemed like just an afterthought. Also, the pdf 'course material' is worthless compared to if actual source code was provided. I appreciated the brevity which was more like lack of content in some places. This might be a good course to complement other efforts.

Il professore non dimostra sicurezza e ho notato diversi tagli fastidiosi mentre parlava

amount of detail is getting better. pace is a little too fast.