Robot Framework Test Automation - Level 1 ( Selenium ) (

Fastest & easiest way to do Selenium test automation! Mobile test automation, API test automation, and database too.

Created by: Bryan Lamb

Produced in 2022

What you will learn

  • Install & configure the Robot Framework test automation tool plus libraries like Selenium, API, database, and more
  • Create & run your first Robot Framework test automation script (Selenium Webdriver example)
  • Understand the basics of many Robot Framework test automation libraries (Selenium Webdriver, API, Database, XML, Files, etc.)
  • Use the page object pattern to create more reusable, easier to interpret test automation scripts
  • Run/execute Robot Framework automated tests in many different ways, including from a command window, batch files, Jenkins, and Windows task scheduler
  • Create user defined keywords to express your tests in business domain terms instead of cryptic Selenium Webdriver code

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Overall Score : 92 / 100

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Course Description

UPDATED 10/17/2017 to show how to install the older, more stable version of Selenium2Library. Join 6,000+ students!
If you're planning to use Selenium test automation... start here!
Drowning in an ever-expanding collection of regression test cases? You need to automate them! If you have been too intimidated to learn test automation due to a lack of Selenium programming skills, you'll be thrilled to discover how easily Robot Framework will allow you to automate your tests.
Robot Framework is a pre-built test automation framework. By comparison... Robot Framework is much easier to learn than Selenium Webdriver (with Java, Python, C#, or PHP) because your scripts are written with English words instead of code.
If you're already an experienced user of Selenium Webdriver, Cucumber, or QTP/UFT, you'll quickly learn how elegant and capable Robot Framework is compared to those tools.
This 5+ hour video course will:
  • Provide an overview of the free, open source Robot Framework test automation tool
  • Teach you how to install & configure Robot Framework plus libraries for Selenium, API, database, and more
  • Help you create & run your very first Selenium test automation script in just minutes
  • Show you exactly how to create a Selenium Webdriver test automation script more easily
  • Show you how to make a simple test automation script much more efficient & readable
  • Help you discover how variables & page objects can make your test automation scripts more flexible
  • Walk you through the basics of testing web (Selenium), API, database, XML, and files tests
There is no faster or more intuitive way to learn Robot Framework and Selenium Webdriver test automation!
The course assumes you know absolutely nothing about test automation, and walks you through each detail of installation & setup to get you heading in the right direction immediately. The crisp, clear, articulate audio will ensure you quickly understand every detail.Who this course is for:
  • If you need to perform automated tests on a wide variety of browsers, mobile devices, APIs, databases, and file systems, this course is for you. Manual testers with no programming background will love how easy Robot Framework is to learn & use. Even if you're an experienced Selenium Webdriver or Cucumber user, you will appreciate how capable & elegant Robot Framework is for test automation.

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Bryan Lamb

Bryan Lamb is a 20 year veteran tech leader, entrepreneur, and educator. He runs a creative services company (development, audio, and video), and creates ultra-high quality online training courses!
Bryan's goal is to help improve your life, help you earn more income, help you gain confidence with a variety of skills, and empower you to do greater things that you ever imagined were possible!



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Good step by step explanationsometimes a bit to fastI use the subtitles, sometimes the information or examples are covered by the subtitles

Good introduction! Very clear explanation of all the basics and relevant things you should know.

I'm amazed by how clean and concise the instructor is. No unnecessary clutter about irrelevant topics, just gets to the point without leaving critical points behind. This may be the best way to get started with robot framework.

The course is generally OK. But I spent a lot of time debugging and updating all those locators of amazon site. Of course they were changed over the years. It's a bit annoying. In my opinion it's not a good solution to use amazon to test the main flows. Other than that the course helped me to get my ducks in a row. Thanks to the author.

I had been looking for something organized and was little disappointed by not finding information (esp. videos in the form of lectures) about Robot framework on the internet until i visited Udemy and Mr. Bryan Lamb's courses. So, i decided to start with Level 1 and i really loved the way everything was taught and he tried to keep us updated by editing his previously recorded videos. Therefore, i also purchased the Level 2. All in all, i couldn't have founded something this much good anywhere else. Thanks, Udemy and Mr. Lamb.

Yes, pretty outdated, not good mac compatibility, not compatible resource files, overall helps to understand the idea.

Goede cursus, praktische voorbeelden en oefeningen. Prima voor starter om Robot Framework te kennen.

Fijne en goede uitleg voor installatie en termen die gebruikt worden, ook de files die nodig zijn voor installatie en waarom welke keuze gemaakt wordt is helder uitgelegd.

I come from a Java Selenium background and I took this course with some hesitation about Robot framework. I had doubts about the capabilities of Robot Framework for Selenium/Appium compared to Java Selenium/Appium. I think the way Bryan presents the material makes Robot very easy to learn but also shows the potential and the power of robot framework. We will be using Robot/Appium for our Desktop with WinAppDriver. I hope Bryan releases that course on Appium with some focus on WinAppDriver soon.

fue una buena eleccin, lo que no me gust es la calidad de la traduccin del subtitulaje que no era buena

I have a problem using Pycharm software, Error is "This plugin is not the production of JetBrains". Please suggest me how to solve this problem. I also wrote this in Qn and Answer But nobody replying to me.

Exceptionally and brilliant teacher. Makes everything so clear and is explained so well. I had knowledge on this stuff but a lot of it never clicked for me, as soon as i watched a few videos and did the tutorials along the way, they things i couldn't piece together finally clicked for me. I could start automating what i wanted when i was half way through the course. I will be sure to take your other courses soon and thanks a lot.