Practical Data Structures & Algorithms in Java + HW (

Go from zero to hero in the most important algorithms and data structures using Java

Created by: Imtiaz Ahmad

Produced in 2022

What you will learn

  • Gain Confidence for Coding Interviews
  • Learn The Most Practical and Popular Data Structures & Algorithms in-depth rather than a rushed course on Computer Science
  • Get practice translating sudo code & implementing algorithms with Assignments and Solutions
  • Get an intuitive understanding of how many of the popular algorithms and data structures behave

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Course Description

Updated June 2018
If I had to pick the single most important topic in software development, it would be data structures and algorithms. Think of it as the fundamental tools available to every computer programmer. The better you get with these tools the more confident a programmer you'll become. Software development is a vast field requiring all kinds of skill-sets but getting good at this single topic is a huge leap forward in your programming journey and it'll certainly pave the way for a successful programming career.

The topics in this course are going to cover data structures such as lists, stacks, queues, trees and some of the most powerful sorting, searching, and graph algorithms that have revolutionized the field of computing. Throughout the course I keep things practical and provide real life examples of how all of these algorithms work and when & where they can be applied to write efficient computer programs.
I'll be moving at a slow and steady pace introducing each topic followed by a PRACTICAL programming assignment so you can immediately apply what you learned. All homework assignments in the course will be accompanied with step by step solution videos demystifying each problem as I code up the solutions. My goal is to make sure, that after you complete this course you feel completely confident going into a coding interview because you will have built a solid foundation in computer programming. So go ahead and signup and I'll see you in the course.Who this course is for:
  • If you're fed up with academia centric courses on Data Structures & Algorithms and want to intuitively & practically understand how to implement and the most popular algorithms and data structures in software
  • If you don't like math and want to learn popular data structures and algorithms at a deep level

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Instructor Details

Imtiaz Ahmad

Imtiaz is an award winning Udemy instructor who is highly experienced in big data technologies and enterprise software architectures. Imtiaz has spent a considerable amount of time building financial software on Wall St. and worked with companies like S&P, Goldman Sachs, AOL and JP Morgan along with helping various startups solve mission critical software problems. In his 13+ years of experience, Imtiaz has also taught software development in programming languages like Java, C++, Python, PL/SQL, Ruby and Javascript. He's the founder of Job Ready Programmer - an online programming school that prepares students of all backgrounds to become professional job-ready software developers through real-world programming courses.



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That's really very useful course!!! It covers lots of necessary details! Dives into the details to get the view of how ALL discussed topics are working! The discussed topics are well listed in the table of contents. The speaker has very good pronunciation and describes topics very precisely, interesting and outstanding! Description how it works sounds so easy and clear so I couldn't believe why I couldn't get insights and course earlier!

Imtiaz Ahmad explaining everything in a slow and study pace, he writes the code in front of you as explicit as it can bee and encourage over and over again to pause the video in order to exercise what he had just tutored.One of the amazing things about this tutor is that he has perfect English pronunciation !!!***!!! STRONGLY RECOMMENDED !!!***

It's a great course for beginners. But I noticed only one problem that is the instructor is not responding to the student's queries.

He is one of the best instructor i have ever experienced in my whole computer science learning. A must go through course if you are keen on learning Data Structures especially through java. Mr. Imtiaz's knowledge is like a ocean.

This course is exactly what I expected. Very good and easy to understand explanations, but some of the implementation code towards the end of the course is not very clean.But be warned:Even tough it starts with an "Intro to Object Oriented Programming" this course is not for beginners. If you are a beginner I recommend you learn the basics of OOP somewhere else; and learn them good before you dive into data structures and algorithms...

Wonderful teaching methods, to the point explanation and with examples and assignments, this course is must buy.But should have covered more topics on Trees and Graphs.

I am satisfied with course and instructor. The concepts which I missed during school days got cleared. The white board drawings, pictures, code and explaination all are in sync and helps to get a better grasp.Got to learn so much in a limited time. Thanks instructor.

Imtiaz is a great presenter and is very easy to understand. He explains topics clearly and comprehensively. I also like that he encourages students to practice and try things out on their own. This is truly the only way to learn. A+++I had to take away one star because of the Hash Tables part, the instructor mentioned a Separate Chaining method to handle collisions, but this is never shown. Also, the 40% discount certificate at the end of the course is no longer functional on Imtiaz's website. Please correct this and I'll give 5 stars ))

I liked the way of teaching. letting us try first. proper explanation.

I am about 75% into the course and I should say that the instructor did a great job in covering the fundamental topics and explaining them clearly with proper examples and useful animations.However, I feel this course lacks from just being the perfect course on Data structure algorithm as it does not cover on topics of backtracking, dynamic programming, pattern matching, etc. The recursion part of the course could be enhanced to include these topics.

Awesome explanation . In depth explanation and covered everything in data structure and Algorithm which i use to fear a lot in interview.

So... now i begin to understand why many instances r saying that a programmer needs to understand datastructures and algorithms in deep... :)...and this Course was absolutely great!!! Id like to give 4.5 points if it would signal that even more excersises would be even better but still this course exceeds expectations in all levels. If this course would have a big number of excersises, the teacher should lift its price ALOT but it still would be worth it!!! :)