Master SQL For Data Science (

Become a SQL query wizard and never be afraid to look at a large SQL query again!

Created by: Imtiaz Ahmad

Produced in 2022

What you will learn

  • Write complex SQL statements to query the database and gain critical insight on data

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Overall Score : 90 / 100

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Course Description

This course will turn you into a SQL query wizard. You'll learn the skills you need to extract critical insight from data sitting in a database. There are over 100 puzzles scattered throughout the course with in-depth solutions providing plenty of opportunity for you to practice. After completing the course and all of it's assignments, I promise you, you'll never be afraid to look at a large SQL query again.

Just like my other courses, I follow the no-student-left behind principle; which means that I start from the very basics. You do not need any prerequisites to take this course. We move step by step into more advanced topics as we delve into the world of advanced querying techniques using subqueries, aggregations, joins, rollups and cubes, window functions, transposing & ranking data and using conditional expressions in very interesting ways.
As always I offer a 30 day money back guarantee but I doubt you'll need it.
Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who wants to break into the data analyst or data scientist role
  • Anyone interested in become a SQL query wizard

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Imtiaz Ahmad

Imtiaz is an award winning Udemy instructor who is highly experienced in big data technologies and enterprise software architectures. Imtiaz has spent a considerable amount of time building financial software on Wall St. and worked with companies like S&P, Goldman Sachs, AOL and JP Morgan along with helping various startups solve mission critical software problems. In his 13+ years of experience, Imtiaz has also taught software development in programming languages like Java, C++, Python, PL/SQL, Ruby and Javascript. He's the founder of Job Ready Programmer - an online programming school that prepares students of all backgrounds to become professional job-ready software developers through real-world programming courses.



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I came into this course having very little exposure to SQL (I had tried writing a few insert statements for a Coursera python course I was taking with Chuck Severance) and now I feel pretty confident in figuring out how to write virtually any statement.Imtiaz is an excellent instructor. I found his teaching style extremely effective, as he urges students to write the statements he is writing in his videos as a way of "following along" and even has exercises throughout where he asks you to pause and give it a shot (afterward explaining the answer).Furthermore, his explanations are extremely clear. I was never confused about what I was being asked to do. I think the incremental assignments and challenges are good.The only thing I can suggest to improve on is if they came up with an automatic grading system to ensure that students were doing the assignments correctly before progressing in the course.

It's a brilliant course that can help to understand SQL from easy concepts to difficult tasks. Besides, the explanations are always clear, so they let me learn a lot without searching for additional information in Internet. The course contains lots of practical tasks that allowed me not only to understand queries, but to also use them correctly.

Great course, I have a way better understanding of how to use all SQL clauses, functions described and overall how to retrieve data, highly recommended.

Sincerely, the best course I have purchased on Udemy, and God knows that I have purchased a lot of them. The instructor is so knowledgeable and so efficient in making difficult concepts as easy as ABC. Keep up the great work Imtiaz.

That was really good course. It would be good to have more exercises. Also, I wonder if there was a checklist or a structure to determine which query method will deliver results. Some times it was trial and error when doing assignments.

The instructor does NOT answer anything, and after you finish the course you cannot have access to any assignment history; Even if you reset the course still you cannot even see the assignments. Nobody answer any question.

By Ram on

After attending the course and doing most of the exercises, I feel very confident in SQL world. The course is designed well and every lesson gives you good amount of knowledge. Explanation and exercises are worth learning and practicing.

This was a good course. I learned a few functions that weren't really used in my current work space.

Great course to get started in SQL for a career in DS or DA. I knew some of the concepts as I had tried to study SQL superficially before. But this course clarified those concepts as well as introduced me to many new concepts like correlated subqueries, a special use of case when condition for transposing and especially windows functions. The instructor's voice is very clear and diction keeps you binded. He pushes you to find out the answer yourself .The only drawbacks- why I didn't give a full 5 star - are that he could have taught the join concept better with venn diagrams. Plus in the end there were no exercises in the windows function section - it seems that was created to finish in a hurry or may be he exceeded the course length mandated by Udemy.Nonetheless, I go back having learnt much more than with what I started the course. Thanks Imtiaz!

I am an Analytics Manager and taking this course was really useful to help out my colleagues and fellow parters with SQL

Takes a very long time to explain simple concepts and keeps repeating them as well as stating obvious things that do not need to be stated, yet the difficult conceps are explained quickly or not at all. Questions also remain unanswered int his course. Also, I downloaded the table details to create the tables needed for the assignments and I lost the file. Now I cannot download it again from this course as it only lets you download it once, so I cannot do the assignments.This course did not help much with learning SQL but a book called 'Sams Teach Yourself SQL' did. I really recommend this book and if you bought this course, I'd say get a refund and buy the book, instead.

need more excercises if possible! overal, i get quite a bit of practice and my head to think in a specific way.Also, more window functions would be great.