Mastering XPresso with CINEMA 4D (

Speed up your CINEMA 4D workflow by using the XPresso module of CINEMA 4D and create your own CINEMA 4D Plugins

Created by: Pradeep Mamgain

Produced in 2018

What you will learn

  • Understand the node based approach of XPresso Editor
  • Link properties and parameters
  • Create user defined sliders
  • Create XPressions using the Driver/Driven feature
  • Work with the XPresso class nodes
  • Work with the MoGraph class nodes
  • Create your own light plugins using the XPresso module of CINEMA 4D
  • Lit any scene using these plugins
  • Speedup your workflow
  • Create cool looking renders

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Overall Score : 92 / 100

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Course Description

Would you like to master CINEMA 4D's XPresso module to enhance your workflow, create your own CINEMA 4D plugins from scratch, create great looking renders, and automate tasks in CINEMA 4D?
If answer to these question is "Yes", then you are at the right place.
This course introduces students to the XPresso module of the CINEMA 4D which is a node-based visual scripting language. This course covers XPresso Editor and different nodes under the XPresso and MoGraph classes and takes you step-by-step through the whole process of building node networks in XPresso Editor. Numerous examples are used to show the functioning of the nodes.
Moving ahead, this course broadens your XPresso knowledge by taking you step-by-step through the process of creating four CINEMA 4D lighting plugins. You can use these plugins to quickly and easily illuminate the scenes and produce cool looking renders. The challenges included in this course allow you to experiment with what you have learned during the course. As students move from one topic to tutorial, they will be gaining robust knowledge about the XPresso module in CINEMA 4D.
Beside lifetime access to course, you'll also get access to all plugin files, CINEMA 4D files, texture files, and any other resource used in the course. You are free to use these resources in your own projects personal or commercial. These working files allow you to follow along with the author throughout the lessons.

I'll be regularly adding content to this course so keep coming back.

Note: If you want to follow along, you should have CINEMA 4D Studio R19 installed on your system. However, this course is also compatible with R16, R17, and R18 versions of CINEMA 4D.

The key features of this course are as follows:
  • XPresso Editor and node-based approach explained.
  • All nodes of the XPresso and MoGraph classes explained.
  • Tech support direct from the author.
  • CINEMA 4D files, plugins, and other resources are available.
  • Access to each tutorial's initial and final states along with the resources used in the tutorial.
  • Step-by-step instructions to create four plugins from scratch.
  • The plugin creation process is explained in detail.
  • Process of creating Plugin Preset Library explained.
So why wait?
Enroll in the course and take your first step in becoming an expert XPresso programmer.
Who this course is for:
  • Beginners and intermediate users of CINEMA 4D
  • Digital artists
  • Motion graphics artists
  • Indie game developers
  • And anyone who wants to learn CINEMA 4D

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Instructor Details

Pradeep Mamgain

Pradeep Mamgain is a digital artist, author, coder, teacher, consultant, and founder of PADEXI.ACADEMY. He is self-taught in computer graphics, Internet has been the best source of training for him. He has worked with several companies dealing with animation and VFX in India. He loves helping young aspiring 3D artists to become professional 3D artists. He has helped his students to achieve the best careers in 3D animation and visual effects industry.
He has more than ten years of experience in IT, CGI, and e-Learning. He is passionate about computer graphics that helped me building strong skills in particles, fluids, cloth, RBD, pyrotechnics simulations, and post-production techniques. The core software applications that he uses are: Maya, 3ds Max, CINEMA 4D, Photoshop, Nuke, and Fusion. In addition to the computer graphics, he has keen interest in web design/development, digital marketing, and search engine optimization.



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Needs a subtitle

The course is comprehensive and practical. It is a good place to start on Xpresso plugins.

The instructor clearly explained all the nodes in Xpresso and went straight to the point for showing me. The course was worth it but I would like to see more applications for Xpresso plugin and how to convert the presets to plugins. Great course!

I'm new to XPresso and am taking it slow. The tutorials at this point is a great warm-up. Each module gives a practical example of individual nodes and how they can be used in C4D projects. I'm having a lot of fun.

So far I've sat through 3 lessons and I'm no wiser how or why Xpresso would be of use to me. It is obvious that Pradeep knows his stuff but I as a learner need to see a PRACTICAL demonstration how hooking up nodes creates a visual result. Something as simple as getting a ball to bounce or colours to change. He started off by talking about hooking up nodes to calculate an addition. Why bother? Wouldn't a calculator work far better?

I am still taking the course, but so far it is really helpful to understand this complex topic. The instructor is very professional and explains what he is showing very well. Thanks for the awesome course!

I appreciate Pradeep's concise breakdown of the Xpresso nodes. His course is set up so you get an overview of each node's function first, and it's easy to come back and review what a particular node does. Then he provides great real world applications at the end of the course. Highly recommend this. I have spent much time searching around the internet for this info, and haven't found it offered in this format anywhere else.

This was a great course. I definitely upped my game in XPresso and I got a lot out of the lectures. I will be now creating my own plugins and definitely be saving some bucks. Its been a great experience so far... Thanks !!!

Great course, the instructor takes things step-by-step which is great. I learned a lot about creating plugins in CINEMA 4D. Now, I can make my own plugins.

It is great :D

very good general introduction of nodes but i'd like to see more examples on how to use the nodes. Thanks.

yes. really useful.